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10 Secrets to Success at SwiftKey Innovation Days

18th April 2014

At SwiftKey, we take innovation very seriously. Every couple of months, we take two days out of our usual schedules to get away from the office, get to know each other better, and primarily to spend time exploring and making fun projects. We are encouraged to forget our everyday work, and pursue what interests and inspires us – anything goes (within reason of course)! Past Innovation Days have produced some wacky, hilarious, but also wonderful creations, some of which you may recognize – for example, Flow Hard.

Here are a few things that help our creativity flow – so that we can bring bigger, better and more exciting innovations to you 🙂

1. Devices (mostly black rectangles with rounded corners)

pile of devices

2. Hammock (’nuff said)


3. Caffeine (and lots of it) 


4. Dancing (or something close to dancing…) 


5. Art (creativity is key) 


6. Hacking our workspace (making our workspace a creative hub!)


7. Danger (not sure what’s going on here but it looks questionable!)


8. Fruit (vitamins for innovation, obviously)


9.  Awards (the opportunity to win a prestigious SwiftKey letter – see below!)


S – Skynet (most futuristic project)
W- Willy Wonka (most novel/wacky idea)
I – Insightful (most insightful – excuse the redundancy)
F – Failure (a project that ultimately failed – but taught you something in the process!)
T – Team (best team work)
K – Keynote (best presentation)
E – Eye-candy (most beautiful project)
Y – Yardstick (benchmark project)

10. Beer (because, duh) 


Find out more about SwiftKey’s culture on our website (and don’t forget to check out our current vacancies too!). For more reading, see here to find out why we were ranked one of the best places to work in the UK .

3 responses to “10 Secrets to Success at SwiftKey Innovation Days”

  1. Pan Szym says:

    Please show me your creativity and make new themes, Swiftkey Team 😛

  2. William Mulvehill says:

    Love the keyboard but it has the worst skins of any keyboard I’ve had. Please take the time to look at go keyboard skins. This is the best keyboard but it’s a shame that the best has to have the worst themes

  3. EJohnB says:

    Being an engineer, I’m more info function than fancy looks – so a working copy / paste function would do more for me than yet another skin.

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