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How do I access accented characters in SwiftKey?

1st October 2014

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to this week’s installment of SwiftKey Keyboard Tips & Tricks! Once again, this week’s topic applies to both Android and iOS users, though there are some slight differences.

Did you know that with SwiftKey Keyboard for Android you can type in up to three languages simultaneously, and up to two languages simultaneously on iOS without switching out the keyboard on either platform? Approximately 30% of our user base is multilingual, so it’s really important to us to make sure that personalized typing extends to all of the languages you speak.

Part of this is making sure you have all the right accented characters for communicating with your friends and loved ones – so today, we thought we’d show you how to quickly and easily access these accented characters.

On Android 

To enable this in SwiftKey for Android, just follow these three steps:

  1. Open SwiftKey Hub
  2. Go into the Gear tab
  3. Select ‘Keys’
  4. Tick the ‘Accented Characters’ box


Keyboard_Hub Hub_Keys Accented characters

Check the ‘Accented characters’ box

Once you’ve selected this in your Settings, go back to the keyboard and longpress an alpha character to see the selection of accented characters. Here’s what it looks like when you longpress ‘a’:


After longpressing ‘a’ you’ll notice the list of accented characters.

On iPhone & iPad 

With SwiftKey for iPhone & iPad, this feature is turned on by default. To access the accented characters from the keyboard, simply longpress an alpha character such as ‘e.’


After longpressing ‘e’ you’ll notice the list of accented characters.

Note: Not every single alpha character has a list of accented characters…have you found the ones that don’t? Let us know what you find in the comments.

In case you missed last week’s Tips & Tricks, check out How do I use SwiftKey Flow to write a word with double letters?

To download SwiftKey Keyboard for free, head to Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

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Ryan & the Community Team

4 responses to “How do I access accented characters in SwiftKey?”

  1. ash says:

    Can we get all symbols as well on long press? Like swype keyboard

  2. Lynda Berman says:

    Intuitive, indeed.

  3. Steph says:

    I hope you guys add the feature to delete a word with a left swipe on iOS. It’s on the android version. Thank you!

  4. Pierre Lundqvist says:

    I want to have for exammple a swedish keyboard layout as default keyboard. I used to have it, but got a new mobile, and I run english on the android OS, but Im really swedish so it makes it hard to write swedish with a keyboard thats missing 3 vocal characters

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