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How do I access my SwiftKey heatmap for Android?

17th September 2014

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s installment of SwiftKey Keyboard Tips & Tricks! This week, we wanted to tell you all about your personal SwiftKey heatmap: where to find it, how it works and what yours means. Before you’ve typed a single letter using SwiftKey, this is what your heatmap looks like:


Fresh heatmap


Here is a used heatmap

SwiftKey Keyboard is constantly learning from you and adapting to the way you write, taking note of your idiosyncrasies and unique turns-of-phrase. What you may not know is that SwiftKey is also paying close attention to the way you physically type – which keys you hit a little high, which ones you hit a little low, or which you sometimes miss altogether. Through a process called Input Modeling, SwiftKey learns the patterns in how you type and compensates for this, giving you one less thing to worry about.

As you type, your SwiftKey heatmap adjusts to where your fingers land on each key. Check out the heatmaps from some of our very own Support team below – you can see how the little blobs over each key change to reflect the way each typist actually hits the keys:

To find your own personal heatmap go into:

  1. SwiftKey Settings Main section
  2. Scroll down to the stats and look for ‘Typing Heatmap’

How does it look? Tweet to us with pictures of your own: @SwiftKey.

In case you missed last week’s installment, find it here: How do I insert a word and the predicted emoji?

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Ryan & the Community Team

5 responses to “How do I access my SwiftKey heatmap for Android?”

  1. Chuck Fossen says:

    It would be useful to also keep track of words that were incorrectly predicted.

  2. Helene says:

    I can’t find the usage stats in my Swiftkey settings.

  3. Tim Jahr says:

    Is this only there on Android? I don’t see this within iOS.

  4. Yasitha Navodya says:

    What’s this font used in article? It’s nice

  5. Vanya says:

    How long will laggy emoticons scrolling in @SwiftKey ? Already two years of this problem.. No lag with emoticons anywhere, except swiftkey, WHY?

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