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Android 4.2 issue affecting some SwiftKey users

3rd December 2012

We’ve had reports from some users that a bug with Android 4.2 results in SwiftKey being deleted when they upgrade to the new mobile operating system.

While this isn’t affecting every user, it is certainly frustrating and we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused. We’ve made contact with Google, who have acknowledged the bug and say they’re working on a fix.

Fortunately, affected users can simply redownload SwiftKey from Google Play or Amazon to get our great keyboard back. As long as you’re signed into the same account that you originally used to purchase the app, you’ll be able to download it again for free. Also, remember that to get SwiftKey fully installed, you may need to click on the SwiftKey 3 icon in your app drawer to initialize the installation process. Once up and running, it’s worth using our personalization features to quickly tailor your language profile back to the way you use language.

Thanks for your patience with this issue.

Best wishes,

The SwiftKey team

PS The beta for SwiftKey Flow will be ready for testing very soon!

2 responses to “Android 4.2 issue affecting some SwiftKey users”

  1. Chet Kenisell says:

    This is correct. I had to reinstall SwiftKey 3 and reconfigure it to my liking. However, I am still VERY frustrated with it because every time I reboot the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the “Default Keyboard and Input Device” switches back to the “Samsung Keyboard”. Since the Samsung Keyboard cannot be uninstalled, I have absolutely no way to keep SwiftKey as my default keyboard. It’s really annoying.

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