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Are you ‘Ninja’ enough? Mask your keyboard with SwiftKey’s new keyboard themes!

27th October 2015

Are you dressing as a ninja for Halloween this year? Want a chance to prove yourself as a ninja either way? You’re in luck: today, we’re launching two brand new keyboard themes on SwiftKey for Android – Ninja Pro and Ninja Trainer! Our Ninja themes ‘costume’ your keyboard in a cloak of black or grey so you can test your typing skills without the guidance of key outlines or letters.

Ninja Themes - SwiftKey Android

These themes are available for $0.99 each in the SwiftKey Store – but to celebrate Halloween, we’ve got some promo codes to let you grab them for free for a limited time: NINJAPRO and NINJATRY. To redeem, keep an eye out for the gift icon in the top right corner on the Themes page, and just enter your code! Full step-by-step guide here.

To really get into the Halloween spirit, scoop up our special Halloween pack loaded with six themes: the two Halloween themes we launched on the SwiftKey Store last year, both brand new Ninja themes and two Orange themes for $1.99. Don’t miss this deal!

Ninja Pro features completely blacked out keys for those who want a really tough challenge. For anyone who needs a little extra training in their quest to become an elite Ninja typist, though, try out Ninja Trainer first, which features greyed out keys with guiding dots to help you out.

SwiftKey’s mind-reading accuracy gives you a considerable leg up already… but here are some tips to give you the upper hand in your typing:

  1. Personalize through SwiftKey Cloud – Personalize with one simple click from your Gmail, Facebook, Evernote, Google+, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter, RSS, and SMS accounts/archives. Personalizing improves SwiftKey Keyboard’s accuracy as the app gets a headstart on learning the words and phrases that matter most to you.
  2. Use the prediction bar to your advantage – the whole time you’re using SwiftKey, the keyboard is learning more and more about how you type. Tap the prediction bar to get the most accurate suggestions for your next word!
  3. Try out SwiftKey Flow – if you’re not already using SwiftKey Flow (um, why not?) this gesture-typing will make you even faster at typing – and thus even more ninja-y.

Keep us posted on your black belt skills on Twitter. Happy ninja-ing!

Eric and the Community Team