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Brazil leads the world in usage of… cat emoji?

19th May 2015

Last week’s Latin American emoji rundown only covered Spanish-speaking countries/regions, and we don’t want you to think we forgot about Brazil! We analyzed the data in our first Emoji Report to compare Brazil’s emoji usage with the rest of the world.

Portuguese (Brazil) leads the world in use of these emoji categories:

  • Cats (especially the cartoon cat heart-eyeCatHeartEye-Emoji version) – nearly 5x the average
  • Religious (praying hands PrayingHands-Emoji, church Church-Emoji, etc.)- more than 2x the average
  • Music (the ‘three music notes’ 3MusicNotes-Emojiis Brazil’s favorite) – more than 2x the average
  • Moons (particularly the black moon BlackMoon-Emoji) – almost 3x the average

Brazilians also use the ‘peace sign’ PeaceSign-Emoji and ‘two eyes’ TwoEyes-Emoji emoji significantly more than any other country/region.


Conversely – although perhaps unsurprisingly – Portuguese (Brazil) use cold weather emoji like Snowflake-Emoji the least of any of the countries/regions we analyzed. We have to say: we’re jealous of Brazil’s warm climate!

We also collected stats on Brazil’s top 10 most popular emoji:

    1. Emoji-Tears of Joy Face With Tears Of Joy
    1. Emoji-HeartEyes Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes
    1. ClappingHands-Emoji Clapping Hands Sign
    1. Emoji-RedHeartHeart
    1. Emoji-BlowingKiss Face Throwing A Kiss
    1. Emoji-LotsofCrying Loudly Crying Face
    1. UnamusedFace-Emoji Unamused Face
    1. FaceScreaminginFear-Emoji Face Screaming In Fear
    1. GrimacingFace-Emoji Grimacing Face
  1. CatTearsofJoy-Emoji Cat Face With Tears Of Joy

We chatted with Brazilian SwiftKey intern Luiz to get some local insights into this data, and he explained why Brazilians might use those cartoon cats so much more than anyone else: “When you call someone a ‘cat’ in Brazil, it means they are hot, cute, or beautiful. When you use the cat with two heart eyes it means you like the person you’re sending the emoji to – or just think they look great!”

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Do you live in Brazil and have anything to say about these conclusions? Do you love cat emoji? What are your favorite emoji? Join in on the discussion on Twitter!

One response to “Brazil leads the world in usage of… cat emoji?”

  1. Renato H. M. de Oliveira says:

    I’m Brazilian, and I can confirm these are indeed some of the most popular emoji here.

    Cat with heart eyes and prayer are my favorite emoji.

    I also like very much the top emoji, cat screaming in fear, grimacing face (miss a cat version!).

    Snowflake is rarely used, because snow is a very rare event in Brazil – even in the very few areas where it does snow, it isn’t guaranteed it will snow een during winter (in Southern hemisphere, winter happens at the same time as North’s summer). So we Brazilians don’t usually associate cold with snow.

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