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Clarity Keyboard Beta & the SwiftKey Greenhouse: An experiment in innovation

27th April 2015

Today we’re unveiling something completely fresh and new from SwiftKey as an experiment in innovation – a new beta app and a new home for seeding ideas.

Autocorrect in Clarity Keyboard Beta

Clarity Keyboard Beta is an experimental keyboard offering a simple way to type, helping you to focus on what you’re writing and nothing else. It’s available to download and test right now.

It is the first of our SwiftKey Greenhouse releases – a new hub for our experimental software.

Features of Clarity Keyboard Beta:

  • Multi-word autocorrect – checks the last few words you’ve typed and retrospectively corrects them
  • No more ‘damn-you-autocorrect’ – quickly undo any autocorrections and restore exactly what you typed by tapping backspace
  • Always learning – automatically learns your slang, nicknames and phrases

We’re releasing Clarity Keyboard as an experiment to gather feedback and to test some ideas we have about the different ways people type. We believe in fresh thinking, building new things and asking our users to test them. Like it? Have feedback for us? We want to hear from you – use the feedback button in the app to get in touch with us.

SwiftKey Greenhouse

What is SwiftKey Greenhouse?

SwiftKey Greenhouse is a place where we can seed ideas and help them grow.

We want to continue pushing the boundaries of our industry. Greenhouse gives us a place for our users to try new things out. New things that we’re excited about, but that aren’t quite ready for everyone yet. What these experiments grow into we’re not so sure yet, but we want to make sure our best ideas aren’t kept in the dark and are given the space to grow.


SwiftKey’s core value is innovation – we like to constantly challenge our assumptions. Some of these ideas remain internal, some get absorbed into our core products and others, like Clarity Keyboard Beta, get released as their own experiments.

Clarity Keyboard Beta is available to test now. Just go to to try it out. We would love to know what you think.


Ben (Clarity product manager) and the team

Media? Please direct all enquiries to Ruth and the team:

27 responses to “Clarity Keyboard Beta & the SwiftKey Greenhouse: An experiment in innovation”

  1. Malhaar Kale says:

    Doesn’t hurt to try. All in for trying something new. Will be providing my feedback over the course of time.
    And oh, the keyboard theme is absolutely gorgeous. Bait you are going to get requests for theme to get integrated into SwitftKey

  2. Crashes Nexus 7 2013 with 5.1 (had to restart, froze screen), then keyboard is useless thanks to placing all buttons in top left corner (rest of “keyboard” is blank plain color). The same happens on moto g 5.0.2… Well… that’s beta, what did I expected…

  3. exadeci says:

    That’s one compact keyboard 😀 (check the screenshot)

  4. Gamblor77 says:

    Doesn’t load for me on Galaxy S6. During setup process it says application loading, please wait but nothing ever happens.

  5. Cristian Pana says:

    Add to COPY, COPY ALL, CUT, PASTE, SELECT, DELETE, UNDO, etc like Touchpal X. Add CLIPBOARD menus (very useful for fast pasting texts) like Touchpal X. Swiftkey it history for long time ago.

  6. David Figueroa says:

    What happen to the glider, gesture…

  7. Jirka says:

    Do you plan to include other languages prediction during Beta testing phase (like Czech for example? 🙂 Because I´m using SwiftKey for ages and your language packs are pretty well polished. THX in advance for your reply

  8. Brandon Campbell says:

    Incompatible with my ZTE N800 Awe. 🙁

  9. Alan Goldman says:

    Who thought it was a good idea top leave the ? off of main screen? It’s driving me nuts!!! It really is killing an otherwise great idea…

  10. Alan Goldman says:

    I’ve also noticed that Clarity crashes out with a “sorry” message in the middle of typing constantly. And the restarts itself. (Lollipop 5.0.1 LG G3)

  11. Brian Dickens says:

    This is a nice keyboard. I would like a few things: double space adds a period. Adjustable height (this keyboard is a bit taller than I’m used to and feels awkward).

    Aissue I ran into this morning. I used GOOD for enterprise email and for some reason it didn’t recognize top row characters in the password field. This sadly is a deal breaker for me.

  12. Alan Goldman says:

    Even today’s update is impossible to use. It constantly crashes and retstarts itself. Something is seriously wrong in this early going…

  13. wardy277 says:

    It’s a great start, but a few things stopping me from switching.

    – The ability to shrink down the keyboard’s height
    – Haptic feedback
    – Numbers being a long press (symbols I can live with being in a separate menu)

  14. Total Faith says:

    More accents are needed when you long press on keys.

  15. David Holtzman says:

    Does it have “extend selection”, “cut”, “copy”, and “paste” keys to go with cursor keys? (Swipe does) “home” and “end” keys would be useful as well.

  16. ashish says:

    put macros support to this keyboard..
    auto expansion support im talking about..that what was missing fro sift keyboard ..

  17. Ari G-Riley says:

    “Clarity Keyboard Beta is an experimental keyboard offering a simple way to type” people expect so much from something that’s in experimental beta stage (aka alpha? Unless I’m wrong ? )
    serious note though great work so far can’t wait to see where you take this

    Do you plan to have clarity as an input method bundled with swiftkey, stand alone or just going with the ‘flow’ xaxa 😉

  18. Skyler Redmon says:

    really needs a question mark on the home page … feel like I use that more than a period some days and it’s annoying to switch pages. Other than that I like it alright, I’m already a SwiftKey user though. I am curious if this is using our database already or if it’s creating a new one from scratch? Haven’t used it enough to know if it knows some of my weird words/slang.

  19. 1nfected says:

    I absolutely love multi-word auto correct and backspace undo feature. I REALLY wish these were available in SwiftKey already.
    But, what’s the point of this? Is this like a play ground for testing new features, which will eventually be integrated into SwiftKey?
    Or this is going to stay different from SwiftKey?

    edit: Oh! forgot to mention I miss flow typing on this, which is a deal-breaker. So until flow typing is available on this, this won’t be my daily driver.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team says:

      @1nfected:disqus SwiftKey Greenhouse is a new program we rolled out to share some of the innovative work we are doing. It also lets our awesome Community members try them out. As mentioned in the post these are experiments and we are not sure where all of them will go. Enjoy!

      To stay in the loop on new Greenhouse projects you can opt in here:

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