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Emoji iPhone update – SwiftKey Keyboard brings Flow for iPad, emoji, languages & more

5th February 2015

Today, we’re rolling out our biggest update yet for SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. Brand new features include many that you’ve requested: emoji, SwiftKey Flow for iPad, keyboard click sounds and 11 more of your most-requested languages!

SwiftKeyforiPhone-EmojiWe’ve built emoji right into SwiftKey Keyboard so you can now express yourself when words don’t quite cut it. Just as it learns the words and phrases that matter to you, SwiftKey also learns and predicts which emoji you use most often so you can spend less time looking for that perfect smiley (or slice of pizza – whatever you’re into).

You can find more than 800 fun emoji by tapping the “smiley” button on the bottom left of the keyboard. The more often you add a fun icon to your messages, the more SwiftKey will learn to offer it to you in the prediction bar.

SwiftKey Flow is now available for iPad, in addition to iPhone and iPod touch. SwiftKey Flow lets you enter words quickly by swiping your finger across the screen – all while learning from you to deliver the best possible predictions.emoji-clapping

You can alternate between tapping and ‘flowing’ your words at any time, and the Flow feature works seamlessly with all of SwiftKey’s other features, including autocorrect, quick period and more.

SwiftKey is also adding 11 new languages to the iOS app, bringing its total number of supported languages to 35. Don’t forget you can have up to two languages enabled at a time – perfect for bilingual speakers! These new languages include:

  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian
  • Greek
  • Hinglish
  • Icelandic
  • Indonesian
  • Latvian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Turkish

We’re also excited to announce that Arabic, Hebrew and Persian – some of our most requested languages – are now in testing phase in a closed beta. One of SwiftKey’s strengths is our multilingual support, letting you switch seamlessly between languages/layouts within one keyboard. We’re committed to offering this same experience, regardless of whether the languages are right-to-left (a.k.a. RTL – like Arabic, Hebrew and Persian) or left-to-right (LTR – like English and French). This is a complex implementation, and we’re working hard to provide you with the best possible typing experience. Thanks for your patience along the way! If you’re interested in beta testing one or more of these languages, please fill out the form here – the first 100 to reply will be invited to participate in our testing process.

Lastly, you can now type as loudly as you please, as SwiftKey for iPhone & iPad now includes keyboard click sounds! This feature is turned off by default but can easily be enabled by opening the SwiftKey Keyboard app and visiting Keyboard Settings > Advanced settings.

Additional improvements in this update include general bug fixes and improved layouts to support new languages.

Update your favorite iPhone keyboard app by heading to the Apple App Store.

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As always, keep us posted on how things are going through our Support site; we love to hear your feedback and suggestions. You can reach us on Facebook and Twitter, and we’d love for you to join our iOS VIP Community.

Eric and the Community Team

17 responses to “Emoji iPhone update – SwiftKey Keyboard brings Flow for iPad, emoji, languages & more”

  1. Nigel Turley says:

    I may be the only person in the world who hates emojis but I don’t like the fact that the ‘Switch to another keyboard’ button now defaults to calling up smiley faces and tiny pictures of pizzas and changing keyboards now involves additional steps to operate. Can we have the choice to make the ‘Switch’ option the default – particularly as we still have to change keyboards when Swiftkey stops working properly in several apps (such as Messages, App Store etc.) Thanks…

  2. Bruno Araujo says:

    Good job guys! Looking forward for new features.

    Also, that jump in contacts

  3. roberthenderson says:

    Typical crApple. Downloaded and installed the update & no flow writing anywhere

  4. vinothr says:

    “keyboard click sounds” – Android users have been asking for this feature for years now. Can we please get Lollipop keypress sounds (or) custom keypress sounds instead of the typewriter sound we have now.

  5. Marc Chan says:

    when will have Chinese keyboard for iOS?

  6. Ahmed Ahmadi says:

    any time frame for arabic language?

  7. aliyappa1979 says:

    New Update Swiftkey really impressive.

  8. roberthenderson says:

    Updated & still no flow on ipad

  9. darkiller says:

    I’m glad to see an update, waiting for the day I get to type Chinese and Japanese from SwiftKey as well…

    That aside, I hardly use emojis, but I switch keyboards often. I would very much like an option to turn off the emoji feature so that it’s easier for me to switch keyboards.

  10. Michael Norton says:

    hate hate hate emoji. cannot find a way to remove the button from my iphone keyboard on the latest version. Will have to remove swiftkey as the only reason i had it installed was the ability to remove the emoji button which is now lost

  11. Tats Shibata says:

    Most Japanese people use 2 keyboards at least, English one for alphabet and Japanese one. That means “Switch to other keyboard” is a so important button. I’d like to have an option, “Change the default from Emoji to Switch to other keyboard” or “Disable Emoji”.

  12. masoud says:

    Great news on the upcoming support for Farsi, Can’t wait to install SwiftKey when it arrives.

  13. MissCJ2U says:

    When will predictive emojis become available for iPhone? I have the paid version of the app for my S5 that has had this functionality for a very long time now. Thanks!!!

  14. Amr13553 says:

    Add Arabic language and more themes please.

  15. Wayne Michael Dodsworth says:

    The latest update rearranges all the emojis making it hard to find them! Please revert back to the previous layout. I don’t like this one bit!

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