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Emoji prediction app SWIFTMOJI launches today

20th July 2016

Today we are excited to launch Swiftmoji, a brand new app and our first announcement since our recent acquisition by Microsoft. Swiftmoji is designed to offer you perfect emoji predictions based on what you’ve just typed, and you can find it for free on both Android and iOS now!

emoji prediction - Swiftmoji for iOS With more than 1800 emoji to choose from on your phone and more added regularly, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right emoji (#emojistruggles, anyone?). Swiftmoji removes the frustration of playing hunt-the-emoji – and helps you discover new emoji you may have never even seen before – with its spot-on predictions.

The app works by using the context of what you’re typing coupled with worldwide emoji trends to give you the best and most topical emoji predictions. Swiftmoji quickly recognizes sentiment across a huge userbase, analyzing how millions of people have used emoji over a given period.emoji prediction - Swiftmoji for Android

Based on these trends, the SwiftKey team has compiled a Mid-Year Review (in this blog post and below) of some of the emoji-related people and events that have made 2016 so far. Certain emoji are particularly revealing, with  pig emoji and pignose-emoji cropping up for David Cameron, and the  crown emoji and honeybee-emoji emoji for fans of Queen Bey Beyoncé. Some emoji play on  insider knowledge, such as the goat emoji emoji that crops up for Muhammad Ali – the acronym G.O.A.T signifying ‘Greatest of All Time’.

Emoji-mania is at its peak, with approximately 6 billion emoji sent globally every day. Last year’s Word of the Year – which SwiftKey partnered with Oxford University Press for – was an emoji for the first time ever, the Face with Tears of Joy.

Peter Holc, iOS Swiftmoji product manager, says: “Emoji popularity has exploded and very quickly it’s become the most-used unofficial language globally. However keyboards have been slow to capitalize on its rising popularity and the ongoing, daily quest to find the right emoji is still a big frustration. That’s where Swiftmoji comes in – suggesting just the right emoji for what you want to say”.

Powered by the same core technology users know and love for intelligent autocorrect and predictions on the SwiftKey Keyboard, Swiftmoji offers up the perfect prediction at just the right time. Swiftmoji is currently only available in English on both iOS and Android devices. You can download them free on both Android and iOS now!

Swiftmoji on iOS is an emoji keyboard, whereas Swiftmoji on Android is a full keyboard replacement. For more details, check out, our hub for all things Swiftmoji. And keep a look out for Mo, the emoji-loving character who will guide you on your way!

Cheers celebration-emoji

The SwiftKey Team

World Emoji Day year in review infographic