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Update brings Evernote and Google+ personalization

3rd April 2014

Hi everyone,

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve rolled out two great new features in an update available to all of our SwiftKey Keyboard users.

From version 4.4.5, SwiftKey can personalize from your Google+ public posts and Evernote archives. This means that our predictions and autocorrection will become even more accurate for users of these services, because SwiftKey can learn from how you’ve used language in the past. It’s especially good news if you use SwiftKey Note on an iOS device connected to Evernote, as now SwiftKey Keyboard can learn from these notes as well, making typing on Android even more productive!

Today’s update also introduces some bug fixes, including an issue in Google+ when mentioning people in posts and some forced closes and crashes. If you experience any bugs while using SwiftKey, please report them in our forums so they can be checked by our developers.

To update SwiftKey, just return to the app store you purchased it from, such as Google Play or Amazon App Store, and click update – it’s free and easy!

For the time being, emoji support is currently available in our beta, which you can get as a free download.

Thanks for all your continued support,

The SwiftKey Team

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24 responses to “Update brings Evernote and Google+ personalization”

  1. DunkelbuntesUnkraut says:

    Not live on Amazon, jet

  2. Matheus Rangel says:

    Come on, new keyboard sounds

  3. mesmorino says:

    I just want a colour palette for the keyboard. The themes are nice and all, but I would really like to just be able to customise everything up and including the colour of the swipe trail

  4. Vibrunazo says:

    Does that mean it’s also using Hangouts or is that a separate thing?

  5. Lauris Olups says:

    Sorry to say this at the wrong place, but maybe it will get some attention here :-). The sole reason why I haven’t bought the app is lack of choosing default character on long press. This makes typing in non-English languages a nightmare! Or am I missing something?

    • encro says:

      Hi Lauris,

      Accents can be enabled in Settings⏩Theme and Layout⏩Show Accented Characters on long press.

      I think SwiftKey should consider enabling this by default.

      Cheers 🙂

      EDIT: Oh I just re-read your comment and realised the significance of the default character for the keypress. Good idea!

      • Lauris Olups says:

        Yes, i have accented characters disabled, since I’m using the Latvian language pack, which has only the characters I need. However, they are never the primary choices on long press. AnySoftKeyboard is an app that handles this great, you can both long press and double tap to get the default character. Speeds up typing a lot. 🙂

  6. Eduardo Fernandes de Souza says:

    Would greatly appreciate a new theme (more stock android like), keyboard sounds and the emojis.

  7. Francesco Laino says:

    Con Lg g2 Android 4.4 kitkat quando spegni il telefono e riavvii appare un messaggio di errore cioè: purtroppo si è interrotto se disattivi la tastiera SwiftKey il messaggio non appare più….

  8. Ximena says:

    Where’s the emoji update for the paid version?!

  9. Ricky says:

    Add personalization from Android user dictionary (Inbuild)

  10. shmgreat says:

    how about learning from viber and whatsapp? I’m dying for personalization from viber and whatsapp as in these days people text rarely and use chat services instead

  11. tandream says:

    I buyed the app but when I try to download again I have to buy it again. Where can I have support for this?

  12. Jeremy Behrendt says:

    Can we please get emojis. I love swiftkey and prefer it over the Google keyboard but no emojis so I’ve been switching back and forth and it sux!

  13. Fotis Kallianis says:

    FIX THE PROMBLEMS FIRST !!! Every time i reboot my LG G II the message “The
    process has stopped” is e on the screen. FIX
    IT ! You know the issue two months allready. It takes two months to fix
    a bug?

  14. Keith Theakston says:

    What’s this gonna cost should I subscribe !?

  15. Shaun Anderson says:

    I would like some new themes for the keyboard and new key press sounds too

  16. Tim Delongchamp says:

    Love the numbers on top row option in beta. Can we Pleeeeeaaaaasssseee get that out of beta and into production? 🙂

  17. verbalassault says:

    When will the paid version get the number row that’s in the beta? I really like the beta but it’s annoying to reinstall it every 2 months – I’d rather pay for it and be done with it but the paid version is still behind the beta.

  18. Andrea Correa says:

    I.had the paid version and got a replacement phone. How do I get it back without paying again?

  19. AKA says:

    I have had Swiftkey for sometime now on my LG G2 (Sprint) and when the software was updated everything got messed up to the point where I was able to receive calls and text however I was unable to send anything out.

    Since then… I’ve loaded and unloaded your app at least 4 times! It might be “Operator head space” but frusting all the same! Before I rate this app with a bad score I wanted to update you and see if maybe I’m doing something wrong.

    Thank you for any help that you might have for me. AKA

  20. Jay says:

    How do you get swiftkey to look through whatsapp for personalisations.. Since the last update I have lost my personalizations for whatsapp which is really annoying!

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