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First update for SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad now live

8th October 2014

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce our first update to SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. This release fixes some critical bugs and addresses other performance issues. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in this update:

Improved performance

  • Quicker keyboard loading time

Improved stability

Fixed reported issues of:

  • Bottom row disappearing in the numbers and symbols panel in Twitter layout on iPad
  • Crashes when backspacing onto emoji
  • Crashes when typing a sequence of letters and numbers including “-”
  • General stability improvements

Note: this release works best if you update to iOS 8.0.2 (but is still compatible with iOS 8.0).

As always, keep us posted on how things go through our Support site, we love to hear your feedback and suggestions. You can also reach us on Facebook, Twitter and we’d love for you to join our iOS VIP Community.


Eric and the SwiftKey Team

86 responses to “First update for SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad now live”

  1. Jef Djandji says:

    What about the bug when we use the quick reply function on the lockscreen and that the keyboard doesn’t show up?

  2. More languages, please! And especially Swedish…

  3. Tomáš Jarolím says:

    When will other languages? Czech language please!

  4. Tavish says:

    Glad to see the first update for SwiftKey out. Does it fix the not scrolling to the bottom when opening a text message yet?

  5. Brian Dunstan says:

    When is swiping coming to the iPad? Hard to justify living with some of the bugs when major functionality is missing. I end up using a competitor (which is ugly) instead.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team says:

      Hi Brian, we are very excited about this first version of the SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS. We have a lot more great functionality coming soon.

      • Still consistently crashes when back spacing onto emoji and it still takes forever to load. I’m on iOS 8.02 and swiftkey keyboard is set as NY prime and emoji as my secondary keyboard. I’m using an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB space gray. I have a second language of Spanish selected on the swift key app. I have everything but Evernote enabled. Would really love to have this keyboard working as it’s my favorite on Android. I also would like the ability of sliding the space bar for a different languages like on Android as oppose to the tap and hold on iOS.

  6. Josh says:

    Is anyone else having the issue where the keyboard overlays messages inside the Messaging App?

  7. Jean-Francois Remy says:

    why isn’t it possible to use dictation with Swiftkey? it’s VERY handy when in the car…

  8. Isak Eriksen says:

    Why is it, that languages available in the Android version of SwiftKey, are not available for IOS?
    More languages please. In particular Danish. :O)
    P.S. You are the best thing that ever happened to Iphone. ;O)

  9. Rob Ogilvie says:

    My only concern with SwiftKey is the keyboard is big – maybe 10% taller than the stock keyboard.

    Is it on the roadmap to make this configurable?

  10. Brad says:

    Has the tagging issue in Facebook been fixed with the keyboard? On the first version, you can’t use the ‘tag’ text feature unless you use the Apple keyboard. Swiftkey will resort to standard text instead.

  11. Rick Bilodeau says:

    Any plans to add a number row to the iphone 6 keyboard? I know the keyboard is already pretty tall, but I would sacrifice having shorter keys and adding a number row.

    Also, what about long press characters on the keys instead of having to select from a pick list?

  12. Shiroi Kuma says:

    Looks great, but simply can’t switch to this yet. In Japan I simply need a Japanese keyboard. When is this expected to be available for Japanese?

  13. Shripad Sonavnay says:

    Hi Josh,

    I am glad the team has worked hard to solve the bugs I had mentioned when I first visited this blog. Its working way better now. I’d still request you to fix the minute lag experienced when launching the keyboard for the first time. (iPhone 5 iOS 8.0.2)
    Apart from that, kudos for the update! Excited to experience all thats in store in the future updates.

  14. Carl Sjööquist says:

    Please ad swedish language asap! Cant stand the standard ios keyboard!

  15. leisure018 says:

    Is there a way to add more punctuation (‘ _ ” ) or calculation keys (+ – / * = %) besides the spacebar to the right?

    I like the Android implementation of the keyboard more than iOS8 so far. You get more access to different keys.

    There is still a bug that the default iOS8 keyboard returns when typing a password.

  16. David Neely says:

    Why did Apple even allow third party keyboards if they are going to cripple them so much? Doesn’t work on lock screen, can’t use for passwords, can’t use dictation API…I just don’t get it.

  17. Afflin says:

    frequently the keyboard does not show up. I have to go “allow full access” every time this happens. it can happen more than a dozen times a day. it happens for messages and web browser, and any other applications requiring typing in.

  18. Julia Nguyen says:

    I still can’t use swiftkey in Message for some reasons, all the other apps is fine

  19. Andrey says:

    Second all posters – more languages please. Missing Russian!

  20. Jailbrkr21 says:

    What about a feature that moves the curser to the left or right when swiping across the space bar and selecting words when starting the swipe on a shift button?

  21. I hope you’ll add Polish soon ;/

  22. Carsten Holløse says:

    Please expand internationalization. It´s the best keyboard of all the ones I have tested. You have danish in dictionary, but it is extremely frustrating not to have the danish keyboard with our 3 extra characters.

  23. Still consistently crashes when back spacing onto emoji and it still takes forever to load. I’m on iOS 8.02 and swiftkey keyboard is set as NY prime and emoji as my secondary keyboard. I’m using an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB space gray. I have a second language of Spanish selected on the swift key app. I have everything but Evernote enabled. Would really love to have this keyboard working as it’s my favorite on Android. I also would like the ability of sliding the space bar for a different languages like on Android as oppose to the tap and hold on iOS.

  24. Juno Leloup says:

    The Dutch need the Dutch language support, thank you!

  25. Bud Brown says:

    When will this be compatible with the iPad?

  26. Jan says:

    when will Norwegian language be released for IOS version?

  27. Why is Swiftkey not available in Mail and other IOS apps? I can get it in WhatsApp, etc., but not in Mail or Messages

  28. Damian Dancer says:

    Swiftkey doesnt open messages app at last message and when I try and switch back to standard keyboard, it often stalls and I have to close messages app and restart

  29. Stefan Wassak says:

    Hi, still have no keybord on iPhone 5s in Mail.

  30. Tom van rooy says:

    Can anyone tell me when the Dutch language is available on ios please

  31. RyGuy says:

    Will there be a flow mode for iOS? I have been a user since the beginning on Android. Love it on my note3…but, I have an iPad Air, and the keyboard isn’t nearly as good. Also, should I ever jump into the iPhone, this would be the reason: swiftkey flow.

  32. Stephen Archbold says:

    Still consistently crashes when I insert an emoji. This was supposed to be fixed with last update but still faulty. I have iP6+ 64gb

  33. Stephen Archbold says:

    I have also noticed that it reverts to standard ios keyboard when you try to fill in passwords etc on Twitter and various safari used sites

  34. jim says:

    Keyboard doesn’t show up when using spotlight. happens frequently too.

  35. Amit Raj says:

    keyboard clicks pleeeeeeaaaaaseeeee

  36. dannystx says:

    Doesn’t work with the 1Password app.

  37. dannystx says:

    Doesn’t work correctly with ios8 Contacts app. After entering a phone number and then trying to edit name, company, or other previously entered text field results in the cursor popping back to the phone number field. Very frustrating.

  38. hejamartin says:

    I am in a deepshit of trouble here.

    I have used this as a passcode:

    And I have also disabled my other keyboards, and only has SwiftKey activated.

    Now when the phone is locked, I now need to enter my passcode. But guess what, I am just having the A-Z keyboard of iOS.

    So I can not use the “Å”-letter. So now the only option I know of is to restore my iPhone. Or?

    I can not switch to a swedish keyboard, nor can I hold the A-key to get extra options.

    I really really dont want to restore my iphone!!!

  39. Vaada Caul says:

    hey i downloaded swiftkey on my ipad, but it doesnt swift. i tried all the setting and some tutorial videos still i dont get it why it cant work on my ipad mini.. my ios is 8.1.1.. plz reply

  40. Trinity Amor says:

    I don’t know iphones that well cause I never had one but, does swiftkey work on iPhone 5c?? My daughter and I wanted to know for sure before we both get one

  41. okad says:

    Whenever i use the suggested words it corrupts other words and the cursor jumps elsewhere. Android. Any ideas?

  42. George Guerrero says:

    I like swiftkey but it doesn’t work with contacts and it keeps turning on and off.

  43. metro_struggler says:

    Found 2 issues with the latest Swiftkey –

    1) Try to enter your address in the Contact’s edit screen. It keeps jumping between fields.

    2) The keyboard doesn’t show up in the Google Voice App to send SMS messages in the To: field.

  44. BZ Batte says:

    The keyboard still frequently causes the messages app to freeze completely. The fix its to constantly quit and reopen the app.

  45. Tom Bleier says:

    I have two issues; like others I love the concept. One is that keyboard does not appear sometimes when I need to use one. the second is the privacy issue. How can I be sure that passwords and confidential matters are not compromised with full access?

  46. cypherstream says:

    Today I had no keyboard at all in the messages app. I could not get anything to come up. Force killing the app didn’t help. I have to reboot. This happens in safari as well. Is this because of SwiftKey or ios 8.1.2?

  47. Andreas Vicol Dahl says:

    when i use swipe on this keybord its jumping to emoji 🙁 is very frustrating . Pls fiks

  48. Laura Altaïr says:

    I can´t write a comment on facebook. The keyboard dosen´t apear.

  49. Joe says:

    I cant get the swipping action to work on my ipad mini 2. Any idea how to get it to work?

  50. Umer says:

    i have an issue in Iphone 6, 64 GB ios 8.3.

    with swiftkey i can’t edit my contacts when ever i click on first name its automatically goes down to second name and when i wanted to type on that it goes next. subsequent it goes every time next to next without typing anything.

  51. Swiftkey is skipping fields in the phone contacts, still a problem in 2015. Developer says it won’t fix it, blaming Apple (even thought other developers have worked around it). Uninstalling to never come back, worthless support.

  52. Jennifer Jensen says:

    I cannot get key clicks OFF even when key clicks is off in settings. I don’t have any key clicks when using the stock iPhone 5s keyboard, only swiftkey. Please advise. Thank you.

  53. Cindi Manning Hillen says:

    Where is the enter key on this app? This app is messed up and I delete the app and it still comes up in safari. I can’t get rid of it.

  54. Jason Donnellan says:

    Hi. swiftkey and swype both randomly don’t load when opening text messaging for the first time after a while. Each iOS update i hope it is fixed but no. The keyboard that appears is not even the default ios8 keyboard but the most basic. I have to kill the app and open again to get swiftkey to work

  55. Thierry Béchard says:

    I love SwiftKey. The automatic language (French and English for me) works great. But the disappearing keyword bug in iMessage drives me mad. Also there’s the bug that makes it impossibly hard to edit a contact. The cursor jumps around. Crazy stuff. Anyway I removed SK after a while. Gave up on it. Recently I reinstalled it after the latest update. But both hugs ate still there. Don’t know if it’s SK’s or iOS’ family but I’m sorry, but I’m deleting it again until a solution is found.

  56. Jeff says:

    I am running IOS 8.3 and the keyboard will not appear to add contacts or numbers 🙁 How do we get this fixed?

  57. Bosse Lostål says:

    bought a one+ and SwiftKey doesn’t work with flow.

  58. Bosse Lostål says:

    Hello! Support!

  59. Nicolas Mejia says:

    Are you fixing anytime soon when the keyboard just doesn’t appear when you are ready to enter text?

  60. Kyle James says:

    this “fix” caused me not to be able to use the keyboard at all… i can’t type or press any buttons on the keyboard… please fix this soon.

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