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Five reasons you need SwiftKey Cloud

11th March 2014

Let’s face it: the cloud isn’t reserved for big business and enterprise. Thanks to the likes of iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and countless others, cloud storage and streaming has become commonplace even for novice computer users. The benefits are clear: signing up for cloud services protects you from data loss, and it enables you to access vital information anywhere on Earth so long as there’s a connection.

Here at SwiftKey we’re big believers in user benefits, which is why we launched SwiftKey Cloud. If you haven’t tried it out yet, here are five reasons why you should.

1) Extra smarts: Only Cloud users will receive suggestions for Trending Phrases, the names, places, and news events causing a buzz in your language. This feature cuts down character input time for all of the hottest topics, from sports to celebrities, that you’ll soon be talking about.

2) Signing up is comically easy: Open up your SwiftKey keyboard app, head to Settings, and Enable Cloud. If you have a Google account, you’ll be done in just a couple of taps.

3) Protection from data loss: No one ever expects their phone to croak, but it happens. With SwiftKey Cloud, all of your personal language behaviors and insights will be backed up securely, making your life that much easier if you ever have to reinstall the app on a new device.

4) Family affair: For those using multiple Android phones, or perhaps a phone and a tablet, SwiftKey Cloud will sync all of your commonly used phrases across all of your devices. If, for instance, you’ve taught SwiftKey a word on your tablet, it’ll quickly be available as a suggestion on your smartphone.

5) Extended learning: With SwiftKey Cloud, any messaging you do via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or a variety of other accounts will be learned in the background, enabling SwiftKey to become smarter and more personalized with no extra effort on your behalf.

6) OK, I know I said it was only five but I couldn’t resist adding a final one to point out that SwiftKey has a robust data security policy and we understand many users are interested in this area, so if you want to know more about how and where your data is stored, it’s right here on the site.

Looking for more? Our SwiftKey Cloud page has your Frequently Asked Questions, and be sure to reach out in the comments section below.

How to sign up to SwiftKey Cloud

9 responses to “Five reasons you need SwiftKey Cloud”

  1. Stryker says:

    Two suggestions related directly to SwiftKey and the Cloud service; 1) allow users to avoid having to create an account just to get personalization accomplished, and 2) give end users the ability to choose which way they want to sync their device(s) to the Cloud service.

    I no longer sync my Nexus 7 with SwiftKey, I’m about ready to switch to Google Keyboard on it, as its not worth the frustration of losing the personalized info I have on my phone, which is used much more than the Nexus 7 hence my suggestion for sync direction.

    Finally, if you’re going to add another email or social media network to SwiftKey, many of us are not pleased with the lack of G+ support.

    • Bubba Gump says:

      That is a great point. I wonder if this is the cause of the now lack of proficient prediction which used to be my main attraction to this keyboard. I have actually considered going to my G2 keyboard…

      • Stryker says:

        The prediction got worse with time on my Motorola XT926, after I had linked SwiftKey with my Nexus 7, but the Nexus 7 seemed to benefit the most from the predictions learned on my Droid.

        I know they want to make the cloud sync as painless as possible and advanced options would be great, even if turned off by default, which would allow them to accomplish the ease of use for both the users who just want it to work and those of us who like to have a more detailed level of control.

        • Ryan Paredez says:

          Hey Stryker, we just released the newest beta that has personalization from G+. It came out yesterday. If you feel that SK is not learning like it used too, please feel free to contact support at and someone will help you out.

          • Stryker says:

            Ryan, thanks for the reply. I’m greatly appreciative of the G+ addition, it’s one of those things that will really make SwiftKey keyboard a full time keyboard on my devices.

            As I pointed out, and I’ll follow up with an email to the given address, its not so much a learning issue as it is a failure to remember issue. Everything is great with the Cloud Sync turned off on my devices, when it’s on, then the failure to remember comes into play, hence my suggestion for a way to manage sync direction.

            Again, thanks for your reply.

  2. AOWE Dutchy says:

    After each update I lose my learned words.

  3. disqus_ZvaRaC4AUn says:

    Your video returns this error message: THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE. Is that intentional??

  4. disqus_ZvaRaC4AUn says:

    When I click log in with Google, it logs me in with Discus…???

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