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SwiftKey Keyboard update brings performance improvements, new themes – and a sale!

29th July 2014

Hi everyone,

There’s a new update for your favorite free Android keyboard today! Today’s update has been largely focused on improving performance and speed in specific areas of the keyboard – and also brings new themes and a sale.

Today’s SwiftKey Keyboard update brings the following fixes and improvements:

  • Improved typing performance
  • Improved some translations
  • Improved keyboard loading time
  • Improved Flow performance
  • Fix for the bottom row being hidden in some devices
  • Fixed Yahoo! personalization
  • Fixed background disappearing issue in some themes
  • Fixed some other force closes and crashes

You can get this latest update (version by visiting Google Play.

Some users may see more performance changes than others depending on their device and a few other factors. Performance remains our #1 priority and we continue to work on lag issues affecting some users on some devices to make sure the keyboard is as snappy as you need.

Later today, we’ll also be adding some new languages: Kyrgyz, Tajik and Turkmen. Six more languages also get emoji prediction: Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Polish and Russian. Find out more about SwiftKey emoji.

On top of today’s performance update, our Design team has been hard at work on some new themes! We’re excited to unveil these themes in the SwiftKey Store today, on top of a discount on some existing themes as part of a summer sale.

The five new themes are: Spotlight Purple, Edge Green, Pulse Yellow, Pulse Pink and Hazy Pink. Check them out in the SwiftKey Store today.

As of today (July 29), the summer sale kicks off for a limited time only. We’ll be cutting the prices on a bunch of our themes by up to 33% in a range of countries so you can customize your SwiftKey to the way you like it. You can head to the SwiftKey Store to browse the different discounts on various themes and theme packs.

To visit the Store, press and hold the ‘123’ key in the bottom left hand corner of the keyboard, then press ‘Themes’ then ‘SwiftKey Store’. Find out more about some of the theme designs here.

Since SwiftKey became a free Android keyboard, more than 12 million themes have been downloaded from the Store. We’re so excited that you’re enjoying the beautiful new designs, and we hope you take advantage of the great deals in this summer offer. What new theme are you going to pick up?


The SwiftKey Team

Note: The sale is only available in the following countries:

United States, Australia, Canada: Theme packs are discounted from $2.99 to $1.99.
Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain: Themes discounted from €0.89 to €0.59 and theme packs discounted from €2.69 to €1.79
Czech Republic: Packs discounted from CZK 59 to CZK 39
Denmark: Packs discounted from DKK 18.99 to DKK 12.99
Hungary: Packs discounted from HUF 749 to HUF 499
Israel: Themes discounted from ILS 4.99 to ILS 3.49, packs discounted from ILS 14.99 to ILS 9.99
New Zealand: Packs discounted from $2.99 to $1.99
Norway: Packs discounted from NOK 20.99 to NOK 14.99
Poland: Packs discounted from PLN 9.99 to PLN 6.99
Russia: Packs discounted from RUB 99 to RUB 69
Sweden: Packs discounted from SEK 21.99 to SEK 14.99
Switzerland: Packs discounted from CHF 2.99 to CHF 1.99
United Kingdom: Packs discounted from £1.99 to £1.29

42 responses to “SwiftKey Keyboard update brings performance improvements, new themes – and a sale!”

  1. I really think you shouldn’t have changed the product name in Google Play to “SwiftKey Keyboard Free + Emoji”…
    Apps with “free emoji” in the title are usually cr*pware or malware, and I’ve been trying to train people to stay away from those…

  2. Puneet kumar says:

    There is a marked improvement in performance. My just one request is that please start carier billing in your theme store cause I want to buy us your themes but don’t have a credit card.

  3. eilegz says:

    still laging on nexus 5 sigh hopefully the new version improve the performance

    i cant imagine how it is on my old phone it seriously need a revamp in the performance area

  4. Liquidretro says:

    I am seeing some improvement in performance on my Note 2. Still early on but good first steps in to taking the best keyboard and making it the quickest.

  5. I like all the improvements, still waiting for the perfect theme tho. Wish there was a Pulse Amber. Using Pumpkin now, but prefer the more clean look of Pulse. A theme like Dusk,Regal or Dark in Orange tints would be nice too.

  6. John says:

    Thank you trying to address the issue that everyone says exists. It’s a mixed bag of who sees it & on what phone/os/apps they are running. I can only imagine you guys being like “how the hell are we supposed to fix this without testing out every setup”. Regardless, look forward to trying out SwiftKey again.

  7. vitriol says:

    I’m satisfied for the improvements and I bought several themes from the store.
    In a future update I would like to see the background of emoji themed with the actual theme, and not always black.
    Thanks for your good work.

  8. Breno Martins says:

    Well, I tested here on a Galaxy Nexus and find out that it really has improved in typing performance and loading time, but I’m still having problem when typing right after sending a message on WhatsApp for an example, the keyboard freezes for a second, facebook messenger too. This is very annoying because you can’t type the next message right after the other one. I really wish this fixed because I love this keyboard.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. . says:

      yes. everyone has that bug… i don’t know why they don’t fix that. other keyboards don’t do so. i mean the fact that after you sent you message you have to wait for some seconds to start typing again.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team says:

      @disqus_petjUGzITN:disqus that is excellent news. Our intention with this release was to improve on devices like yours and we’re glad to hear we have!

  9. Roberto says:

    All my devices remain using “slugishkey” even with this update. Nexus7, Nexus5 and Moto X. V4 was so good and fast, now i am using google keyboard and checking “sk” back when i see updates.

  10. djthomp says:

    Any chance we could get an option to completely disable the emoji integration?

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team says:

      @djthomp:disqus that is an interesting idea, definitely something to consider for the future. For now you can actually turn off the predictive emoji if you’d prefer not to see that.

  11. Phyoe Wai says:

    Sad SwiftKey loyal user from Singapore.

  12. Dario · 753 a.C. . says:

    nothing has changed. swiftkey lags in the same way.
    it takes time to be opened and emojis tabs lags really a lot.
    i don’t see any kind of improvements on my moto G.
    all the other keyboards in playstore are faster than it such as touchpal x or google keyboard

  13. Paco Inurreta says:

    No love for Mexico…

  14. Oliver Bastholm says:

    I still hate you for making the app free and making the themes cost money. I paid for the app back when you didn’t want to make eny good themes, and now I have to pay once again! That’s not okay!

    And by the way, the emoji page in the keyboard still lags on my OnePlus One!

  15. Andrei Sângeorzan says:

    Thank you! I can finally use Swiftkey without my poor phone dying 😀 thanks!

  16. Andre Thomas says:

    Thanks for the update. I can confirm an almost 100% increase in loading speed and well as time taken for the keyboard to switch back to the capital letters to begin the word of a next sentence after pressing enter. Updated it on all my devices (Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2).
    Small issue… The Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t give the lil smooth animation when the keyboard pops up like it does on the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, it just kinda appears, nothing major, just letting you know.

  17. Renan says:

    Please!!! fix the lag!!! 🙁

  18. Matthew Tsang says:

    and the sale is not available in Hong Kong…. 🙁 why is that?

  19. Krzysiek S says:

    Now it is better, but as someone indicates it still has some freezes and problems while typing multiple messages one after another in WhatsApp.

    Moreover I don’t think that it was good to change this app into free…

  20. Diego says:

    The keyboard loading time is faster now, but seems like the popup animation is really slower, it’s annoying me, the typing performance is also not that good yet. Didn’t find lags with themes anymore! Swiftkey used to be better when was a payed app.

  21. Cipri Rengle says:

    There is a thing I’d like you to enable in the app, and that is the ability to save writen words that show up on top of the keys. For example, if I write an email address, I’d like to save it for fufure uses. When I type the first 2-3 letters, I want it to appear as a predicition.

  22. AshishRohilla says:

    Let Swiftkey remain Swiftkey. It’s best app ever. Emoji suffix pretends crapware.

  23. Norman says:

    It’s more responsive now. Thanks.

  24. noescribolibros says:

    I love SwiftKey! That’s why I purchased it 2 years ago. I would like to have a medium size of the keyboard, between the smallest one and the small. Also, transparency and the possibility to hide the upper bar (te bar showing the corrections) because I rarely use it and it would be good for medium sized screens. SwiftKey always hit the best word to correct my typing! So no need to have the bar almost all the time 🙂

  25. Chinese says:

    I think this is a very lousy app, as it is long enough in the market! Yet stil doesn’t support Chinese typing, very poor in improvement!!!

  26. Danielle Studavent says:

    Hi, I left a comment on the date of this update about my keyboard not going back down automatically. Even after the current update and rebooting, reseting my input methods, I still have to manually click the back button on my nexus 7 2013 and my gs3. It happens in different apps, including chrome and Google, and Facebook.

    The predictions have improved, so thanks swiftkey for improvement. now can you guys please fix this for me?

  27. roberto says:

    It’s very slow at the time to recharge the keyboard, when I send a message

  28. John Muhia says:

    Am looking forward to see you introduce a transparent or translucent kind of keyboard, that would be cool!

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