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Help us win a Webby!

10th April 2014

Hey everyone,

We are super excited to let you know that SwiftKey has been nominated to win a Webby Award in the Mobile & Apps: Productivity category for SwiftKey Keyboard. It’s a huge honor to be nominated for a Webby, and we are thrilled to be recognized for such a prestigious award alongside really great companies.


Each Webby award is broken into two parts: one award from the judges in the Academy, and one award from the public vote – and that’s where you come in. We would love your support and your votes to help us win this award!

Voting is simple, just the way we like it. Just click on this link or go to the Webby 2014 awards page, select the Mobile & Apps category, then Productivity and click on SwiftKey. You will need to register with an email/password or via social media but it’s quick and easy and every vote counts.

Did you know SwiftKey users have written 4,398,266,169,918 characters using our apps? That’s enough to fill 21,991 copies of the whole Encyclopedia Britannica! You’ve also saved yourselves 1,281,087,412,239 keystrokes to date – not bad, huh?

SwiftKey’s mission is to make it easy for everyone to create and communicate on mobile. If SwiftKey has made you more productive, we hope you’ll take a moment to vote for our app.

Voting closes on April 24th, so the clock is ticking, and every vote counts. Thanks for being such an amazing community and for your help!


The SwiftKey Team

3 responses to “Help us win a Webby!”

  1. Sean Durrant says:

    Just voted for SwiftKey in the Webby awards. It saves time typing on a normal setting but change it to Swype and texts and emails take seconds.

    My favourite keyboard by far

  2. vinothr says:

    Hmm… I used to vote for you guys, but lately there has been some slacking on your end when it comes to improvements. I think I’ll pass this year.

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