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Here at SwiftKey, we’re good sports

23rd July 2012

SwiftKey isn’t just a keyboard. It’s the portal many of us use on a daily basis to communicate with our loved ones. SwiftKey gets to know you, because we know each and every one of you is different, and mention different things.

But over the next several weeks this summer, we’re pretty sure many of you will mention One Thing in particular. To give you a clue, we’re based in the UK’s capital, where that One Thing is hard to ignore because it’s taking place here.

So, we’ve created a special and entirely coincidental update for our two most-used language packs, UK English and US English. It contains a whole host of important names and terms that may be useful when you’re sitting on your sofa shouting at the TV, wanting to mention something to do with that One Thing in a text or tweet.

And in case you were guessing, we can’t actually name that One Thing. But being the good British sports we are (there’s a hint!), you can rest assured that with SwiftKey, you’ll be in good shape to write all about it this summer.

  • SwiftKey users can update their language packs now by going to Settings > Languages & layouts and then tapping “Update” when it appears next to their active languages. To refresh the updates available, tap your phone’s menu button and choose “Update languages”.

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