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Hexy Launcher: The latest in innovation from SwiftKey Greenhouse

21st May 2015

Last month, we introduced you to SwiftKey Greenhouse, a place where we can grow ideas and push ourselves to continue innovating and creating. We also launched our very first Greenhouse idea: Clarity Keyboard – big thanks to all who have downloaded and sent feedback. Today, we’ve got a brand new addition for you, fresh from the Greenhouse: Hexy Launcher!HexyLauncher-screenshot1

Hexy is an Android launcher that organizes your home screen into a beautiful canvas of hexagonal tiles, centered on the apps that you use and love the most. Both automatic and predictive, Hexy saves you time when you’re searching for and launching apps. It learns from how you use apps to surface the app you’re most likely to want to use next.

Features of Hexy Launcher:

  • All your apps arranged in a clean and color-coordinated hexagonal design.
  • A central hexagon that contains your apps Hexy thinks are most relevant to you, based on your previous use of apps.
  • The ability to quickly filter the apps in your grid using the search bar.
  • Options to add widgets for your apps and size them dynamically.

HexyLauncher-Alphabetized-Screenshot3Just as we did with Clarity Keyboard, we’re releasing Hexy Launcher as an experiment to gather feedback and to test some ideas we have about the different ways people use launchers. Like it? Have feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you – please send your thoughts and any feedback you have on Hexy via the in-app feedback button to Hexy’s VIP forum.

What is SwiftKey Greenhouse?

SwiftKey Greenhouse is a place where we can seed ideas and help them grow. We want to continue pushing the boundaries of our industry, and Greenhouse gives us a place for our users to try new things out. New things that we’re excited about, but that aren’t quite ready for everyone yet. What these experiments grow into we’re not so sure yet, but we want to make sure our best ideas aren’t kept in the dark and are given the space to grow.


SwiftKey’s core value is innovation – we like to constantly challenge our assumptions. Some of these ideas remain internal, some get absorbed into our core products and others, like Hexy Launcher beta, get released as their own experiments.

Read more about our Innovation Days and SwiftKey Greenhouse.

Ben L. and the team

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9 responses to “Hexy Launcher: The latest in innovation from SwiftKey Greenhouse”

  1. el_smurfo says:

    The Clarity keyboard made sense, but this is just plain weird. Why don’t you guys spend some time getting the predictions on your original Swiftkey keyboard back to where they were when it was relevant. When Google’s free offering blows yours away, you probably shouldn’t be experimenting with wacky launchers.

    • Dinesh says:

      yes innovation is not a bad thing. But dont waste time on launchers. Because there are already tons of launchers out there. Apply more innovation in swiftkey keyboard, pls.

    • win1forgipp says:

      Been asking them for years to allow me to change that ridiculous keypress sound. Nope, a new useless launcher that pales in comparison to Nova Beta

    • Jack Mitchell says:

      I really don’t think they are reducing support for one of the most popular keyboards on Android to make these things. I get a sense that a lot of people are bitter because they’re not getting the updates they want, but SwiftKey is pretty good. It’s not going to get much better. Complaining about little feature changes that you want (keyboard sounds? Really?) is not going to help, neither would it be a sensible business or creative decision for SwiftKey to focus all their efforts on. Whether it flies or dies, a lot of people will like this. There is clearly some mileage in the tile idea (Windows phone, BlinkFeed), and I’d much rather have someone I trust to be very good at innovation and product design (SwiftKey) to have a go at it than…anyone else really. I’m looking forward to see what they can make out of it.

      • lramesh says:

        Yes the keyboard sound is not such a big deal. But the SwiftKey key sounds were too lousy and remained the same across releases . This was while where other less popular keyboards got configurable sounds . I’m glad they changed it in the beta version .

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team says:

      Jack Mitchell and el_smurfo thanks for your thoughts on Hexy and some of the feature requests you have been interested in. Trust that we drive many product decisions based on the requests and feedback from our Community. We receive 1000s of requests and do categorize and rank them appropriately.

      Innovation is a core part of our company and new projects like Clarity and Hexy certainly speak to that. The new Greenhouse program that these apps fall under revolves around building new things and letting our users test them, even if they may not be ready for everyone yet. Projects like these actually come out of our innovation days that we do within the company. More on that here:

      el_smurfo regarding the new keypress sound, this is actually something that has been updated in the latest beta. If you’d like to opt in and give that a try start here:!forum/swiftkey-beta-android

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for using SwiftKey!

      • el_smurfo says:

        Thanks josh, but I didn’t mention the key sound. My problem is that the core predictive ability of SK hasn’t worked for me for longer than I can remember. I install often at new releases, but one example of a common mistake I make that it simply will not learn no matter how many times I correct it is selecting “how cab I help” over “how can I help”. Funny thing, the Google key board wouldn’t let me type the incorrect phrase that Swift key never fails to pick.

  2. Eric Hang says:

    really enjoy using hexy launcher, would be nice to have an option to hide apps though. you know like crap bloatware from the carrier, at least until the bootloader is unlocked for the at&t version of the m9

  3. Basquens says:

    Lovin’ the Hexy Launcher, but i think it could be much better with some options.

    I love that apps that i use often stay in the center of the screen, but if the icons on the color part were also organized by usage it would be much better.

    I would love to pinch to zoon in and out, so i can have a larger view of all the apps.

    waiting fot the update!

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