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How do I adjust the volume of my keypress click sounds on SwiftKey for Android?

30th October 2015

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s installment of SwiftKey Keyboard Tips & Tricks!

Today, we’re going to show you how to adjust the keypress sounds within SwiftKey for Android. In case you missed it, we changed the click sounds when we released 5.3 back in May.

Keypress sounds are off by default, so today you’ll learn how to find them in your settings and how to adjust the volume.

To get started:

  • Open SwiftKey Settings
  • Look for Typing
  • Then look for Sound & Vibrations
  • Tick the box to turn ‘Keypress sounds’ on
  • Press on ‘Keypress sound volume’ right below
  • Then you can use the slider to adjust the volume of the keypress sounds



Container_typing_pinkbox Container_typing_keypress_volume

A cool thing about this is that, as you slide to adjust the volume and pick up your finger, you’ll hear the actual volume level the keypress sound will make when typing!

Pro Tip: If you ever want to revert back to default volume level, press on the keypress sound volume settings and select the default setting.

What do you think about keypress click sounds? Have you turned yours on? Let us know on Twitter!

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Ryan & the Community Team