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How do I find my Emoji Insights on SwiftKey for iPhone?

21st August 2015

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s installment of SwiftKey Keyboard Tips & Tricks, geared towards our iPhone & iPad users.

With the latest update to SwiftKey for iOS, which brings Emoji Insights to your iPhone & iPad, we thought it’d be a good time to tell you exactly where to find these insights – and what they mean.  

To find out what SwiftKey’s learned about how you use emoji, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Tap on SwiftKey on your device home screen
  2. Go to ‘My Profile’
  3. Tap ‘Your typing & emoji insights’
  4. Check out your Emoji Insights!

*Note* You must be signed into SwiftKey Cloud in order to see these stats

Once you have done the above steps, you will have the option to check out your:

  1. Signature Emoji – the emoji you use more than other people
  2. Top Emoji – the emoji you use the most. The bigger the emoji, the more you use it!
  3. Emoji State – the US state that most reflects your emoji use*

It’s as simple as that.

What do you think about your Emoji Insights? Let us know on Twitter!

Do you have suggestions for other Tips & Tricks you’d like to see or know more about? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. If you missed last week’s installment check it out: How do I undock the keyboard for SwiftKey on Android?

To download SwiftKey Keyboard for free, head to Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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Ryan & The Community Team

*Only for US users

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