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How do I fix an incorrect word using SwiftKey Flow?

8th May 2015

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s installment of SwiftKey Keyboard Tips & Tricks! This week, we’re talking about a little tip that applies to both Android and iOS – yay.

SwiftKey offers a few ways of inputting text quickly and easily, but one of the coolest is being able to use SwiftKey Flow: typing by swiping your finger over the letters.

Today’s Tips & Tricks post is focused on how you can go back and correct a wrongly Flowed word, on both Android and iOS.

When you are Flowing and the word predicted by SwiftKey is different than what you had intended to type, simply hit the backspace key once. This will then show you three different word predictions in the candidate bar.

The words shown might be a variation of the word that was inserted, such as a the plural version or offer two completely different words that SwiftKey thinks you may have meant to type.

FixingFlow-SwiftKeyforiPhoneIn the example for this post, I typed (in both Android and iOS!), “I want some” then I Flowed “good” then tapped backspace and SwiftKey automatically  gives me a list of three different words that are based on the same flow trace used to produce “good”.

The prediction options are different for each device because they have a different FixingFlow-SwiftKeyforAndroiddynamic language model and will most likely vary from person to person as we each use different words.

Do you have suggestions for other Tips & Tricks you’d like to see? Feel free to share your ideas on Twitter or in the comments; we’d love to hear them.

If you missed our last installment, check it out here: How can I test new languages on SwiftKey Keyboard for Android? You can download SwiftKey Keyboard for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store now:

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Ryan and the Community Team

16 responses to “How do I fix an incorrect word using SwiftKey Flow?”

  1. ash says:

    What if i don’t want other two words as well? Is there any other way like swype keyboard to alter after swiping and add it to dictionary as well?

  2. I want an option to see more than 3 and template text that I control.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team says:

      @dbareis:disqus that could be an interesting idea. We’ve heard that before from folks. Do you think it would be cluttered though?

      • jamie says:

        i agree with the suggestion, and it wouldn’t be cluttered if you just had to scroll to the right or left (if the additional suggestions wrapped, you could scroll either way) to see the extras beyond the first three. also, how bout if it learns my particular patterns of lazy/hasty finger movements. when i attempt to swipe the world “always”, i almost always fail to swipe one of the key letters, and it auto-completes with “anyway”. once i’ve corrected “anyway” to “always” a number of times, it would be great if it knew, hey, this person swipes “always” this way. it would really speed things up, as i am constantly having to stop and fix that, which ends up being slower than if i’d manually typed in each letter. another problematic word for me is “should” which often auto-completes as “sound”. there are a handful of words like this and it could potentially be an easy fix if it learned these things from us in addition to the predictive text (which seems far less useful, anyhow, to speedy typing if you are a really fast swiper).

      • Hopefully you find both ideas interesting. You could swipe left right for more or long click on once of the 3 to get similar words.

        As for templates, the first keyboard I find that allows me to specify my own replaceable text will be my next keyboard.

      • I’m sick of typing the same things over and over, email addresses (which I’m unsure why the keyboard doesn’t predict), there are apps that put it into the clipboard but integrated with the keyboard would be excelent, whether it became cluttered or not depends on implementation.

  3. Tcboy Hui Shyong says:

    I agree with @ash that swiftkey FLOW algorithm are much worse than Swype. While word prediction is better. So please improve your swiftkeyFLOW algorithm.

  4. jamie says:

    is there an easy way to UN capitalize a word? i don’t want “internet” automatically capitalized, yet no matter how many times i manually correct it, it always automatically does it. i get really sick of having to fix it. better yet, developers, change that. it’s silly.

    • jamie says:

      note, i have long-pressed the capitalized “Internet” and told it to remove from dictionary, then proceeded to copy-paste the word “internet” (un-capitalized) hundreds of times into an email, to try to teach it to swiftkey through repetition. next attempt to swipe through the word “internet”, it just capitalizes it again anyway. does this with a handful of words that i use frequently, driving me crazy. like, when i use “google” as a verb (as in, “you should totally google [xyz phrase] and read about it”) i don’t want it capitalized. i have auto-capitalization turned off for a reason. on the rare occasion i wish to capitalize a word, it’s easy to just press the upper-case button before swiping out that word. where’s the equally easy method of preventing a capital?

  5. Jeff Kunce says:

    You really need a way to cancel a “flow” when it goes completely wrong. Maybe flow to backspace and hold? Just admit it, sometimes your predictions don’t work, and user needs to bail out and start again.

  6. Penny says:

    I just switched from swype to SwiftKey. What I find most annoying is that you have to hit the backspace to choose the correct word in flow (and often having to erase the whole word to start over since there are only three alternative words… that’s a whole issue of its own though) I would like to have the ability to fix a word before I start typing the next word without back spacing. What would be most awesome is to have two lines of words, one line for next word prediction and a second line for correcting the previous word. Without backspacing…I spend way too much time backspacing and erasing. And please give more than three suggested words!

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