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How does emoji prediction work on SwiftKey for iPhone & iPad?

22nd January 2016

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the latest installment of SwiftKey Keyboard Tips & Tricks! Today we’re going to focus on how emoji prediction works on SwiftKey for iPhone and iPad – which a little different from how it works on our Android keyboard.

Emoji prediction on iPhone works like this: SwiftKey will predict emoji based on how you’ve used emoji after a certain word or set of words in the past. So, let’s say you wrote, “I want some pizza” (as one does) and then inserted the pizza emoji Pizza-Emoji.EmojiPrediction-SwiftKeyforiPhone

After repeating this same phrase and emoji combination several times, the pizza emoji should be there ready to be selected from the prediction bar. Basically, this feature works the exact same way as when you’re teaching your language model to predict a word… but in this case, it’s emoji Explosion-Emoji!

What are your favorite emoji predictions? Let us know on Twitter! You can also read more about Backup & Sync here.

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Ryan & the Community Team