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Introducing SwiftKey Flow

25th October 2012

Today we’re giving a sneak peek of SwiftKey Flow, a new approach to Android typing with SwiftKey that means you won’t have to lift a finger.

Register for the SwiftKey Flow beta here.

SwiftKey Flow harnesses the unrivaled predictive power of SwiftKey to give a completely new take on continuous input, offering real-time prediction as you begin to ‘flow’ a word on the keys. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the video:

This is different to the other keyboards out there. It’s been built from the ground up based on SwiftKey’s powerful engine. From the moment you touch the screen, SwiftKey Flow begins offering predictions based on the movement of your finger. Simply let go of the screen as soon as the desired word is predicted – sometimes four or five characters before you’ve finished gesturing it out – and SwiftKey seamlessly enters your word onto the screen.

SwiftKey Flow has been engineered to simultaneously support both typing by ‘tapping’ on the keys (SwiftKey as you currently know and love it) and gliding across the keyboard. This means you can seamlessly switch between the two as you please, ‘flowing’ a quick text if you only have one hand free, or tapping out a longer note with both thumbs at speed. Add the fact that SwiftKey constantly predicts the next word in a sentence and you may not even have to type at all for some words.

We’ll be releasing a beta of SwiftKey Flow soon. As always, our VIP community will be the first to get their hands on it. To register your interest, give us your email address here. Or register as a SwiftKey VIP right now.



p.s. have a look at our amazing video showcasing some SwiftKey users and what the app means to them.

24 responses to “Introducing SwiftKey Flow”

  1. Olin Lagon says:

    Anyway I can get a beta to test 🙂 thanks!

  2. Steven Hill says:

    Oi, hurry up then. My note 2 says I already have it but I beg to differ.

  3. Kurt Hoffman says:

    Swiftkey Flow isn’t working when I do a search in my web browsers on Android, it goes to the tapping Swiftkey. For now it only works when I’m composing a message.

  4. Ippo says:

    Will it be a new feature of swiftkey or a new paid app?

  5. I am not able to download the language packs. I get a connection error or when it does start downloading it says download failed once it reaches 100%.

  6. Lucas says:

    Hi, flow will be available for users who had purchased swiftkey?

  7. yossi says:

    This is stunning Is there a keyboard in Hebrew ?

  8. Guest says:

    Got no predictions on my screen. Neither in English nor in German…

  9. titaniumweasel says:

    I’m not a VIP member, and I was able to download the beta from you guys.

  10. Guest says:

    You can definitely tell that it’s in the beta phase. Tried composing a message, took me so many tries to write anything (loved Swype when I got my phone a few years back) but I wanted to break the phone in half.

    Could not form more than three consecutive words and most of them were wrong and capitalized. (In Swedish though, probably not as far developed as the English dictionary)

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out though!

  11. lucas says:

    Please take a look at SwiftkeyFlow on android 4.2… The flow line (the one that follows your finger when you’re sliding) is bugged.. it’s kinda hidden, or faded..


  12. Onur says:

    Update with foreign languages included please

  13. Reaper2507 says:

    Make the Flow available in all applikations (Browser and co) and i buy it.. but not without.,..

  14. Ben says:

    Really awesome! I sent this message using it and I really like it! Just wish it worked in my browser search. But, this is way better than swype! Keep up the good work!

  15. Pillfiller says:

    I miss the swipe down to close the keyboard. It makes it hard to see the conversation when texting. I love that I can now text one handed at work with my phone on my desk. Now I don’t need to switch keyboards!

  16. Luiz Motta says:

    I love Swiftkey but now I’m in doubt because I can’t use it with my new love: Samsung Note 2 S Pen

  17. Saad Thahim says:

    How to become a beta tester.

  18. Виктор Маглев says:

    Такс, как поучаствовать в тесте ?

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