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Latest SwiftKey for Android update brings new Android emoji!

28th January 2016

We know you’ve all been waiting for them, and they’re finally available on SwiftKey: the 184 new and updated Android 6 emoji! They’ve been available on the beta for a bit now, but we’re excited to officially bring these new Android emoji to the market version of SwiftKey so everyone can finally text their friends images of levitating men and nerd faces.

What’s new?

Unicode’s 184 new emoji are now available on SwiftKey for Android – just make sure you are running Android 6.0.1. Check out a few of our favorites:

UpsideDownFace - New Android Emoji




Upside-down face – It can mean pretty much… anything you want it to.

New Android Emoji - Crab




Crab – Because how adorable is that?

New Android Emoji- Burrito




Burrito – Yummmm… making us hungry!

BottleofChampagne-New Android Emoji copy




Bottle with Popping Cork – For all the celebrations in your life.

MiddleFinger-New Android Emoji




Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended – We just had to. SmirkingFace-New Android Emoji

What’s changed?

Along with the new emoji, there were also changes to 48 existing emoji:

New Android Emoji - Poop




Pile of Poo – He looks a lot happier and a lot less stinky than before, doesn’t he?

FlushedFace - New Android Emoji




Flushed Face – Now looks a bit more embarrassed rather than soul-crushingly despaired.

Peach - New Android Emoji




Peach – Why did it used to be upside-down? No one but Unicode knows.

Be sure to update to the latest SwiftKey so you can enjoy all these fun new emoji, and share your favorites with us on Twitter!

The SwiftKey Team

Note: Your phone must be running Android 6.0.1 in order to access these new emoji.