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Layouts for Living now available

6th November 2013

Hi everyone,

Today we are launching SwiftKey 4.3 – Layouts for Living – on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. This exciting new update helps you type quickly and comfortably, no matter what device you’re using or what context you’re typing in.

SwiftKey 4.3 is a free update for existing users; just return to the app store you purchased SwiftKey from and hit ‘update’. New users can purchase from either Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

The new version gives you access to three keyboard layouts, all of which can be resized, and undocked and positioned where you choose on your screen.

  • Compact: On many larger phones it can be difficult to enter text and hold the phone with just one hand. This new feature reduces the width of the keyboard and allows for easier typing with one hand or gesture typing using SwiftKey Flow. It also frees up more of the screen estate on tablets. You can switch it from the left or right side of the screen
  • Thumb: For those who like typing on tablets in landscape or wide phones, the keyboard can be split into two areas, enabling fast, comfortable typing with both thumbs. Undock it from the base of the screen for even more flexibility
  • Full: The traditional full-width keyboard is still available and users with tablets can opt for an extended layout that is similar to the presentation of a physical keyboard. This layout has left and right cursor keys and the backspace is positioned above the enter key, making it easier to type with two hands when not holding your tablet

How to access layouts

This update also introduces a Canadian English language model, taking our language list to a total of 61. SwiftKey will now know that users in Canada are more likely to be talking about Stephen Harper than Stephen King, and more likely to be going to Calgary than California.

If you want to read more about the layouts, you can check out some of the coverage from the beta, for example TechCrunch, ZDNet and Android Police, or take a look at our media archive.

Our thanks go out to the members of our VIP Community who helped us to test this new version and gave us their feedback on the new features. Stay tuned for more innovation – if you’d like to be a part of beta testing in the future, join our VIP Community and we’ll let you know when there are new and exciting things to try out.

We’re really excited about this latest update and we hope you enjoy it!


The SwiftKey Team

As well as the new layouts, SwiftKey 4.3 also includes:

  • Choose from 5 sizes to get your keyboard the perfect size for you
  • Undock your keyboard and position it where you choose on your screen
  • Rearranged and optimized secondary (123) and tertiary (symbols) layout, based on extensive user testing
  • A new theme: previously SwiftKey and SwiftKey Tablet had two different themes called “Dark”. Both are now available on phones and tablets, with the tablet “Dark” renamed as “Forest”
  • Extended layout for tablets, including left and right cursor keys
  • All 4 cursor keys (up, down, left, right) are now available on the secondary (123) layout on tablets – phone users can still choose to have cursor keys on the main layout
  • 10-inch tablets can choose to have a central numpad in the thumb layout in landscape
  • Combined phone and tablet app to give a seamless experience across all device sizes
  • For more information see our FAQs

182 responses to “Layouts for Living now available”

  1. Babylonbwoy says:

    Tablet and smartphone unified app, what happens to those who bought the two version ?!?

    • cryptochrome says:

      good question!

      • Charlie Edmunds says:

        We’ve improved the user experience for both phones and tablets. Existing Tablet users will continue to be supported as they will be updated to the improved unified version.

        • tyrelh says:

          This doesn’t really answer the question. If you’ve bought the phone version for your phone, and the tablet version for your tablet… you’ve paid double for what you would have now.

          • Mark Howard says:

            So you own a smartphone, I assume pay $30 – $90 a month for a plan, and you’re saying you’re too cheap to support these developers? pathetic.

          • tyrelh says:

            I’m not saying I’m not willing to pay for the app. I’m saying it’s annoying that I paid for it twice, and people who buy it now only have to buy it once.
            Furthermore, I only pay $12/mo per phone for my plan, and I choose such a cheap plan because I cannot afford much more, such as two copies of the same app.

          • Guest says:

            Then why buy two apps? I’ve got a phone and tablet, and have always only used the phone version…

          • tyrelh says:

            I didn’t — but I was debating about doing it, as the tablet version offered tablet-specific features which would have been nice. It sounded like @babylonbwoy:disqus did actually purchase both, so I’m arguing on behalf of him and others who may have done this.

          • keflexxx says:

            arguing this point ultimately just seems petty. nothing has been taken away from these users; it’s just that other users have been given more.

          • tyrelh says:

            “nothing has been taken away from these users” — except for money

          • Dieter Petereit says:

            If you don’t want to buy something, simply don’t. But stop whining, that’s embarrassing…

          • Babylonbwoy says:

            Public blog, we can say whatever we want if you’re satisfied cool, but let other tell about their feeling.

          • Dieter Petereit says:

            Go on making mockeries of yourselves then. I was just giving advice…

          • Babylonbwoy says:

            Your advice was “iIf you don’t want to buy something, simply don’t. But stop whining, that’s embarrassing…” Do you even realize what you said ? How can you tell someone not to buy something he already bought, that’s why we are complaining, we BOUGHT both, so it is too late to tell us to not buy…

          • tyrelh says:

            Here’s an analogy that might help:
            Suppose you have a cat in your house. You keep finding urine spots on the carpet. You go ask at the pet store and they have a fancy new device, for $100, that emits ultrasonic noises or something that prevents cats from peeing on carpets. (Bear with me here.)
            You take it home and it works great, the cat no longer pees on the carpet.
            Then you get a dog. He starts peeing on the carpet too, but not very often. It turns out this device to stop cats from peeing sort of works with dogs, but not very well.
            So you go back to the pet store, and they have a dog version of the device, also $100, which will prevent dogs from peeing. Since the cat one just barely works with the dog, you decide to buy the dog version as well.
            You take it home, plug it in, and now your dog no longer pees on the carpet.
            It took $200, but it saved your carpet from both the dog and the cat, so you’re pretty happy.
            The next week, you get an e-mail from the company that makes these anti-dog-pee and anti-cat-pee devices. They say in the e-mail that they are delivering and update over the air that will make the cat device and the dog device work for both dogs and cats. And in stores, they will now sell a single device that works for both dogs and cats — for $100.
            How do you feel? Pretty annoyed. First of all, you now have redundant devices — both do exactly the same thing. Second of all, you spend $200 and now every else only has to spend $100.
            At least in this analogy, you can possibly return one of them to the store, sell one of them on eBay, or at a garage sale. With the SwiftKey app, you can’t get a refund. But you now have paid for two identical keyboard apps.

          • Dieter Petereit says:

            …and spent 5 dollars or something…

          • Babylonbwoy says:

            The one that should be embarrased is swiftkey for acting like this not me. Tapatalk did the same stuff with their smartphone and tablet app, bought both and now they merged it and the app is free, tired of being screwed by everyone that I gave money to support development.

          • Athinira says:

            Tyrelh: They haven’t been taken away, they have been SPENT. And since people spent the money, they apparently thought it was worth the price.

            It’s similar to complaining about your expensive computer being cheaper at a later date. You might have paid more for it, but you got to use it earlier and for a longer time and have more fun with it.

            I bought Swiftkey for BOTH tablet and phone a long time ago, and i still consider it a good investment after they merged the two. I got to enjoy it for longer than everyone else and have no reason to complain.

          • Babylonbwoy says:

            It’s not about money. It’s about ethic.

          • Carla Moy says:

            As someone who paid for both, it’s not about being cheap, it’s about smart customer service/relations. When I saw the update for my smartphone, I was confused; I also received an email telling me about the new upgrade and advising me to check it out. Until this post/thread I didn’t know if the tablet version would continue to be supported and/or if it was better to switch my tablet version immediately or wait. If I had received an email as someone who purchased the tablet app letting me know that they were being merged and upgrade would be pending, and maybe even thanking me for being a longtime supporter and user of their products as they grow and make their software better for everyone (etc. etc.) I would have been at least pacified. Instead I was a little miffed, and confused about what I should do next on my tablet. The tablet app on Google Play doesn’t mention anything; it took searching to figure out what to do about a product I had already bought – and recommended to many others. It’s not about the money, it’s about acknowledging and maintaining a positive customer relationship – while getting out in front of a potential issue.

          • Babylonbwoy says:

            They don’t understand this simple principe… Buy two, got one…

    • J Gentile says:

      I understand what you’re saying but this is awesome and what so many people have been waiting for…asking for a refund for something that is being upgraded and improved consistently is a bit much… enjoy the greatness of Swiftkey and consider the price of a greasy burger the donation towards the greater good 🙂

      • Babylonbwoy says:

        Those who will buy today swiftkey will have the chance to use the same version for smartphone and for tablet, those who bought both version a while ago to support the company can be angry.
        It’s not about the money, it’s about acting with ethic. I don’t have to donate, swiftkey is not a teenager dev in his bedroom, its a company that make big money with selling and licencing its product.
        Definitely not satisfied with this, especially when we were asking for arrow in tablet version for a year and they did nothing despite user request, and they merge the two version and I should hug them ? Come on, I regret buying both they don’t deserve it.

        Sorry for my english, not my primary langage.

        • Kirk Broadhurst says:

          Product got better and is the same price, now I want a refund! The computer I bought last year is now on sale, so the store should refund me the difference! My favorite restaurant sells half price meals on Tuesday, so they should refund me half of the price I paid on Saturday night! Boo hoo.

  2. xhozt says:

    Soooo ever bother to fix the typing a email address issue ?

  3. Никита says:

    OMG MAKE NEW SIMPLE THEMES PLZ… i cant use this awesome keyboard with this crap skins………………..

  4. Hans-Peter Hofreiter says:

    what’s about a separate number row (optional)?

  5. Alexander Carter says:

    The one thing stopping me from moving over from swype is that swiftkey doesn’t allow you to slide type words with social characters as Swype does. If you fix that, I’m converted.

    You type your email into so many login boxes online, having your email as a word that can be swipe-typed saves big time.

    • Dave says:

      I can swipe it on mine.

    • Jeff Carter says:

      I can swype it on mine, too. Just have to bang it out once and choose it on the suggestion list for it to be remembered.

    • XerBlade says:

      I’ve swiped my email with SwiftKey before many times. Not sure what the difference between my situation and yours is.

      That being said, I also have my email come up as an autocomplete option on most login forms on my browser anyway, so it’s not like I get much use out of that.

      • Alexander Carter says:

        It auto completes if it detects the email address you were typing before any character that you would need to long press a button for. My email address has an underscore early on, and there the is no way of swiping that, or continuing after it.

        For instance the_email couldn’t be swiped as after swiping the, you can’t swipe underscore. Swype negates this by taking into account long press characters mid word. So for the_email you would swype thezemail. As that word isn’t isn’t the dictionary it knows z is a long press

  6. hakan says:

    I got the smartphone version of SwiftKey for free over the Amazon Appstore and I liked it so much that I bought the tablet version over Google Play. Now with this new combined update I hoped that I could uninstall the Amazon version for smartphones and install the former tablet version from Google Play on my smartphone. But it seems like the tablet version is gone from the Play Store and I can’t even update it on my tablet anymore.
    Do I really have to buy SwiftKey again?

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      Hi hakan – the Google Play “SwiftKey Tablet” app will be updated to the unified version – you should be able to find it under “My Apps” – and you can install this on both your phone and tablet if you like.

      • Piep says:

        And when will we get this update?
        Swiftkey is NOT under “My Apps” on my Nexus 7, nowhere. That’s not really acceptable.

        • Charlie Edmunds says:

          If you purchased SwiftKey Tablet using Google Play, go to Google Play on your phone or tablet, log in using the same account that you used to purchase it, go to “My Apps” within Google Play, and you will see that SwiftKey Tablet is in that list. The SwiftKey Tablet app that you see there has been updated to the new unified version.

          • Andrew Davis says:

            That’s Just not right. I bought Swiftkey Tablet from Google Play and it is installed on my tablet. It now doesn’t appear in My Apps and if i try to get Switfkey 4.3, it tries to charge me. This is very poor

          • Charlie Edmunds says:

            Do you have more than one Google Account on your device? Google Play will only show you apps that “belong to” one account at a time.
            If Google Play is not showing you apps that you have previously purchased then you’ll need to contact their customer support.
            We’ve tested on a number of devices/accounts here and we can see the updated SwiftKey Tablet in our lists of “My Apps” on Google Play, listed as “purchased” and available to download at no extra cost.

          • Andrew Davis says:

            No, just one account on my tablet, And if I search for swiftkey tablet, there is no such thing any more…..

          • Charlie Edmunds says:

            It doesn’t show up in search (unfortunately that’s how Google Play works with unpublished apps) but it should be in your list of “My Apps”. If it is not, then there is a problem with Google Play and you will have to contact their customer support – there’s nothing we can do from here.

          • Guest says:

            maybe the update hasn’t completely rolled out to all accounts yet?

          • Malechai says:

            I have one further question. If the Swiftkey tablet app was unpublished from the store and was replaced by the new combined version, how would I go about getting the install on a new device?

          • Animate says:

            What I just did literally just now was go to my apps and I found the Swiftkey Tablet app under the All listing. It’ll say Swiftkey tablet and will have an update. I updated my tablet and installed that version on my phone.

            Clunky but it gets the job done. Hopefully it’ll get sorted out soon.

          • Malechai says:

            Ah that makes sense, thanks for confirming animate. Appreciate it.

          • Malechai says:

            Swiftkey Tablet has disappeared from the Play store. It currently doesn’t show up in My Apps in the “installed” list but I was able to find it under the “all” list. As a result, Play isn’t prompting the end user to update. I hope this helps someone.

          • Charlie Edmunds says:

            Thanks for sharing Malechai

          • Reber Clark says:

            Helped me. I downloaded the new swiftkey from the play store and installed it on my
            tablet. now I have swiftkey tablet (paid) and swiftkey on my machine. do I delete one? will I lose data if I do? Help!

    • I have the same problem, I solved it going to the direct link of Swiftkey Tablet(Paid): Just press install(dont worry if you read it’s already installed) and you should get the new Swiftkey Update.

  7. Weilian® Ting©™ says:

    I’m waiting chinese version for n years already, without chinese support i got no point to buy this app… when??

  8. Everson Vargas da Luz says:

    Good job folks!

  9. GettCouped says:

    Does it still inject the auto space before you type the next letter when you auto complete? That was the main reason I switched to Google Keyboard. That and Google had the hold for more auto complete option.

  10. disqus_4yWsF9RIZu says:

    Why not an option for 123 number placement!? Instead of just moving it to the right! I’m staying on the old version.

  11. Rehan Afzal says:

    Guys please add more skins to the keyboard….better still let people make their own skins…. I am sick and tired of these skins I have been using for the last 2+ years

  12. ithehappy says:

    Good, but keep trying to improve the engine and give a fight to Swype, these features are unneeded.

  13. barrmy says:

    please please please return the numbers to the left or provide an option or theme that does so

  14. $1819739 says:

    Quando inserite le EMOJI ?

  15. trenzterra says:

    Hi, with the new SwiftKey I experience some lag in apps like WhatsApp. For example in WhatsApp after I send a message and proceed to type something immediately after, the first two keys do not register. It seems as if there is a one second lag before anything registers.

    I had this issue since the BETA and am disappointed the final version has this issue too since I can’t revert back to the old version now. Would this problem be fixed anytime soon? I tried reinstalling SwiftKey but to no avail.

  16. Lauris Olups says:

    Hi! How about foreign character customization? I’m using AnySoft keyboard for the simple reason that it’s the only keyboard I’ve found in which I can use Latvian specific characters with double tap or long tap, instead of holding and dragging to select the correct character. I’d love to use SwiftKey features if this one thing was in order. Thank you!

  17. Brad Craig says:

    Please move the number keys back to the left. After a year of using them on the left, you have greatly decreased my productivity with this update. That was the single biggest reason for using Swiftkey….

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Brad, thanks for leaving us your thoughts on this issue and we recognize you want more choice here – we’re planning to introduce an option to switch the number pad left-right in a future update.

  18. Mr Tibs says:

    Why did you move the numbers on the keyboard? this keyboard sucks now.

  19. Reber Clark says:

    I installed the new SwiftKey from the Play Store view your email. I now have the new SwiftKey and SwiftKey Tablet installed on my tablet. Do I delete one? If I do delete one will I lose any data? Help!

  20. Reber Clark says:

    I downloaded the new swiftkey from the play store and installed it on my tablet. now I have swiftkey tablet (paid) and swiftkey on my machine. do I delete one? will I lose data if I do? Help!

  21. initial A ᔁ says:

    emoji tab, please..

  22. George Silberstern says:

    Very disappointed with the most recent update. I’m adding my voice to the chorus expressing dislike of the new placement of the numeric keypad.

    Please revert, or make it a user configurable option. It may be a layout for living, butte only for new users. For those of us who have used SwiftKey a long time, it’s a layout for dying. It may be more efficient, but only if the positioning is not deeply ingrained. So this is disappointment #2.

    Disappointment #1: SwiftKey Tilt. What was an April Fool gag, and eventually removed, has some serious, real-world practical applications. Yet attempts to bring them to the attention of the right people fell on deaf ears. What a waste! What a let-down!

    Hopefully someone at SwiftKey will heed what is said this time around…

  23. André Coelho says:

    y u use dubstep?

  24. Jason Dhatt says:

    I would like the option to move the number pad to the left side as I’m left handed and I’ve been using SwiftKey for years now with it on the left side.

    • angoh135 says:

      Yes, I second this. Hate that it moved to the right side.

      • Ruth says:

        Hi Jason and Angoh, thanks for your feedback on this issue. We understand some people want more choice so we’re looking to introduce the option to switch it left/right in an upcoming update.

        • Blackbone says:

          Please let me know when this update is there! For me as a lefty the numerical keyboard on the right side isn’t practical.

        • Athinira says:

          Not just left and right, back to the OLD layout as well thanks, including long-press options in the secondary (123) layout.

          As just one example, i type heart ( <3 ) a lot, and i used to be able to do the '<' sign from the secondary-layout by long-pressing the '(' sign – that option is now gone, and i have to go all the way to the tertiary layout, which I'd rather avoid.

          All in all, while i appreciate the new options for undocking etc. i feel that 4.3 was a detriment rather than an improvement to the keyboard because of the changes to the secondary layout. I'd advice you guys to introduce layouts as options rather than forced changes – you already have the category "Theme and layout" in the settings, put it in there.

          • John Prosise says:

            Count me as another fond user who misses the long-press options on the secondary screen! I call up numerals entirely from the main screen (using long presses). Thank you for the ability to make the long-press function appear quickly!

        • Darkpsycho says:

          I hate how it was changed without including this option seeing as how many people are probably use to where symbols and numbers were place then they are changed out without notice. Or add the ability to customize our keyboard and place keys where we would like or add symbols/custom smilies.

    • Lev says:

      Can’t agree more. Really uncomfortable new numeric key layout. Please either bring back the original or give the option. Why change something that works well? Windows 8 start button ring a bell?

  25. Jeffrey says:

    Keyboard layout option makes the keyboard disappear except for suggestions which means I can longer get arrow keys on my keyboard. 4.3 is therefore not an improvement at all. Galaxy Mega

  26. Cysioland says:

    Bought phone version. Got tablet – bought tablet version. Now that tablet and phone version is the same, I feel slightly ripped off.

  27. Stephen A. says:

    Cool. Happy to see the compact option.

  28. Robert Sandham says:

    If the purpose of the latest update was to really annoy longtime users – well done.
    Numbers back on the left please.

    • XerBlade says:

      Most people are right handed. It’s easier for right-handed people to reach things on the right side. The number keys are the keys most often pressed on that screen. Thus goes the basic logic behind the switch. And it’s good logic indeed (seen a physical keyboard lately?). I’m guessing the main reason you’re going into jerk mode over this is because you’re USED to it being the other way, rather than it having anything to do with the other way being better, and you aren’t willing to change your habits ever again for anything (which, well, good luck).

      • Chewieez says:

        Well, I’m a long time Swiftkey user and LEFT HANDED, and now I’d like to request that they make this number layout a setting option. We may only be 10% of the population but we are the only portion in our right minds. 🙂

      • Robert Sandham says:

        Maybe you are right. Maybe the new layout is ‘better’ – although saving a few nano-seconds is not something I’m interested in.

        Give me the OPTION of the new layout? Fine.
        Make the new layout the default? OK.
        Remove the layout I am used to altogether? No, that’s just not on. That looks like arrogance to me – it’s like saying “my way is better, deal with it” (which, well, good luck)

        Whatever happened to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

        Why add options for compact, full, floating etc, but take away something we are all used to?

        I’ve been using this keyboard for well over two years. I liked it the way it was. I don’t like it the way it is now.

        Nevertheless, I am certainly open to change – I’ve switched to the Google Keyboard. For me, it has a better layout.
        The numeric keypad is just that – a numeric keypad (seen a physical keyboard lately?)

    • CHUCKeR says:

      Tottaly agree. Got SwiftKey way back when and the # pad switch is agitating as all hell. give us an option to have it on the right or left if you’re going to make a switch. Maybe a legacy layout???

    • Ruth says:

      Hi there, we’re listening to all the feedback and we are planning to introduce the choice to switch left-right in an upcoming update.

  29. Wizardgold says:

    This is all the keyboard I am left with on my Nexus 7 when I switch on Extended Keyboard.

    I can have the extended keyboard with the floating but I want it with the docked keyboard.

    Not getting the same problem on the Galaxy S3

  30. Kevin Seng says:

    Loves swiftkey but stop using it for 3 months because no Chinese text input support. When will swiftkey support Chinese text input?

  31. Kevin Butler says:

    So I purchased the previous version through Amazon. They will not let me re-purchase this app. Any suggestions?

  32. js123 says:

    Adding a line for numbers will make the keyboard take up more screen real estate. If added, please add it as an option for users to enable.

    Waiting for emojis now! Using 4.4 kitkat google keyboard on my nexus 5 until emojis added.

  33. Balthazar says:

    When are you going to fix Portuguese verb conjugations? 😀

  34. hello people at Swiftkey this is a nice new feature but I’m sure half the people here would agree on two words…… EMOJI SUPPORT! c’mon now!

  35. TCrispin says:

    I hate to add to the chorus of boos, but I’m REALLY tired of SwiftKey randomly resetting and losing all my personalizations. Really tired. Give us a custom user dictionary!

  36. Chewieez says:

    Please make the new number, and symbol layout optional.

    And do not bury the percentage sign under 3 pages please. Can you make it a tap and hold option again?

  37. Zayne Upton says:

    But now you moved the number pad to the right hand side instead of making it configurable! What about us left handed people?

  38. Jason Carmichael says:

    Where did my ARROW BUTTONS go!!!!

  39. Veeash Lala says:

    Just tried it. I frikken LOVE it. The compact works brilliantly on my S3. Cant wait to try the tablet version at home later!

  40. sinkpictures says:

    What about emoji? Literally the only thing you’re missing!

  41. gonesimera says:

    Arrow keys are no longer in the third menu, and having the ? and ! next to the numbers on the right is a bad idea.

    how do I return to the previous version?

  42. danny says:

    This is amazing! I use the galaxy note 3, so the compact keyboard is really something I’ve always wanted.

    One problem though- I’m not using it because of the strange circle thumb slider that’s persistently on the bottom. I would like to be able to put the compact keyboard all the way on the bottom of the screen, without a one inch gap because of some weird little circle. Can you move the circle to the top? or Make it something which can be toggled off in the settings?

    Now just let your users create new, good looking themes and I’m in heaven.

  43. Allison says:

    Love this update!
    However, I find that if I have my keyboard undocked in landscape mode, once I switch back to portrait mode, the keyboard is automatically docked again. Is there a way to keep it undocked so I don’t have to undock the keyboard each time i switch from landscape to portrait?

  44. Harvey French says:

    Allowing the users to choose and customise the layout more – ie choose wheterh a number row is shown – would be great. I want a number row, customisable SHIFT key behaviour etc

  45. Patrik Hodapp says:

    A layout for Note 3 would be great, with an added numbers bar, so its easy to use with the S-Pen, hate to have to switch to the samsung keyboard

  46. Marco G says:

    Why do I need now 3 Clicks to insert a Simple EURO Symbol? WTF?!?!

  47. Stroemeren says:

    How about making emoji keyboard instead?

  48. Stroemeren says:

    How about making a emoji keyboard instead?

  49. Kate Gelineau says:

    The numbers on the right (I’m left handed) drive me nuts. The arrow keys on the bottom are the WORST. I like the size features and the options to change how they keyboard is broken down….but the 2 first things mentioned are horrible.

  50. Andreas says:

    do you have a version for Blackberry z10?

  51. Kargone says:

    I have to agree with a lot of the other people, the changes to the keypad make it very difficult for your long term loyal customers to use. Why would you implement something like this without giving us the option to use the old layout? I do not know who you extensively tested this format on, but I find it very difficult to use and somewhat counter intuitive. For left handed people I would assume it is even more difficult. Please switch it back or give us an option to do so. Thank you.

  52. Patrick O'Callaghan says:

    After updating I have a serious bug on my Nexus 7 (2013 model). The keyboard shows only the prediction line, I.e. the keyboard itself is inaccessible, making Swiftkey unusable. I’ve had to revert to the Google keyboard to type this. On my Google Nexus phone I have no problems other than the numeric keypad being on the wrong side.

  53. Rick Wagner says:

    Pffffftttt ,, No support for windows surface.

  54. lauren shore says:

    how do i change the layout

  55. Ricky Coyote says:

    What a bunch of whiny idiots…. Do you complainers realize that user feedback it what drives the change to software. Just because you don’t see all the emails that they get regarding something like moving the numpad to the right, which by they way is a fucking brilliant idea that I’m sure a lot of people have been waiting for, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. And this ‘one speaks for all’ craziness is just that, crazy. If you have an opinion fine, everyone has one, good for you, but don’t speak on behalf of ‘all the long time users’. I for one am a long time user, I’ve been using SwiftKey for as long as I can remember having a smart phone AND I LOVE THE NEW CHANGES. So please stop including me and all the other users in your pathetic, self absorb, “it’s all about me” rants.

  56. Dennis says:

    still need to fix issue with gesture magnification on nexus handsets, triple tap should not work on keyboard but does on swiftkey for some reason. Otherwise would be really good.

  57. Johnnie K says:

    I wouldl like to see the number keys laid out like the keypad on a keyboard!

  58. Jessipoo says:

    So I’m not crazy! The numbers did move. I thought I accidentally changed the settings somehow.
    Also, add emoji!!

  59. Amy says:

    I would like to see emoji to be included in this keyboard hope sometimes soon you can make this happen

  60. Scotto says:

    I can’t stand that the numbers and symbols were rearranged. Maybe this should be an option we can control based on our needs.

  61. ­­ says:

    Is there any way to revert to the classic secondary layout? I don’t understand why you would move critical keys (? and !) without an option to change it back.

  62. O- Vegan says:

    time to PURGE!!!!!!

  63. Beth Elliott Karns says:

    Somebody IS listening!! Thanks for paying attention to your customers. It’s amazing how your cuustomer base can gro2 if they feel that you are doing right by them Thank you SwiiftKey,.I’m back.

  64. Jason Carmichael says:

    This stupid update has led me to leave the swiftkey keyboard. Please revert or refund.

  65. Stephen Aldrich says:

    I would love customizable shortcuts for common phrases and email addresses. (e.g. type in three letters, get a whole email address typed out automatically).

  66. narengoyal says:

    Though latest update of SwiftKey is good and makes its use more flexible and gives more layout options but I am missing Dollar symbol ($) from layout in this upgrade. How can I bring it in layout?

  67. pepero00 says:

    I appreciate swiftkey is listening people’s request and new ideas, but I only hope adding new features won’t increase ram memory use in the background. It wouldn’t be convenient to both client and customers.

  68. Jan Björkstrand says:

    I bought your product and love your prediction but i really miss an option to get a row of numbers over the alpabeth. Almost all passwords require alfa and numerical nowdays. I hate to swich to A.I keybord but if u dont fix this i might.

  69. Jan Björkstrand says:

    and @com shoul also bee on the layout 🙂

  70. Murat Balkas says:

    What about the critical email field issue? Spacebar and Dot can not be used in email fields.

  71. Matthew Braun says:

    Very displeased with this update. I am an avid SwiftKey user and it seems like you changed a bunch of things that don’t matter and left the issues at hand. The “reorganization” of the secondary characters is not functional. Please listen to the comments in this thread.

  72. Blank says:

    Please! tell me you have plans to produce an iOS version for the iPad? Apple’s keyboard is horrible and I can’t find any alternatives.

  73. arasheht says:

    Is it just me or did they feature an iPad in the video. Where and how can you get it on your iPad, because I’d love to use it.

  74. Rob Voegeli says:

    I have to agree with many other posts. I have loved SwiftKey for several years. I have switched phones multiple times but they all felt the same because of SwiftKey. All of the updates have been great. But why would you move the number pad around? It has been the same for 3 plus years. Now you change. Please let me have the old apk so I can use the ap until you fix this horrible mistake

  75. Ahmar Karimullah says:

    It would be great if the option for writing through S-pen was also available as one of the selections in case the user wants to type using the stylus pen.

  76. halfti says:

    What about to have a menu to deactivate the force space after swifting a word?

  77. Marcio says:

    Please return the arrow keys and the numbers to where they were. And PLEASE do not use google translate to send emails in other languages, that’s just embarrassing.

  78. Larry Lynn says:

    I switched to a thumb layout on Droid DNA, and there is no settings key and no period – I can’t switch back. I’ve been to the Settings app, and there is no option for switching. I can’t tell you how frustrating this is.

  79. Miki Moon says:

    Extensive testing my sweet patootie. Just admit it guys – you made a lame mistake moving the numbers and you obviously don’t listen to your customers. (Look how many have said they want a dedicated number row – instead… You pull this) I’ve used SwiftKey for over a year, and this makes me want to quit cold turkey.

  80. Keith Young says:

    Yes, I would really like to change the numeric pad back to where it was. please please please.

  81. Phil says:

    Many many thanks for the possibility for Swiftkey Tablet to recognize hardware keyboard !! Now I can use Swiftkey with my Asus Prime TF 201. That’s great indeed !

  82. Daly de Gagne says:

    I like the keyboard, but wonder how I can switch off auto-correct?

  83. Fred w. Zee says:

    Hi, got a trial version but missing umlaute:
    Äae, Üue, Öoe, and ßsz .

    What do I have to do?

  84. Tobias Gronbach says:

    IT would be great if you would do a design in Android 4. 4 kitkat Style….
    Something like cobalt but without the blue…. 🙂

    However I love SwiftKey

  85. Debbie West says:

    Lost my auto correct. What do i do to bring it back

  86. John Prosise says:

    The compact layout would be a boon, if its rescale (resize) options went another step up (taller). Without that, the compact layout, at its tallest setting, is still shorter than the middle height (#3 of 5) of the standard layout. I swipe and dictate on a G-Note-II. The new margin of the compact layout gives me a welcome place to dock my own thumb between swipes and see around it. But it comes at a cost. Metaphor: the compact mode narrowed the bookcase, helpfully, so it doesn’t have to go across the whole wall. But it shortened the bookcase, too, for no reason. So every shelf got shorter–and harder to reach into. Please give me a setting that narrows the standard bookcase without squashing the height of it. Thanks.

  87. pressefr says:

    Before the SwiftKey 4.3 Beta you shorted the word suggestion box just a few pixels smaller, after the intergration, it’s back at its original size. I prefer it smaller, the word suggestion are obscenely large and as a presice typer I only use when I need help with spelling. I rather have them off, but it seems you’ll never do that. Only for expired keyboard situations, I try to keep them, but long press accents turn off too and I revert back to paid SwiftKey. Floating Tactile, I think on the beta you can have left and right move to different height positions, now it can’t.

  88. Tiha says:

    As a girl i would like to have a very cute theme from swiftkey. I really loves your app! Thanks!

  89. Hank Lowball says:

    I purchased SK Tablet close to a year ago. I used it on my Nexus 7 exclusively. I recently purchased a smartphone and was using SK Tablet on there as well. Am I eligible for the 4.3 update? When I go to Google Play Store to find SK Keyboard, it does not show a an option to update, just that I have to purchase it for $3.99.

  90. jtedor says:

    I would really want to make the enter function as the default of the enter key when texting rather than the smileys, even long press would not return the enter, it brings you to the smileys secondary screen before you can hit enter

  91. DavidP says:

    Can I have an alphabetic keyboard? QWERTY is for people who grew up on normal keyboards (or worse yet typewriters!) I support a person who is communicationally challenged and the alphabet layout would be easier to use.

  92. Me says:

    I still can’t find the arrow keys. My gs4 has an option to turn these on or off. Not in my Nexus 10 though

  93. Guest says:

    I almost bought this until I found out there isn’t a number row. My S4 has it and it’s so much better than toggling between numbers and letters. When I learn there is a number row I’ll take another look.

  94. Stephan Fry says:

    I hate this frigging feature! How the hell to turn it off and get my full size keyboard back? I looked in preferences I hit on it and it just flips from left to right! So retarded!

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