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Let it snow! Flow snowflakes with our new festive theme

18th December 2013

Hi everyone,

We have a new SwiftKey keyboard update today which brings you a special seasonal theme and an improved installer. This update introduces “Ice”, a new holiday theme designed to ensure communicating with your friends and family is full of festive fun this Christmas!

SwiftKey Ice theme

Ice is a cool blue theme with snow-capped keys and snowflake “key pops” every time you tap a letter. Flowing words brings a smattering of snow fall and an ice-themed background image completes the design.

This version also introduces a simpler installer process to make SwiftKey easier and more welcoming for new users. Thank you to everyone who tested this in beta to ensure it works across languages and devices.

This update is available from Google Play now and has been submitted to Amazon Appstore for approval. Just return to the app store you used to purchase SwiftKey, log in and tap to update for free.

If you’re currently testing out our latest beta, which introduces emoji support and an optional number row, don’t worry – we’ve put out an update so you get this cool new theme while you try out these fun features. You also might be able to find a fun little Christmas Easter egg… Let us know on Twitter @SwiftKey if you find it! Download the latest beta update.

We wanted to use this update to wish a very Merry Christmas to those of who you celebrate it. Thank you for all your support in 2013 and we can’t wait to bring you more innovations and improvements in the coming year!


The SwiftKey team

Bug fixes for the SwiftKey 4.4 update:

  • Fixed a bug with punctuation where the symbols weren’t inserted in some situations
  • Improved performance while switching fields or after sending messages in some apps
  • Fixed several instances of Force Closes in the app
  • Fixed last column of the keyboard being cut on smileys layout
  • Fixed a bug in Hangouts for the keyboard not inserting text after an emoticon
  • Fixed a bug in the installer summary screen where if you tap themes twice in quick successions, it opened two instances of the Settings
  • Keyboard doesn’t hide the field when signing into Cloud anymore
  • Not showing notifications on Cloud screen during installation anymore

72 responses to “Let it snow! Flow snowflakes with our new festive theme”

  1. Agustín Ruiz says:

    Any idea on when wil emoji be available in the final version?

  2. Dario · 753 a.C. . says:

    now it uses 30MB in RAM, while before the last update it used only 20MB in RAM.
    please do something for this, because i payed 4 euros when swiftkey was more light in RAM

  3. Pete says:

    And STILL no arrow keys in the tablet version. Come on, Swiftkey – give us the option to have all four arrows displayed on tablets all the time like we can have on phones. This was the one and only reason I bought this piece of software (used the phone version on my phone and my tablet) and you’ve removed the option. Please listen and implement it! I’ve no interest in pointless themes or emoji – I just want usability!

    • Lawrence Leith says:

      I need all 4 arrows in the tablet version, too, if it’s not too much hassle for you guys. The phone version has them, so why leave them out of the tablet one?
      Aww, c’mon SwiftKey – just for me and Pete for Christmas! 😉

  4. flascrnwrtr says:

    Person A: I have no interest in emoji or themes!

    Person B: When are you going to add more themes and emoji???

    You can please some of the people… just sayin’.

  5. NedDasty says:

    Can you please refrain from making more ugly themes, and please please PLEASE make a theme that looks good? We need a clean theme.

    Make a stock Google theme for those of us who don’t want phones designed for 15 year old teeny boppers. Thanks!

    • Guest says:

      God, it’s ugly. Why would anyone use Windows Mobile 6 button gradients style in 2013? Please hire a new designer.

    • Maxime Henrion says:

      This. I don’t actually mind this theme personally; I don’t find it appealing and so I’m just not going to use it. But it definitely looks weird to see SwiftKey investing time into making such a visually “heavy” theme, with all the snowy bloat and what not, when it is clear that there are more pressing issues to deal with: memory usage (not everyone has a 2GB RAM phone), better flow prediction, and a couple of much requested features that are trivial to implement – see comments below. Finally, this theme would have probably been welcomed in a better way if there was already a decent number of clean and simple themes, such as the default Android keyboard.

    • C-Law says:

      This! I’d love to have a stock android style theme for general use. The stock swiftkey theme is nice(i think it’s called cobalt) but I’d prefer a stock android theme. Adding the snow during swiping around Christmas time but using the stock android keyboard theme would be nice too

    • Try the “Holo” theme. I believe that’s meant to replicate Google’s design in their stock keyboard.

  6. It’s good idea but I think you could make a better themes 🙂 Make something for KitKat 🙂

  7. Joseph Mcgorty says:

    Guys, this is a nice marketing gimmick and all, but can we please refrain from two things here? First off, this app is now overreaching in terms of device RAM usage. Any more and I’m going to uninstall. Second, what is up with these ridiculous themes? Is your target demographic 15 year olds? What is with all this cartoon bs? Can we please have a few CLEAN, minimalist themes? At least you can mimic stock Android or SOMETHING…there is WAY too much going on here guys, and it is aesthetically displeasing to say the least.

  8. Ben Lutgens says:

    Why anyone uses this garbage when the default keyboards are superior in every way boggles the mind.

    • Freezer says:

      Because SwiftKey actually is superior if it comes to the prediction rate and handling multiple languages at once. So what if the themes are crappy? There are at least one or two decent themes (like the standard one).

  9. erifk says:

    it looks horrible. go to hell

  10. Hacker For Hire says:

    I could take a dump, spread it out, inscribe the letters a-z on it and it would still be better than the ‘themes’ you make. Here’s a free design tip: People want the following themes:


  11. lray801 says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I’m certainly not a ’15 year old’ and I find this theme quite fun. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.
    On a separate note, I wish the ‘flow’ was half as good as Swype’s, particularly when it comes to correcting a wrong word. I’d use this all the time if the flow recognition was better and fixing errors was easier.

  12. Stereo says:


  13. Prometheus says:

    Can I make my own theme and submit it to the app store?

  14. Mr JL says:

    Takes a sec sometimes to pull up my swiftkey keyboard. I have in mind to change when the next big keyboard show their feet. And please. Themes guys! Hire a designer or fix an ability to choose ourselves what colorback, colorchar and colorspecialchar would look like. This new xmas theme is horrible, it makes my eyes wrinkle meanwhile i try to find the chars on the keyboard. PS. Christmas is Red. PS2. Tho not like the Cherry Red.

  15. warjan says:

    Yeah, I don’t like this theme much either, but I guess it was suppose to be funny (which it is) so don’t be so offensive people! It’s Christmas time and some of you written about hiring new designer? Wat?

    Merry Christmas to all! Many of you need a good hug it seems.

  16. Pam Oakea says:

    I like the new ice theme and holo is my go to fav. Love SwiftKey!

  17. Dadly says:

    Not a huge fan of this – at all… You should just make something simple. You could really learn from this:

  18. Abel Hernandez says:

    Thank you guys for a cute alternative to the usual themes.

  19. Fabián Barrera says:

    Please offer a more serious elegant theme, the app is great BUY all the themes are just ugly. You could check the Sony Xperia keyboard or Google stock theme as reference

  20. David Dickerson says:

    There are some mighty rude people here today! If you don’t like the blasted theme don’t use it for Pete sacks. I think it is cute and I might use it during the holidays. Now go drink an eggnog and chill people!

    • Plan Shopper says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The comments on here are pathetic. Don’t use it if you don’t like it. How about emailing support and letting them know.

      The developers come up with an original theme and these people b!tch. “Don’t give us original themes, just copy other people’s keyboard designs”. Ever hear of copyright infringements?!

      “I’ve spent $4/£4….” REALLY?! If spending the 4, whatever currency, is upsetting your lifestyle that much you probably shouldn’t be buying any apps.

      I’m really enjoying this theme. It’s fun and looks great. Thanks for developing this. I look forward to seeing more active themes in the future.

  21. Mark Anthony Bennett says:

    Nice idea, bringing a little magic to the holidays. All I have to ask is it going g to be removed from the app once the holidays are over because I hope not as I quite like it.

  22. MrBigglesworth says:

    Fugly looking theme bit can’t complain free is free at the end of the day

  23. Good App says:

    I really don’t mind the themes. At least this app gives you the option to change your your theme. To all those who don’t like the themes then just uninstall the app and use the regular that comes with phone. Instead of criticizing this app for making your phone a bit more lively.

  24. MrDakhil says:

    The worst thing about SwiftKey is the look! All themes are not good enough for such a great keyboard that actually outperforms all others but looks worst of them all. I wish you could add a custom theme that is user controlled

  25. Walt says:

    Says right in the description folks. “special seasonal theme”.


  26. Ralph says:

    Love it! Love the snow that goes on the buttom. P. S. I am 36 years old. If you don’t like it, don’t use it, how dumb a person can be to rage like this on a theme that is optional!

  27. SoldSoul says:

    Everyone here is an entitled asshole. I think the theme is cute, Thank you for your time and effort trying to give everyone something fun while you continue to improve SwiftKey.

  28. Kate says:

    Wow, terrible feedback from the other comments. I personally think it’s great. I love holiday themed things so you guys should definitely keep it up!

  29. Christopher says:

    Can we please get a number row option? And yes I agree these themes are pretty lame.

  30. Harry says:

    Well I got to say that when you added the arrow keys I found that to be a great addition. Problem for my crappy smartphone is the touch overlay must have shifted. Is there a way to add an alignment gizmo so I don’t have to tap a little high and to the left of each key? I think that my old smartphone had that built-in and was used when first initializing the phone. I like the heat map that allowed me to see how the touch overlay is shifted. Of course after 4 more months I could get another phone, but I don’t think I will get another Motorola.

  31. Larry Schwemle says:

    Myself personally would like to see an HTC style white theme or a Samsung style theme! I’m with the moral majority! I love swiftkey but god your themes are ugly! I use holo and only because its the most tolerable!

  32. HipposRBest says:

    It’s not ‘holiday’ get over it America it’s Christmas. If it wasn’t for that it wouldn’t be time off work

  33. Shaun Cloney says:

    Keep the themes coming! I think it was a great idea.
    Merry Christmas

  34. EarthMatters says:

    Loving the Ice theme!

  35. Jared Moore says:

    I love the new theme because I realize that it is specifically for the season and holiday. Everyone turn on your brain!

    I would however like to request colored emoticons vs. the B&W theme you chose to go with.

    And it would be nice if you added a customizable theme generator.

  36. Zack Goodwin says:

    What’s with all the hate? And for that matter, why the holo love?
    Agreed, the top gradient looks childish, but the fun theme is nice for a change, compared to the dozen or so serious themes we have (cobalt ftw!).
    Keep up the bug fixes!

  37. Gov Knows says:

    Hey thanks for at least trying to make our holiday nicer. Your product is the best in my opinion and not once have I ever had a problem, with ANYTHING!!! I’m sure if I really tried I could find something wrong so I could bitch, moan, complain because I have nothing better to do to make myself feel better. So Merry Christmas to you all, and happy new year!! God bless our Troops overseas and to their families as well.

  38. Precivilization says:

    Wow. Snowflakes? Really? There is a member of nearly every demographic in my household and we are unanimous in thinking that this theme is HORRIBLE.

    The majority of the comments below reflect our sentiments. SwiftKey, pretty please with sugar on top, make a stock Google theme, Android theme, iOS theme, or something along those lines that your market is actually looking for, rather than wasting time and resources on developing tacky themes that are a complete FAIL.

  39. Andrew says:

    Please stop spamming me with notifications.

    Btw if you want to add some new features, why not japanese language support?

  40. scotty272 says:

    For heavens sake! I have never seen so many whiners in the same place! If you don’t like the theme, don’t use it! If you don’t like SwiftKey, uninstall it and go back to your stock keyboard, every phone or tab has one and no one’s forcing you to use this one. Lastly, if your phone can’t keep up, upgrade. I’ve had huge success with SwiftKey, it always sorts out whatever I type and it’s predictions are spot on! Merry Christmas to the SwiftKey team and keep up the good work!

  41. Je Saist says:

    I must say. I am amazed at the number of posters who are absolutely convinced that the artists who make the themes are also the programmers for everything else.

  42. Mark Rangel says:

    Love the theme, thanks SwiftKey! And as for the winey others, get over it! Its the holidays, and its a holiday theme, RELAX!

  43. Gandalf_Teh_Gray says:

    It’s pretty nice actually, nothing wrong with some Christmas/Holiday fun

  44. Bree says:

    Lighten up everyone! Thanks SwiftKey for putting a bit of cheer in my Christmas! I love your app…. Havee a great day and know that you are doing a fantastic job! Merry Christmas everyone!

  45. Endgame69 says:

    Christmas Eve and now you come out with a holiday theme. Think I’ll pass on this.

  46. Gayle Griffin says:

    Use a theme or not… It’s your choice… nothing you’re forced to do. I’m disappointed that several updates ago, it seemed to lose the level of correct predictability…. It stopped learning my frequently used words, phrases, and abbreviations. Things it did that made it work more quickly and correctly were gone. I keep hoping it will go back to what it did when I first paid for it…. Around a year ago. AT&T Galaxy S 3

  47. Heal Bot says:

    The emoji are all there! Yay it’s easy to use and gorgeous love the new keyboard

  48. Andrew Bridge says:

    Well I for one, think this is an abhorrent waste of my £4 that I paid for this app 3 years ago! The cheek of the people at SwiftKey to come out with this festive nonsense when the REAL life issues that I have with your keyboard are still unanswered!

    I’m still waiting for you to answer my request about adding 400 extra emoticons to the keyboard! How else am I meant to express myself if I don’t have that crucial feature!

    And what are you doing with that £4 that I gave you?? HIRE A DESIGNER already! £4 is enough to cover that right? I have to hide my phone when someone else is showing off their keyboard because mine is so ugly! Jeez! If nothing else just copy someone else’s design, they won’t mind! No one in the technology industry ever sues other companies!

    And another thing, make it faster, why would you make it so slow? My phone is only 3 years old and it may’ve only cost £100, but I expect it to run fast! I could LITERALLY take a dump on my phone, and I’d make a quicker keyboard than SwiftKey.

    If you don’t add my incredibly specific feature requests, I may have to take my money elsewhere!

    Sarcasm aside, thank you for continuing to make a great product and not leaving us with the mediocre alternatives.

  49. Julie Kelsea says:

    I have to agree. we need clean and larger themed keys.

  50. Matt G says:

    Where is/was the customer demand for the theme? I can only assume that the Elves have fixed all the bugs, and Santa has already delivered all the features wished for.

    FYI: know your customer. Focus on what they want/need, and get your head around the fact that there are Two hemispheres and Christmas is Not synonymous with ice and snow for well over half the planet.

  51. lisa says:

    Hi everyone,
    So today i got my new lg, but in the top-right corner off the letters there are numbers and characters, just like the keyboard shown above. Is it possible to get rid of that? I have an LG Optimus G E975. I do no have Swiftkey but if i can change that with Swiftkey I might buy it.

  52. Nick Klenchik says:

    Swiftkey really needs to listen to its audience regarding these themes. A flatter look would look to much nicer

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