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Meet the SwiftKey VIP: Alpert

11th May 2016

Hi everyone! Our VIP Community on both Android and iOS play enormous roles in educating the community on all things SwiftKey, bringing our users together and finding out what matters the most to the people who matter the most – our users.

For new readers and users, the SwiftKey VIP Community is an open forum for users to give feedback, share ideas and get their hands on betas. For anyone interested in joining, we encourage you to check it out!SwiftKey VIP - Alpert

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Chengming Wang (also known as Alpert). Chengming is a standout member of our VIP Community and we’re lucky to have him. Read on to learn more:

1) What’s your name? (real and VIP handle)

My name is Chengming Wang. And I’m ‘Alpert’ in the SwiftKey VIP Community – Alpert is my English name.

2) Where are you from?

I was born in ChongQing, China. I currently live in Paris, France for my education.

3) What’s your day job?

I am a student majoring in industrial design. For the moment I am doing my internship in a video projector company.

4) How did you first hear of SwiftKey?

It was in early 2012, shortly after I arrived in France. I was looking for a keyboard for multilingual typing, and I found SwiftKey and soon fell in love with it.

5) What do you think makes SwiftKey different?

From the beginning to now, the multilingual prediction has always been my favorite. Chatting with English-speaking and French-speaking people at the same time without having to switch to another keyboard… that’s a huge time saver. I love the accurate auto-complete of the current SwiftKey VIP - Alpert 2word and smart prediction of next word, I’ve never seen or used a keyboard like SwiftKey before.

6) How many keystrokes have you saved using SwiftKey?

Oh, that – unfortunately I am unable to tell of my whole history because I am a beta tester, always in the cycle of install – uninstall – reinstall, lol. But since the last update of SwiftKey’s Beta version, I’ve saved over 10,000 taps.

7) What’s it like to be part of the SwiftKey VIP Community?

The SwiftKey VIP Community is the best forum I’ve ever seen. VIPs are friendly, staff is active, we exchange a lot of thoughts and ideas. These are really nice and efficient talks. I could be helpful meanwhile others will help me if I have problems. That’s really awesome.

8)What are your three favorite apps (apart from SwiftKey)?

Google Keep, Telegram, and News Republic.

9) What are your 3 favorite websites or blogs?

Android Authority, Initium Media, and 500PX.

10) Tell us something unusual about yourself!

Well, when I was in primary school, I read a quote: “Interest is the best teacher” – it’s after years that I found out it’s Einstein who said it, LOL. But I’ve believed it for so many years, even now. I am interested in badminton, and I won the 6th place in the regional competition in ChongQing; I am interested in SwiftKey and decided to do something for it. Maybe about a year ago, I was probably one of the many people testing Chinese until one day after more participation in the VIP Community I started to build to relationship with Ryan (the Community Manager) and other moderators. Then in December last year I became friends with them and was asked to join the Mod team. This is a great experience, and a very unusual story. It doesn’t happen often, actually first time.

P.S. Do you have a Twitter handle? If so, could you provide it to us?

My Twitter account is: @ChengmingAlpert


Thanks for sharing with us, Chengming! We truly appreciate your help, input and expertise in the forums.

Ryan and the SwiftKey Team


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