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Meet the SwiftKey VIP – Damien Alexander

7th January 2016

Happy New Year! We’re kicking off 2016 with a return to a blog series that means a lot to us: Meet the VIP! Our VIP Community on both Android and iOS play enormous roles in educating the community on all things SwiftKey, bringing our users together and finding out what matters the most to the people who matter the most – our users.

For new readers and users, the VIP Community is an open forum for users to give feedback, share ideas and get their hands on betas. For anyone interested in joining, we encourage you to check it out!


Damien hanging out with Ryan, SwiftKey Community Manager, in London

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Damien Alexander (aka damo a). Proactive about helping others and interacting with our Community team, Damien stands out as an exemplary member of our VIP Community and we’re lucky to have him. Read on to learn more:

1) What’s your name? (real and VIP handle)
My name is Damien Alexander and my VIP handle is damo a.

2) Where are you from?
I’m originally from London and now live in the home counties.

3) What’s your day job?
I work for Emmaus, which is a charity that helps homeless people get back into a stable environment.

4) How did you first hear of SwiftKey?
My mate was using SwiftKey so I started using it out of curiosity, and have been a user ever since.

5) What do you think makes SwiftKey different?
SwiftKey is different as it seems to learn typing flow better than others. It has a way faster auto correct and has emoji to replace words (Emoji Prediction), which is something that I love.

6) How many keystrokes have you saved using SwiftKey?
On this phone, over 1000 but overall on other devices of mine, it’s in the thousands!

7) What’s it like to be part of the SwiftKey VIP Community?
Being part of the community is great as I get to speak to people from around the world and help them with their problems.

8) What are your three favorite apps (apart from SwiftKey)?
Hmmmm. Good question. Mine would have to be Snapchat,  Instagram and Twitter.

9) What are your 3 favorite websites or blogs?
Gotta be, and Facebook!

10) Tell us something unusual about yourself!
Something unusual… Hmmmm.  ? my front tooth isn’t real. I smashed this during a holiday in Kenya back in 1991. Oh and I kinda like pink…!

Thanks for sharing with us, Damien! We truly appreciate your input in the forums.

Ryan and the SwiftKey Team


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