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Meet the VIPs – Vance14

1st May 2014

Earlier this week, we published a post that went into some more depth on what it really means to be a SwiftKey VIP, and thought this was the perfect time to showcase a VIP who truly embodies that spirit. Below, we had a quick interview with Vance McAlister – for those of you already in the VIP forums, you may know him better as Vance14. As a sign of thanks, we’ve sent Vance a special care package, including an exclusive SwiftKey shirt. Without further ado, here’s Vance!

1) What’s your name? (real and VIP handle)  

Real name: Vance McAlister

VIP handle: Vance14

Twitter handle: @VanceMc14

2) Where are you from? 

Southern California, USA.

3) What’s your day job?

I’m an attorney.

4) How did you first hear of SwiftKey?

Probably Android Central.

5) What do you think makes SwiftKey different?

The predictions, the Google+ sign in and the Cloud back up are what set SwiftKey apart.

6) How many keystrokes have you saved using SwiftKey?


7) What’s it like to be part of the SwiftKey VIP Community?

The VIP community is a step above most user forums and beta testing experiences, in my opinion.  Everyone there is genuinely committed to helping the product improve and assisting each other.  While there are often hard-fought battles over favorite features, it is usually well-spoken and engagement is respectful.

8) What are your three favorite apps? (apart from SwiftKey)

BeyondPod, Plex and Evernote (not counting Google Apps).

9) What are your three favorite websites or blogs?

Google+, Android Central and The Verge.

10) Tell us something unusual about yourself!

Despite being a tech enthusiast, my primary passion is for ancient history and archaeology!

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