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New beta – help us refine our simpler installer

4th December 2013

Hi everyone,

We’ve got a new beta for you today which we’d love your feedback on. We know new users can sometimes find installing SwiftKey a bit complicated and we believe we can make it simpler and more welcoming.

The beta we’re releasing today seeks to fix this. We’re unveiling a streamlined installer process that’s shorter and simpler.

Click to download:

To help make SwiftKey easier for new members of our community, it would be great if you could download this latest 4.4 beta, test out the new installer (it’ll send you there automatically when you download) and give us feedback on any issues you encounter.

SwiftKey 4.4 beta installer

Please direct all your feedback to the VIP Community. Not a member yet? Now’s a great time to join – it’s free, you get informed of all our latest updates first and you become a vital part of our feedback process.

In return, let us express our huge seasonal gratitude and also reassure you that we’re busy working on exciting features that we hope to bring to you very soon…

We hope you’ve been enjoying the bug fixes and number pad switch we introduced in SwiftKey 4.3.1 – here’s the latest on what that version contains and some questions we’ve had from users regarding SwiftKey Tablet.

Thanks as always for your time and feedback,

The SwiftKey team

38 responses to “New beta – help us refine our simpler installer”

  1. J.K. says:

    Before I offer to install the beta, I need to know what happens after I try the beta. How do I get rid of it? Will I have to uninstall and reinstall SwiftKey? Or does the beta install totally separately from SwiftKey (I’m running version on a Nexus 7 tablet)?

  2. Pete says:

    The one thing I want in Swiftkey – the ONLY thing I want from it now – is for you to allow arrow keys on my tablet. I used to have them on it when I used the phone version on my Nexus 7, but since 4.3 I can’t have these (yet I can on my phone with a smaller screen) and as a result Swiftkey isn’t as usable.

    I’m not interested in floating keyboards, or emoji, and I think the installer is simple enough as it is – I just want to be able to have arrow keys (all four arrow keys) permanently displayed below the keyboard, just like I have on my phone. A simple thing. That’s all. Please can you fix this?

    • J.K. says:

      I totally agree!!! I chose SwiftKey for my Nexus 7 tablet in part because it gave me the option to have all four arrow keys on the main keyboard. I felt betrayed when this option was removed. Like Pete, I never felt that the installation was difficult. I have no interest in floating keyboards and little interest in emoji. All I want is to get back the option to have the four arrow keys back on the main keyboard. I don’t understand why phones still have this option and a 7″ tablet does not.

      • Pete says:

        Thanks for the support JK! When I got my Nexus 7 I was already a Swiftkey user on my phone, and tried the tablet version on the N7 using the trial, but didn’t like the split keyboards in landscape and also really missed the arrow keys, so I used the phone version on both devices and it was perfect. Now they’ve “unified” it we’ve lost the arrow keys, and whenever you ask Swiftkey about this in the support pages they say the “best” way to get arrows is to press the number pad button, which displays the arrows but you lose the letters. It’s nonsense! Pressing a key to display the arrows, then pressing another to get the alpha keyboard back is not a “best” solution!

        • J.K. says:

          Pete, we’re definitely in complete agreement on this! When I bought SwiftKey, there were two versions, and I tried them both, but I found the phone version much more comfortable on the Nexus 7. After all, a 7″ tablet is closer in screen size to many phones than to the standard 10″ tablet. I therefore have a hard time understanding why the arrow keys are still available on the main keyboard for a phone but not for a 7″ tablet.

          I use the arrow keys A LOT, and it’s VERY awkward, inconvenient, and inefficient to have to keep switching back and forth between the main keyboad and the number keyboard. One feature I value very highly on SwiftKey is the ability to access numbers and accented letters from the main keyboard. Why can’t they restore the ability to do that with the four arrow keys as well?

  3. Jon Johnson says:

    I feel it has too much of an iOS7 feel for an Android device. : I think what should be done is moving towards the KitKat color scheme with the old setup layout. Quick mockup:

  4. vinothr says:

    Transparent keyboard (something like iOS7) or improve the current themes and add few more, please. My Nexus5 is ready! =)

  5. Allyn Woghin says:

    Install seems fine. I agree with the iOS feel comment, though.

    Still no emoji yet?

  6. It’s more simple, but I agree that is too much “ios”. Maybe less purple will make it better 😉

  7. Ash says:

    still no emoji support on SwiftKey? long overdue…

    • Zach B. says:

      With Android 4.4’s built in Emoji support, Swiftkeys Emoji support this late would be rather useless.. (Unless your phone isn’t up to date software wise)

      • Ash says:

        I have 4.4 and yes, the built in emoji keyboard is great, (and I was thinking maybe it would make it easier to implement into the SwiftKey keyboard)…

        This “is” the point and thus the problem with SwiftKey, using the built in emoji capabilities of stock android means I have to ditch SwiftKey and switch to stock android keyboard to use it, or switch back and forth between the keyboards just to use emoji which is rather pointless… and I think SwiftKey team should rather work on implementation of emoji to keep people from switching to other keyboards or the stock one instead of worrying about how the new installation screen is better with 3 steps instead of more…

  8. roberthenderson says:

    Can we please please please have a numbers row option?!?

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Robert, we’ve confirmed we’re working on this option. Thanks.

      • Pete says:

        Any word on the arrow keys option, Ruth? I’ve asked again and again for this but it seems I’m being ignored. If you read down this thread you’ll see some of us really want this.

        • Ruth says:

          Hi Pete, we’re aware of the feedback on this issue but I’m not in a position to comment on this further at the moment. Ruth

          • Pete says:

            Hi Ruth. Thanks for the reply. I really hope that the arrow keys option will be added to tablets – it’s ludicrous that it is available on devices with small screens but not large ones, and is the reason why I’ve stopped using Swiftkey on my tablet for now.

          • warjan says:

            I’ve got arrow keys in the extended layout on my tablet. How is it different to what you ask for?

          • Pete says:

            Extended layout only has left & right arrows. I want all four, like I have on my phone. A single unified application should have a single, unified set of features, regardless of the type of device being used.

      • Alan Goldman says:

        any eta for a beta with it?

  9. Hans-Peter Hofreiter says:

    Color scheme is like IOS7, ugly! Please go into a direction with KitKat/JellyBean. We all did not choose iPhone!

    (Number Row,Number Row,Number Row,Number Row,Number Row,Number)

  10. To Anh Duy says:

    I really want you have a new skin, 🙁

  11. yony says:

    the only thing missing for me is a quick question/exclamation mark!
    either by a button or by a long press one.
    please add it

  12. Alan Goldman says:

    Yes, please a real top number row option!!!

  13. Benedikt Nichell says:

    Could you please use the Google play beta app system, so people who want to test don’t have to install an apk which will become obsolete after every beta? Please 🙂

  14. warjan says:

    I like new installer although it stuters a bit on my machine. I especially was pleased to see keyboard on the last screen – easier to pick a theme.

  15. Guest says:

    Themes might be the only single thing i do not like about SwiftKey.
    Also, it would be awesome to have Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All gestures like Swype has.

  16. Harshad Kale says:

    Themes might be the only thing i don’t like about SwiftKey.
    It would be awesome to have Cut / Copy / Paste / Select All gestures like Swype. They are really handy.

  17. Gerard Fertig says:

    Will not install on nexus7 4.4.2 the select buttons do not work

  18. Duf Row says:

    I downloaded it. Now, all game apps are gone and try to reinstall. Says download was successful, but nowwhere to be found.

    looked at how to un install. But cannot. Help!

    Tablet says it’s in safe mode. What’s that?

    Samsung tab 2

  19. 34543353454 says:

    First THANK YOU to all of the swiftkey techies that made this emoji’s happen. I just LOVE this new keyboard and having the emoji’s on it, tops the cake. I do have a question tho, I dont see this app on the Google store, only the original swiftkey app….and I was telling my Mom to get it for her HTC phone, so she came to this place, downloaded it but now, she cant find it in her phone. I’m not near her (in another state), so I cant tell her where to look on her phone. can anyone help me guide her???
    Thanks so much and will you all be getting this app to the google play store??? Cheers

  20. Raki Smalley says:

    I am really disappointed that the option to have the four arrow keys (right, up, down, left) at the bottom of the keyboard has been completely removed. This is one of the few apps that I decided to spend my money on and features are being cut with no way to get back to previous versions. If there is a download archive or if I could be emailed a link to an official download of the version with the arrow keys at the bottom I would really appreciate it. FYI to everyone begging for number row it is completely useless because you can set your long key press duration to 150-200ms in the settings and have the same effect without taking up extra space on the screen

  21. Brendan Young says:

    This is what I’m getting with clicking that link to download

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