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New beta out today – Layouts for Living

17th October 2013

Update 28th October – new beta available

Hi everyone,

We’ve got an awesome new beta ready for you to download today. It’s a complete rethink on how you present your keyboard — allowing you to “undock” it from the base of the screen, resize it, and present it in a compact, split thumb-typing or regular way. We’ve dubbed this update ‘Layouts for Living’ because we think it’ll help you get more from your mobile devices, regardless of the context you’re typing in.

SwiftKey Beta download link 12.9MB

(To get the beta, just tap on the above link on your phone or tablet)

This beta gives you much more flexibility. Our extensive UX testing showed that the way people hold their devices when typing is evolving. For example, if you commute in a cramped train, you may want to type or Flow one-handed but when you’re at home editing a document on a tablet, you might be more comfortable typing with both thumbs when you hold the device.The decision over how the keyboard looks and where you place it is now literally in your hands.

In addition to a host of bug fixes and improvements to our underlying prediction technology, you’ll get access to these three keyboard modes:

Compact: On many larger phones it can be difficult to enter text and hold the phone with just one hand. This new feature reduces the width of the keyboard and allows for easier typing with one hand or gesture typing using SwiftKey Flow. It also frees up more of the screen estate on tablets. You can switch it from the left or right side of the screen by a long-press or by dragging.

Thumb: For those who like typing on tablets in landscape or wide phones, the keyboard can be split into two areas, enabling fast, comfortable typing with both thumbs. Undock it from the base of the screen for even more flexibility.

Full: The traditional full-width keyboard is still available and users with tablets can opt for a layout that is similar to the presentation of a physical keyboard. This layout has left and right cursor keys and the backspace is positioned above the enter key, making it easier to type with two hands when not holding your tablet.

For this beta we are only offering a single APK, because we’ve merged together the optimized layouts for phones and tablets into one application. We’ve done this after listening to your feedback and to give a seamless experience across all device sizes. Let us know how you get on with it! When we roll this out of beta, it’ll replace all installations of SwiftKey, whether or not you have the phone version or tablet version.

As always, we’re grateful for every one of you who takes the time to test our new innovations. You make SwiftKey great. Thank you. Don’t forget to share your feedback here on the forums.


Ben Medlock,

Co-founder and CTO

PS Journalists and bloggers – check our release page for more information.


Known issues in


  • When you unlock your screen, the keyboard may jump and then return to its position
  • Changing from 4-row to 5-row layout (e.g. qwerty -> Hindi) doesn’t update positions or heights
  • Some combinations of size and mode can resize beyond screen limit (so not all the keyboard will be shown)
  • If you have “show arrow keys” selected, they will only show when the keyboard is docked (not when it is floating)
  • Dark and Pumpkin themes may have odd spacing between keys Pitch theme sometimes show a white background when Flowing
  • The following keyboards are currently unavailable: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Georgian, Icelandic, Punjabi, Russian Phonetic, Russian Windows, Svorak, Tamil, Turkish, Albanian, Qwertz_Serbian and Ukrainian
  • Lag when opening Languages page of Settings menu
  • Force close when downloading a language pack after changing orientation
  • Heatmap is currently unavailable
  • Keystrokes saved stat is currently unavailable
  • Problems with the floating (undocked) thumb (split) keyboard:
  • 1 – Smart punctuation key shows different order and doesn’t allow to select the rightmost character (comma)
  • 2 – Dragging with two fingers (one on each tab) can cause the panes to snap together in the middle
  • 3 – Only shows one pane on Sony Xperia ST21i

151 responses to “New beta out today – Layouts for Living”

  1. Damian Mee says:

    Why aren’t you using native Google Play Beta/Alpha channels?

    • Marcin Juszkiewicz says:

      Maybe because it requires creating Google+ community while they have working forum already?

      • daniel says:

        Even with that they should use that. It’s about user experience no?

      • Damian Mee says:

        I see absolutely no conflicts in having two of those options simultaneously.

        I’m using this marvelous Keyboard since forever (including all betas), and I never heard about any forum… Not that I’ll go there, register, get through sticky rules(?), and remember to periodically visit it to see what’s new in there O_o. With a community you get a huge user pipeline out of the box.

        Apart from there being absolutely no problems with installing downloaded .apk files, and Play Store versions on top of each other, they can use Google Groups instead of G+. Just like Minuum or Facebook are doing.

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      If we used the Google Play Beta channels, the Beta version would replace your existing SwiftKey. The way we do it, you can have both the market version and the Beta on your phone at the same time.

      The Google Play setup is fine for things like games, where a bug simply means that you can’t play the game until the Beta is updated, but the keyboard is such an integral part of your phone that we prefer to leave you the option of returning to the market version while we fix any issues.

      • coolsilver says:

        Why not? You have a cloud service for data

      • Arvid Eco Lillsund says:

        Guys, not getting a response anywhere!

        I can’t find these new features anywhere, just the feedback button at the top.

        I’m on an LG G2 4.2.2. Any ideas?

        • Brandon Giesing says:

          The new features are in the keyboard itself.

          On a phone, press and hold the number key to access the SwiftKey menu. On a tablet, press the SwiftKey button to bring up the SwiftKey menu.

          Now there will be options to undock the keyboard and change the layout.

          I hope that this helps you out.

      • tmartin says:

        Just tried it out. I’m glad you give us a separate app so that the beta doesn’t wipe out the stable version. That said, since I’ve had swiftkey, I’ve found myself setting up 3 or 4 beta versions of the app. swiftkeycloud has made that less annoying, but still. Why not just give us a beta channel through the store and keep updating it there so we don’t have to go through the setup every time we want to test out new features?

      • AlexS77 says:

        Actually, it wouldn’t. There are so many normal and beta apps in the market (eg Chrome and Chrome Beta). Why should that not be possible with SwiftKey?

  2. truth_cutz says:

    still no emojis????

    • tekfr33kn says:

      I’m actually kinda glad that they don’t waste time on emojis. For the emojis to work, as I understand it and I could be wrong, the person receiving them has to be using the same app that reads the same character combos that make up the emoji and the same emoji may not always be created with the same combo from one app to another. If you need emojis it’s not so much a tie to the keyboard as it is the app you are using the keyboard in, like Handscent, ChatOn or Go SMS. They handle emojis within their own system as long as the receiver is using the same app.

      • Fodografes says:

        Then how does the MultiLing Keyboard do it?

        • tekfr33kn says:

          I’m no authority on this. I’m only going off of what I read but I understand that the multiling keyboards do the emojis because they use established character combos that have been sorta standardized whereas US/EU don’t have that standardization. take a look at the base character sets for the emojis in Go SMS and Handscent. Many emojis are the same but the combos that generate them are slightly different. I first started to notice this when emojis were introduced on Trillian a long time ago. MSN Messenger, Facebook and GTalk all used different ways of making similar emojis. Hopefully, someone with more experience in this than me can chime in but this is the way I’ve read it.

  3. Nightmare says:

    come on!
    post qrcode to download easy via mobile!

  4. Mike says:

    If you have trouble downloading via Chrome beta it’s still an issue with it reducing data usage. Either disable data compression or copy link and open with another browser.

    Thanks guys – resizing options looks great!

  5. Scott Thompson says:

    I would LOVE to have the option to have a row of number keys at the top of the keyboard. This is the one thing I like about the stock keyboard on my large phone (I refuse to say “phablet”) and would really appreciate this option in Swiftkey.

  6. chiwou says:

    Does that mean you’re going to combine the phone and tablet version? because I paid for both versions.

    • Shadi Lahham says:

      I paid for both as well … do we get some kind of ‘oops, sorry’ refund ?

      Update: No official response from Swiftkey.
      (please ignore the internet bully comments bellow)

      • Andy Long says:

        come on… it was what, 4 or 5 bucks? I hate that entitlement attitude about apps. These guys are always working on making their product better. Leave ’em alone!

        • Shadi Lahham says:

          I work hard for those 4 or 5 bucks.
          When my boss pays me 4 or 5 bucks he expects to get his money’s worth in return.
          I don’t see the difference.

          I paid for 2 products, now they are a single product.
          Thus I paid more (100% more btw) than someone that just bought one of the 2 versions.

          The fact that they work hard or not is irrelevant. I could decide to compensate them for that (making a donation, recommending the product to a friend, buying other things from them, etc) but that is a different matter.

          The fact that something costs $5 or $5000 doesn’t change the fact that I have been treated unfairly and feel taken advantage of.

          • Andy Long says:

            Have you never bought a bottle of juice and then 2 weeks later it goes on sale… Buy one get one free? Oh and you have the choice of apple, grape, berry and fruit punch flavors. Do you go all over the interwebs bashing Juicy Juice? Its the same thing. Get over yourself!

          • Shadi Lahham says:

            I wonder what Swiftkey’s official response to all this will be …

          • Dennis Edwards says:

            I imagine they have a bloody good laugh at the likes of you and then officially agree not to ever put their products on sale just in case someone who misses the sale feels they’ve been treated unfairly.

          • Joseph Tongret says:

            I’m thinking of paying you five dollars to stop… And when you start this in a different comment thread in the future I’ll pay you another five dollars, because I’m just a swell guy like that;-)

      • Anders Wikdahl says:

        If you buy one bottle of vodka and one box with Red Bull, and you mix them into one drink. Will you have your money back for the Red Bull?

      • Shadi Lahham says:

        I’m still waiting for my refund/explanation/apology/response from swiftkey. Wonder if they will ever react.

  7. Sebastian says:

    Have you added the cursor keys also for the tablet version. hitting the right position in a word is a pain, even on my 10″ tablet. Most times I delete the whole word and write again before fiddling around with the correct positon of my type, what is rather bad and you added the cursors to the phone version … so why the heck?…

  8. Joseph Liotta says:

    Can’t open file after download on VZ HTC One. Other APKS work no problem.

  9. Joseph Liotta says:

    Nevermind, I was using Chrome.

  10. toftof says:

    Oh My God! This is really the BEST keyboard ever! Do you think it would be possible to re-size the keyboard even more easily ? Like for example with multitouch gestures? That would be great!

  11. TJ says:

    Hi Ben Medlock….Is it possible to add numbey keys on the top row like the Samsung stock keyboard on Note 3?

    • Fellwalker says:

      I must admit to being frustrated that when I switch to numbers, they all jump all over, even the 2 and 3 which move to the right. For calculations the current layout works, but mostly we’re just typing numbers where saving a long press would be all that is wanted.

  12. Richard Peterson says:

    The number keyboard changed, all numbers are now on the right side instead of the left. It is much better on the left and much more natural after pressing the button on the bottom left to switch to numbers. Anyone else notice this?

    • Arvid Eco Lillsund says:

      Yeah, would much rather have the numpad the old way. Make that an option maybe?

      Then again, I can’t even figure out how to change these modes on the keyboard..

  13. adetogni says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 THIS IS FINALLY GREAT! I’ve been looking for this since ages: as a note2 user, it’s simply too large for one handed use.
    I have however one suggestion: the layout change button is on the lower left corner. So if you have your phone in the “normal” mode and you go on the bus and you need to switch to “compact” mode, you have to reach that lower left corner with your right thumb (of course I’m talking as a right-handed)…which is fairly difficult for a note user, and this basically disrupts the concept. As a suggestion: a gesture could work (example: a left-to-right swipe!). What do you think?

  14. MJ Quintana says:

    I’ve tried the new beta on the new Galaxy Note 3 and so far it’s really great. Specially using the resize options together with compact. The dock and undock option is excellent for multi window multitasking doing documents and drawings. This is my dream keyboard. Keep up the good work!!!

  15. ack says:

    All I want to know: Is there a 5th row for numbers now (especially on tablets)?

  16. coolsilver says:

    Downloading languages stops when phone screen goes off instead of background process. Restarts on turning back on.

  17. Arvid Eco Lillsund says:

    Great stuff and all, but how do you actually change it from docked to floating? I’ve checked through settings, and can’t find anything while using the keyboard… Some kind of explanation would be great.

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      Hi Arvid – if you press the SwiftKey button on the keyboard (longpress of the 123 button on phones, separate button on tablets) you’ll see the options to resize, change to split/compact, and undock.

  18. beenthereb4 says:

    I’ve only tried this new beta on a Kindle Fire HD. A default “problem” with the KFHD is a softkey bar on the right side that always opens when any app is opened. It’s a 10mm wide bar that blocks the right-side letters on keyboards.

    Recognizing the problem, Kindle has provided code for developers to collapse the bar, leaving only a trigger to re-invoke it.

    It would definitely be helpful if Swiftkey could include this code to hide the bar whenever the keyboard is called up. The code can be found here:

    • beenthereb4 says:

      As for the keyboard, the undocked, split kb mostly solves this problem (thank you!), by allowing me to move the kb 10mm to the left. It’s a wonderful thing. I can now see the letters, but the thumb reach borders on uncomfortable. The optimum solution would be the hiding of the bar. IMHO

    • Guest says:

      How can I switch between languages?

      I don’t see it any more by sliding the space bar!

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      That’s interesting – I was under the impression that the Kindle Fire did not allow 3rd party keyboards. Have you rooted or “jailbroken” your device in any way, or does it just work?

      • beenthereb4 says:

        You’re correct, Charlie. The Kindle is almost exactly like the iPhone in that you can do whatever you want, as long as they want you to do it. Under some circumstances you can load an apk file via “side door”, so some unapproved apps can work. The only way to make it a true Android device is to root it. This provides full access to the Google Play Store, and all of those apps.
        Additionally, I have found a way to eliminate the soft key bar and have replaced it with a menu app that allows me to drag the menu out, only when I need it. Swiftkey works like a million bucks now.

      • beenthereb4 says:

        Wow. I swear I answered your question this morning.

        As you expected, My Kindle is rooted. The Kindle Fire HD is almost as confining as iPhone. The main difference is you can side-load some apps to the Kindle by downloading, and installing the app’s apk file. I didn’t bother to try Swiftkey Beta b4 I rooted it. It would certainly be worth a shot.

        Because mine is rooted, I’ve been able to solve the soft-key bar problem. Now, Swiftkey works as it should. 🙂

  19. ggfb20 says:

    Please can sonebody at Swiftkey respond to this it is your very own forum and yet (after 4,264 votes and 329 at the moment) we the customer and user base have yet to hear any development regarding an option for a dedicated number row like the swiftkey made keyboard included on the Galaxy Note 2, S4, and Note 3. If patent issues exist, if a contract exists, if it is not possible at all, please, I repeat PLEASE let us know, not just here, but in the forum that your official twitter account quickly refers everyone to.

    I also plan to reach out to Mr. Ben Medlock, perhaps he can shed some light on the highly requested feature.

  20. qbix says:

    Great, I feel a little cheated now. Not even a “thank you for your support” to those of us who paid twice for your app. It should have been a single apk all along. It’s a small amount I lost but I’m sure you made a lot of money from people like me who got suckered into buying what was essentially the same keyboard but with larger buttons for our tablets. Thanks a lot.

    • faceless128 says:

      I paid twice and I ain’t even mad. Well worth the money and more.

    • Kyle says:

      It’s 4 bucks for the tablet app. Don’t buy a coffee tomorrow morning. Paying for apps helps the devs and allows them to create new products. Not a big deal at the end of the day. If that really concerns you, email them and ask them to refund your purchase and see what they say.

    • Dennis Edwards says:

      Have you ever heard of a spork? It’s a combination of a fork and spoon. It was going to take over the world, but someone at the UN said they couldn’t release it because of all of the people in the world who had forked out (pun intended) on, get this – you won’t believe, on both a fork AND a spoon. All that wasted money was too much for the world to bare – so sporks now reside in camping shops. Such a waste – but much fairer.

  21. Eddie says:

    It is the greatest, the most fabulous, the most famous, but without AutoText or Word Substitution or Macros, no thanks, I don’t want to use it even though I had bought this. Read again, 5000+ users asked this in your own forum.

  22. Benedikt von Reis says:

    Doesn’t work on my Xperia z with android 4.2.2 i can install the app but if i Run it there are no New Features only a New Feedback Button of course i used the beta and Not the other app. Can you help me?

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      Hi – please come onto the VIP Community and we’ll try to hep you out (we can show screenshots and things).
      The way to access the new modes is not in the Settings menu itself but in the launcher that comes up when you press the SwiftKey button on the keyboard, so the Settings menu will look pretty much the same apart from the feedback button.

  23. Marius Anghel says:

    Can’t resize the key height anymore which is a deal breaker for me since the standard size is too big

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      Hey Marius – you can now choose from 5 sizes instead of 3! When you press the SwiftKey button you get the option to go to Settings, to change mode or to resize.

  24. Nazir says:

    I would rather have a smartphone that gives the manufacturer

  25. T.j. Gibson says:

    I love swiftkey but I recently looked at TouchPal X keyboard and it’s flick emoji gesture is amazing. Can we implement that into an update?

  26. Виталий Яковлев says:

    Switch voice recognition at settings at on means hide voice recognition button… It doesn’t care which language is active….

  27. Mike Harrison says:

    I to am awaiting option as well for dedicated number keys !

  28. Skolar72 says:

    Hi I would also love to have the option for a row of number keys. A dedicated tab key would be great too. Thanks

  29. Mark McKinney says:

    Can we get an option to set the transparency of the keyboard? It goes transparent while you move it around, but I’d like it if we were able to completely set it to a desired transparency level. A slider that goes from completely opaque to transparent would be ideal. Loving the beta so far besides that and the lack of an optional number row.

  30. Stuntman06 says:

    I gave the beta a try. I use a Samsung Galaxy S3 that has a 4.8″ screen. I had used SwiftKey for several months, but switched to Kii because Kii had better layouts that I like more. Even the original split layout in landscape wasn’t to my liking as I still find myself stretching my thumbs to reach the keys towards the middle of the screen. I was hoping the tablet layout were more to my liking, but they were not.
    I liked having the keys split and close to the left and right sides of the screen in landscape. However, the tablet split layout just wasn’t made for 5″ phones. The two handles below each half of the split layout takes up too much space. It pushes the keyboard up and blocks a significant portion of the screen. I guess it was meant for tablets with much larger screens. I was hoping for a landscape keyboard that splits the keys more so than the default landscape split layout.
    I really wanted to like this, but the layout just wasn’t for me. I’m going to continue using Kii keyboard with its 13-key split layout in landscape. Although SwiftKey’s auto-correct/text prediction is better than Kii’s, the Kii layout enables me to type with much fewer errors and overall allows me to type better on my phone.

  31. Guest says:

    Am I an idiot? Where is the option to change modes?

  32. DJOK Balls says:

    I’d like to have an option to disable auto space after typing point, and the number row at the top is good idea

  33. Alroger Jr says:

    Wow, nice layout options! Split and floating = AWESOME!
    Now please, to the basics:
    option to DISABLE text correction / dictionaries / predictions
    Google Hangouts: where’s the ENTER key? emote by default?!?!?! holding it and pressing it again (really unproductive) = New Line, not ENTER.

  34. peter coker says:

    I would love if you can also include, handwriting recognition feature for S-pen (samsung galaxy note 2 and 3) or stylistI pens for tablets in this SwiftKey beta 4.3

  35. Muhannad says:

    How do we switch between languages?

    I can’t slide the space bar!

  36. David Metzger says:

    I’m having trouble installing. After I dl the beta link, i tap on it to install, but when I tap install it does nothing. I can only hit cancel. I currently have the Play Store version of SwiftKey Flow installed, but can’t install the beta with the new features. Please help… Thanks

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      Hi David – sometimes Chrome’s bandwidth management settings make it difficult to download larger files, Try another browser, or go into the Settings and turn this off, or download on your computer and email the app to yourself.

      • Chia Rhun Kwa says:

        Hi, I’ve tried downloading it with Chrome, default Internet browser, and Opera… none of them work. I’ve also tried sending it to my Gmail and opening it on my phone, but still it doesn’t work. It’s always the same problem – the install button is just unresponsive. I’m using an HTC One. Please help!

  37. Jonas says:

    Can you have more themes like cobalt in different color scheme or dusk in different color scheme?

  38. Jonas says:

    I have all the errors in the swiftkey beta!!

  39. Jonas says:

    Feature request: Please have an option to resize the key height and width.

  40. Just downloaded & LOVE IT! Tweeted about it [ @michael_greer ] & posted to Google plus & Facebook. You guys knocked it out of the park with this one! [Tiny issue: “comma” popup character doesn’t activate on the split/thumb keyboard — Asus Transformer, ICS — but really… who cares? Everything else is wonderful!]

  41. ejdeleon says:

    My body is ready for this.

  42. titoneroni says:

    fantastic peace of software. When some kind of GOOD llight theme? I mean just like the ios7 one.

  43. Nicolas de Camaret says:

    Yet no Emoji support!

  44. Nestor says:

    I’m not liking how the settings shortcut and numerical switch is now two different buttons. The old version is better since we switch to numbers so much more often than needing to go to settings.. please merge that two into one again!

  45. Arya Putra says:

    Numbers row above keyboard, please!! And even TouchPal X have Emoji support..come on!!

  46. S0und says:

    Devs of Swiftkey, copy this ->

    I want to change the height and the WIDTH of the keyboard. You are almost there!

  47. James Z says:

    when does this come out of beta

  48. Alessio Scaccia says:

    Is there an option to be notified when a new beta/new stable version is out?

  49. Chia Rhun Kwa says:

    I can’t install it. I’ve tried downloading it with Google Chrome, default browser, Opera Mobile, and I’ve even tried downloading it on my desktop, emailing it myself, then opening it on my phone with Gmail app. I’ve also tried opening the file with Astro file manager. Each time, the same thing happens – the Install button is unresponsive. I can only press Cancel. Needless to say, this is disappointing. Please work out a fix ASAP. I’m using an HTC One.

  50. David Ha says:

    Dear folks at SwiftKey, please give users the ability to configure their keyboard instance with a dedicated number row. I’ve enjoyed Flow as a VIP for awhile, but I had to dump you for the stock Samsung keyboard. It’s the best of both worlds: Flow functionality AND a dedicated numbers row.

  51. Carlo Razzeto says:

    The keyboard is too high, that’s my only complaint. Maybe it’s because I was running phone SwiftKey on my nexus 7 before, when I configured it for the shortest setting it was fairly short. I actually got to like that a lot. I would love for the new version to shrink a bit more. I feel the swiftkey tablet edition (trial) I ran for some time was shorter too.

  52. LordJCS says:

    Swiftkey staff has done it yet again. You guys never seize to amaze me. I absolutely love your work. Keep it up.

  53. Quirken says:

    Physical keyboard is STILL broken. They’ve been broken since the
    release of Swiftkey Cloud. FIX IT ALREADY. I don’t need a full-screen
    keyboard if I’m typing with hardware buttons…

    After a fresh install of SwiftKey, the first time I type a hardware keyboard, it detects it and shows a notification. But hardware keyboard is disabled in settings.

    Moving back to TouchPal.

    For reference, this was reported as a bug several months ago. No SwiftKey response at all. There are 80 votes to get this fixed, and SwiftKey hasn’t even said “Sorry, won’t fix.” or “Looking into this.” No response at all. Instead, they add floating keyboard. What use is a floating keyboard when your keyboard isn’t working in the first place?

  54. Luiz Arthur says:

    Não aparece as opções para ativar no Galaxy Nexus… Tenho a versão paga instalada… Tenho que excluir ela? Brasil – Português

    No aguardo…

    Luiz Arthur

  55. Travis Tabbal says:

    A couple suggestions, overall I like it on my Note2.

    Please add a dedicated number row option!

    Also please save the settings for size and dock/undock state. Even better include position. It works until I turn off the screen. Then it defaults back to the normal docked state.

  56. Delusion Buster says:

    Luvvit on my Galaxy S4. Will probably revert back to the old Samsung keyboard when I once again get fed up with the ommission of the numbers line…

  57. AlexS77 says:

    How does that resizing and moving work? I’ve got the beta installed and use it on my Nexus 7. Now what do I do.

  58. Marifel says:

    Does anyone know how to take off SwiftKey beta? I liked my keyboard before I got this one :/

  59. Ernest says:

    How get it to open after download on Nexus 7 hd? Keep getting message can’t open file after I download and try to open. Any help greatly appreciated.

  60. Mutaz J says:

    Arabic language is faulty it only shows as english letters not arabic ones….

  61. $30328486 says:

    Still no symbols №, «», –, …
    So, I continue to use Swype, which is has these symbols.

  62. oodworld says:


  63. Jauhari says:

    Does this BETA containing Auto Completes Features?

  64. anders gullander says:

    just bought the tablet version after putting it off an “suffering” with the normal version on my tablet. any other app an i would complain but with swiftkey i’m happy to send some extra bucks there way.. keep up the excellent work!

  65. Mirza Mahmoud says:

    I have tried it, The English keyboard works really well on my new device and I love it so much, I can type really fast with it, But the Arabic keyboard is totally dysfunctional! It’s doesn’t even appear even when you choose it, I have tried to keep the Arabic keyboard alone; it didn’t work, I also tried to change the theme I thought it would be from the theme but it also didn’t work, so I hope you fix it, other than that it’s working well so far, great job and good luck.

  66. Guest says:

    Great work but it’s kinda weird I can’t switch between languages at the beta version, it appears like this for me even I put two languages …

    Your help appreciated

  67. Guest says:

    Great work but it’s kinda
    weird I can’t switch between languages at the beta version, it appears
    like this for me even I put two languages …

    Your help appreciated

  68. Mohammed Ramsey Munir Bashir says:

    Great work but it’s kinda weird I can’t switch between languages at the beta version, it appears like the photo for me even I put two languages …

    Your help appreciated

  69. khalim says:

    Good day! Using your keyboard more than a year to write it is very convenient! I ask You to include in the beta version of the function of the “Clipboard”. Sincerely, a loyal fan SwiftKey!

  70. Kris Rowlands says:

    Has custom auto-text been include in this? I know that there were a TON of requests for this when I last looked at the forum…… @Ben Medlock???

    As a matter of fact, this has over 5055 votes – to enable additions and editing of the user dictionary. Has this been addressed?

    Said they were “looking into it” two years ago….really? With this newest beta, how many of the top voted requests on the forum were implemented? I see emojis weren’t. Does Swiftkey Care? Apparently NOT.

  71. Nanananana~ says:

    yes, number row keys at the top. just what everyone wants…
    emojis also. 🙂

    themes themes themes , OMG i love new themes XD
    and oh sometimes if i type the letters doesnt appear. 🙁

  72. mitch says:

    should be great see many and many other themes or why not render it more customable by ourself.

  73. Lance Druger says:

    Will it predict for the email address field yet?

  74. Rishi Sethi says:

    Heya.I m an Indian and wanna buy this keyboard full version (discounted) for my phone but I am not able to..coz Google wallet doesn’t support Indian cards.
    Please provide a link where I can buy from your site directly..

  75. dawabz94 says:

    Row number
    Add transparency option when undocked
    Remember landscape and portrait configuration, even after stdBy
    support 3rd party themes

  76. Aamir Jamal says:

    Can you guys include the ability to change the keyboard themes to custom colors? For example, the Neon theme (which is blue) has a white version (Pitch).

    I’d love to be able to tweak the colors as per my liking to suit my phone’s overall theme (:

  77. Maciej says:

    I agree that having an optional number row for phone and tablet would be great.

  78. Ankit Khandelwal says:

    A small request – Please replace with in email choice option. Microsoft has closed hotmail and live and replaced them with Outlook.

  79. Nick Christen says:

    Number Row!!!!! Yes!!!! Do it!!!!

  80. Emre Oktar says:

    I think the tablet and phone versions will be merged. I already have the paid version for phone but don’t have the tablet version. Will I be eligible to download the new version after it is out of beta phase?

  81. BrandoHD says:

    Can you guys take the auto correct down a few notches, or at least give me an option to adjust how aggressive it is, this new beta take the auto correction to a whole other level and it is becoming quite annoying.

    It no longer auto corrects, it just wants to change everything I type, what’s the rational in changing “lmao” to “Liam” or “lolol” to “local” those letters are not even remotely close to each other, why is it coming up with these suggestions??

  82. Gabe Lopez says:

    Anyone else having a problem with It not installing on the note 3?

  83. Guest says:

    I would love to have SwiftKey work better with the note 3 pen . When I pull it out offer a link to pen input options .

  84. Nigel Dhillon says:

    Any chance of having the tab key on the main keyboard?

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