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New Material Design theme pack arrives in the SwiftKey Store

17th November 2014

Hi everyone,

Last month, we introduced two themes inspired by Google’s Material Design to the SwiftKey Store: Material Light and Material Dark. Today, we’re excited to add a brand new theme pack to our Material family, based on your feedback, that includes 3 new Material themes, plus 2 new minimal versions of Material Light and Material Dark. Say hello to Minimal Material Light, Minimal Material Dark, Material Orange, Material Pink and Material Phosphor Green, which has a retro tech feel for the hacker in all of us. Check them out:

Minimal Material Light SwiftKey3





Minimal Material Light and Minimal Material Dark are designed for those who like the look of our first Material-inspired themes, but prefer them without key boundaries or secondary characters. Material Orange, Material Pink and Material Phosphor Green have lower contrast key boundaries on the number pad. Take a look at the detail on Material Orange below:


You can pick up this new theme pack from the SwiftKey Store for $2.99, or each of the themes individually for $0.99. We’re loving the clean, sleek look of these themes with their bold pops of color that coordinate perfectly with Google’s new design language.

If you haven’t already, download SwiftKey Keyboard for Android from Google Play and check out how these new themes look in the SwiftKey Store.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on the new themes, so please let us know on Twitter, where you can tweet to us @SwiftKey. Make sure you tag #swiftkey and #material!

Nicky and the Comms Team

26 responses to “New Material Design theme pack arrives in the SwiftKey Store”

  1. At least one of them should be free… I didn’t pay for Swiftkey just for a bunch of ugly themes…

    • gbcox says:

      The current SwiftKey app is free. Anyone can download and use it at no charge. In addition, when SwiftKey changed to the free app, they gave all the previous paid users the Premier pack of 10 themes – the value of which was more than what they had originally paid. You can of course continue to use the “Legacy” app, but the new app has more features and functionality – so you’re losing out by not upgrading and claiming your Premier pack of themes.

      • “the value of which was more than what they had originally paid”? I disagree, more like “the price of which was more than what they had originally paid”.

      • PuzzledObserver says:

        Disagreed. The Premium pack offered to paid users is ugly. It’s a kind of trash quickly designed to get rid of the paid users complaints. There are 10 themes in this pack and I use NONE of them. Swiftkey must rather give paid users the credits to pick 10 themes of their choice. This I would call it professional. Also, to use theme, you must be connected to the Swiftkey cloud. What is that BS of design?!?!

        • Sean Brown says:

          I’m not understanding what you mean. Do you mean to say that SwiftKey doesn’t allow it’s users to download the themes they want to? What do you mean when you say ‘paid users get ten free themes’ ? Do all paid users get these themes? I thought that SwiftKey was free, so why are you talking about when you say ‘paid users’ ?

    • Sean Brown says:

      I agree, we shouldn’t have to pay for every single theme. Some of them are really good, however most of them—with respect to SwiftKey—are shit. For example, take the themes above, out of all of them the only ones that actually seem to be worth anything is the minimal material light and minimal material dark themes. Some of the themes leave much to be desired, yet still retain their prices. Come on SwiftKey! You can do better!

  2. Lynda Berman says:

    Gorgeous! I love the pink!

  3. Kilimanjaro says:

    One free would be really nice!

  4. wh1te_mag1c says:

    Not a fan of material-inspired keyboard themes, in general. Nickel is the best theme!

  5. भोकाली says:

    Wow, WTF, i don’t buy the logic of charging your users for updates. I do
    understand that your business model works on selling themes but at
    least one with material design should be free. I did supported the dev.
    by purchasing the app at the first place.

    • garychencool says:

      You do know that many software companies charge users for updates? For an example, you don’t see Microsoft making Windows updates from 7 to 8 for free or Office 2010 to 2013 for free. Businesses are different and have different business models. No one is forcing you to buy the theme(s) either.

  6. Richard Tan says:

    SwiftKey, you should also include the other two material themes. If you do and even charge $3.49 I would probably get it… As of now I wait till you do it

  7. Ikmal says:

    excited at first, when I thought it’s free 🙁

  8. Vinyl Scratch says:

    I’d totally buy the dark minimal material theme if the accent color was the same medium blue as the light minimal material theme. I love me some flat blue keyboards.

  9. Eduardo Maia says:

    Great app, dedicated number row missing It would be a good idea to add a dedicated number row to the keyboard (at least have an option to enable such row) specially given the size of the screen of most phones nowadays.

  10. Cool Google doesnt use to bring new things in its keyboard . But now it seems that they have started. It gonna snatch lots of switchkey users :p

    Well now I am waiting for the next update from Google that I found here on Hacker news.

    The articles says that Google will be bringing a Keyboard by using which two users can chat in different languages. here is the link –

    Well lets see when Google will roll this.

  11. Captain jack says:

    I can’t buy a single theme because I don’t have a credit card…. Please look into the matter of introducing carrier billing…

  12. Stephanie says:

    Any of the sad Bastards (read: me) who paid for both the paid version of the keyboard on phone AND tablet should get all themes for free. I love your product, really I do, but never did I feel more f’ed over than when they consolidated the tablet and phone app, with NO compensation, then THAT app went free. Bullshit.

  13. Hoang Huynh says:

    Please fix this critical bug in your Vietnamese keyboard. Sorry for spaming but this bug has been reported for months and no one cares.

  14. Emre Özçelik says:

    I just bought Material theme pack. I think it must also include other Material themes. This package named as “Material”, right?

  15. dontsh00tmesanta says:

    I bought it years ago but doesn’t work

  16. dontsh00tmesanta says:

    Windows 8?

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