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New SwiftKey 4.4.3 update

13th February 2014

Hi everyone,

We have a new update to the SwiftKey keyboard today which you can find in Google Play!

This new version brings some handy bug fixes and tackles some of the issues you’ve flagged to us on the forums.

Here are the highlights in SwiftKey 4.4.3:

  • Improves and adds fixes for language pack management (both personal language models and the download process)
  • Fixes for problems with some keyboard layouts, such as Spanish, that were defaulting to QWERTY
  • Improvements with dealing with personalization requests in general, including a specific fix for Twitter addressing changes to Twitter’s API
  • Fix for the issue where the bottom row of the keyboard is obscured by the menu bar (Meizu Mx2, Mx3 , HTC DNA)
  • Resolved some minor app-specific issues.

We’ve also uploaded this new update to Amazon Appstore and it will be available once it has been verified by them.

Thanks again to everyone who leaves comments and feedback in the forums – it helps us zap bugs and develop new feature ideas.

Kind regards,
The SwiftKey Team

PS SwiftKey beta with emoji support expiring? Don’t worry – there’s a new one here.

20 responses to “New SwiftKey 4.4.3 update”

  1. Charles Heller says:

    You guys should really look into having an option to get rid of pop-up keys, it gets kind of annoying.

  2. Pam Oakea says:

    I’ve been using the beta version bc of the number row and emoji support but miss all my saved words and abbreviations in regular SwiftKey. It works great in beta and want to know when we might see it included on the regular version.

  3. Emmanuel Francès says:

    Please add the possibility to choose languages one by one when typing. To have 3 languages at the same time is not so helpfully. I use at lest 4 languages, the process to add a new languages is not very quick. And I think, the app should be more effective with just one langusges to predict. Who use 3 langages in a same message or text?
    Perhaps a slide in the space bar to change betwen languages will be a good idea…

    • Alessandro Lorandi says:

      I agree. A slide in the space bar or a programmable key..

    • Milton Perez says:

      Please correct me if I’m wrong but I use 2 languages and I have option to slide between languages on the space bar already. Don’t remember activating anything, just worked out of the box. Truthfully, it’s annoying occasionally since it’ll switch languages while typing.

  4. Paarth Desai says:

    when will the emoji update be offiicial ….

  5. Ale Flärdh says:

    how long will i have to wait before you realize that not having the option to save a non-capitalized version of the words you, for some reason, decided to add as capitalized by default, is a way more of a nuisance than of help. if I wanna say something like “try to Google it”, I’m not referring to the company “Google”, but to the act of searching for something on the Internet. the capital G therefore has no place in this sentence. (this is mainly an issue for flow users, but omg is it annoying even with normal typing.) since I don’t wanna look like a retard when I type, and I always (read: ALWAYS!!) wanna manually capitalize a word when I write it (names included), I’ll have have to stay off of this otherwise awesome keyboard until this is fixed..

  6. Friedrich FO says:

    You haven’t fixed anything with this update! Swiftkey just crashes when I try to load a language; and without it the keyboard is worse than useless. Thank you not a bit.
    (Android 2.2 running on Samsung Galaxy S3 wifi.)

    • Alys S says:

      Same thing on mine. Not sure of Android OS version, but I have an older Motorola Triumph with Virgin Mobile. Newest update rendered the app completely nonfunctional!

  7. MrDayOff says:

    Dear de developers,

    I’m using SwiftKey for a couple of years, and love it. But there are two things missing while working on my Note 3 or Note 10.1

    The tab-key is to far away hided in the keyboard (or for not SwiftKey users totaly not available, a big frustration for much android users).
    It would be nice when you can put this function in the spacebar (long press and/or swipe it, swipe would be great and logical).

    The second thing is language switch, i’m using Dutch as default, but love to change it to English when i’m on the internet. Can you put that in your hotmenu above the 123 key? Language switch, and 2 or 3 most used by user, or selected in settings menu. Make it please direct available with one tab in the hotmenu, so it will be easy and fast to switch. Something like that.

    Thanks for the good work!
    Looking out for the upadate 😉


  8. Виталий Яковлев says:

    more then 60Mb for keyboard… oh my God! Please, optimize!

  9. Douglas King says:

    Ever since this update my swiftkey wont work. I had swiftkey legacy. Then just the other day it says it needs a language pack installed. So I go to it and it just crashes. So I think ok I’ll update to the new swiftkey. Paid $3.99 and now I can’t even go to the settings for swiftkey. It just crashes and I have to force close it. HELP?

  10. Richard says:

    Emoji at oficial app!!!!!!

  11. Jonathan Griffiths says:

    All in all, SwiftKey is the best keyboard option I’ve come across för the nexus 10. However, the option to choose between more than three languages would be very useful – especially for us Europeans. The whole mixed language autocorrect thing is occasionally useful, but mostly I would prefer to only stay in the language I’ve chosen.

    Also, while you’re fixing keyboard layouts, it would be very useful to have a full German keyboard with the äöü and ß in their correct places (the Swedish equivalents are there, why not German?)

  12. dawabz94 says:

    Still no numbers row
    Still no 3rd party theme support, same old boring themes
    Still no transparency for undock keyboard
    Why removing arrow keys on second panel symbol panel (when tapping “{&=”) ?
    Why no arrow key in undocked mode ?
    Still no suppress landscape full screen check box
    ‘Tab’ is so far away

    You’re really good at ignoring most requested features, Swiftkey.

  13. Daniel Jung says:

    I would like to report a bug that annoys me for some time now. Every time I restart the phone, SwiftKey tells me “Warning: No language packs installed!” So I have to select and reinstall (download!) the language packs each day. Needless to say how annoying this is. I payed money for this app and I hope it will be fixed, as it is still the best keyboard I know.

  14. Diego says:

    Even my smartphone being fast, the keyboard is really slow than others I’ve tried. But this is the best keyboard for predictions. I hope emoji support on the next update. I’m using the beta only cuz of it.

  15. Peter Stasch says:

    How do you disable automatic space after the dot???

    example, write: O.G.Alex@

    Very irritating it is

  16. sirsjr says:

    just installed the beta version as missed emojis – should they be in black and white ? mine are yet the publicity on your pages shows them in colour…… I have galaxy s4

  17. Fotis Kallianis says:

    FIX THE BUG FOR LG G ll. It’s more than two months. Wake up!

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