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New SwiftKey beta update with Evernote and Google+ personalization

17th March 2014

Hi everyone,

We’ve got a new update for the SwiftKey beta with emoji support and number row today – be sure to download it before the current version expires!

Download the updated beta

Along with bug fixes, you’ll find two new personalization options – you can now get more accurate predictions by allowing SwiftKey to learn from your Evernote archives or your public Google+ posts. We added Evernote to our personalization list in response to the great feedback we’ve had for SwiftKey Note, our debut app for iPhones and iPads, which includes this feature. G+ has been added as we recognize more and more people are using it to share with their friends. (You can find the SwiftKey team on G+ too.)

This latest beta update also includes improvements to the emoji UI as well as bug fixes – see below for full details.

We really appreciate everyone taking the time to test out these new features and leave us feedback on the VIP Community – beta phases enable us to improve the app and smooth out any issues that might affect performance before we update the Google Play version of the app.

Kind regards,

Evan and the SwiftKey Team

Changelog for the update:

  • Added personalization from Evernote
  • Added personalization from Google+ public posts
  • Improved UI for emoji
  • Improved emoji pane-switching performance
  • New Themes selection menu

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed mentioning people in Google+ posts
  • Quick period after emoji now works
  • Flow experience improved on layouts with main letters on secondary characters
  • Switched email @ button back from to
  • Fixed problem with unsupported emoji being predicted (see a square in the prediction bar)
  • Fixed problem with smartspace inserting spaces between words and punctuation
  • Fixed several force closes and crashes

177 responses to “New SwiftKey beta update with Evernote and Google+ personalization”

  1. Raymond Berger says:

    How do you get to the Emoji in swiftkey?

    • Gamblor77 says:

      Long press the enter key. There is also an option somewhere in the settings that lets u always show emoticons when long pressing enter. With that option off it doesn’t seem to work in all cases (like FB posts) and you need to short press enter instead.

  2. vinothr says:

    inB4 “We need more themes”

  3. Pan Szym says:

    Yes, everything is great but we need more themes

  4. Jonas says:

    Create more themes and let us download them in Swiftkey like Thumb Keyboard.

  5. Lukas Merk says:

    More themes & more options like background image please!

  6. How do I get this to install on my Nexus 5? It downloads but the install button does not work.

  7. franc0x says:

    Please more themes or an option to customize the colors of the themes.

  8. Francesco Deimos Bargagni says:

    The app works great! Now, would you PLEEAAASE make MORE THEMES to download?? Or, at least, make a theme editor so we can build our own… THANK YOU!

    • disqus_csl5BuIfCE says:

      I love this keyboard. We definitely need more themes, and I agree please allow peoplee to make their own, either being able to color buttons and letters within the app, or make are own installable themes. Thank you

  9. AussieB says:

    To echo others, a lot more themes. I only find a couple even usable and am sick of them

  10. xnadax says:

    I much prefer having the emojis separated into pages like the standard Android keyboard has. That way, I can learn that emoji X is on page Y in position Z, which is much faster to navigate to, compared to scrolling in a list.

  11. Pat says:

    Instagram/Twitter usernames issue fixed?

  12. Nathan Phillips says:

    QR Code for direct download of update, enjoy!

  13. Please have the beta program based on how Google recommends it just like FB does it

  14. orlanka says:

    Looks great, no need for any other changes just release the emoji’s in the full version.

    • Everett Bailey says:

      Seriously. Also, show the emojis in color even on pre-KitKat roms. Kii keyboard does (they’re iOS style though). I realize they may not show in color when displayed, depending on the app. Hangouts shows them in color no matter what Android version you use. Let us see in the keyboard what they should look like.

  15. Mark Luna says:

    Making progress. Mentioning in G+ is/was annoying. I’m holding on to the stable release so I can get the full surprise when it finally comes through.

  16. Nadeem Afzal says:

    I am using Xperia SP and this beta version open very slow on it. I am not sure what is the reason behind this bug this could be good if you could check that.
    And on a serious note, I really like Emojis, at least I don’t need to have another keyboard for Emoji.

  17. Daniel Johansson says:

    Will the beta replace the stable version if I install it?

    Edit: Nope. 🙂

  18. Wilson Lim says:

    Really hoping for Chinese language support soon… it’s taking so long

  19. Thomas downing says:

    Thanks guys love it …perhaps make a tbeme or somethins so that the keyboard has outlines only and is transparent..this i think would be useful ad i could see what is going on all the time and not have to constantly hife the keyboard

  20. David says:

    It would be nice to only get English predictions when using the “English (US)” keyboard, and Spanish words predictions when using the “es/es” keyboard.

  21. MrMLK says:

    Is the release version ever going to get the number line?

  22. Camille Williams says:

    We need more themes… Everything else is great but the keyboard is lacking themes and more options for customization.

  23. LoKi 303 says:

    Would be nice if the emoji were in color, rather than black & white. Our am I the only one with this problem?

  24. TJ Pittman says:

    Can we please have lastpass integration? They said they’re on board with it, and i’m sure i’m not the only one who would like this. Thanks!

  25. I believe these updates are pretty good and on par. I feel confident about my investment into this keyboard. I would like to see a clipboard integration since that is pretty standard on most Android devices now. Also, since the keyboard seems to be better and more solid now, why not finally update the stable version of SwiftKey at this point? It seems to have fallen way behind the beta and it’s competition in the marketplace. That’s what we have paid for, not to use a beta! Lastly, please for the love of God add more themes or let us have a color editor to create our own.

    Long story short it is time to update the lackluster stable version now. Please do this since that is what we have paid for! All in all I’m happy with the update, I’m just ready for MORE THEMES in the stable version I have paid for and for it to be caught up and updated to this version in general.

  26. BratPAQ says:

    Is there a way you can also include the emoji font ob the installer? Or at least mention it, or suggest the fonts that can accomodate emoji. The 1st time I installed the beta all my emoji are blank. I had to research and found out that I need to install emoji supported font.

  27. dangeorges says:

    Any way to add a .com key/button?

  28. Kannan says:

    When will this come out of beta?

  29. Replaay says:

    Why emojis are not colored just like in whatsapp for example? It will be really really better than actually…

    • dexter desouza says:

      It is colored it depends on what android version you are running

      • Replaay says:

        I’m using an Xperia Z on Android 4.3 the latest version available for my phone, and when I press enter all the emojis are in black and white… I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a kit Kat rom…

        • Everett Bailey says:

          I’m on 4.3 too and I realize that it only has native support for b&w emojis, but apps like Hangouts for instance have built in support for color emojis even on pre-KitKat roms. It’d be nice to see them in color in the keyboard. Kii keyboard manages to show colored iOS style emojis though my android version doesn’t support those. I realize some apps like facebook will only show me the b&w ones. I’d still like to see them in color in the keyboard, to see what they’ll look like to the people I’m messaging.

  30. Ace Yang says:

    Can’t install; once I download, and get to the installer, I’m not able to press the install button. Everything on that page works(clickong on the Accesses and Canclel, but the “next” button cannot be clicked. Please respond.

  31. Serotonin Cns says:

    more themes plss.. rest all great

  32. Jakob West says:

    I installed the newest beta and my auto correct doesn’t work at all. From a fresh install it just never shows up.

  33. Pavan R Chawla says:

    I had bought a SwiftKey license earlier. Why can’t I use SwiftKey Beta on the same license in the same mobile device? She does SwiftKey Beta get downloaded as a separate app, and why does it expire?

    • Mark Luna says:

      Because the beta is not meant to last forever and if it didn’t expire people would just use the beta indefinitely instead of buying it.

      • Pavan R Chawla says:

        Well, Mark, they’ve done what I was hoping they would — incorporated the SwiftKey Beta features (emoji support etc) to SwiftKey. It was indeed strange that they came out with a FREE Switfkey Beta which had more (the Emoji support, primarily) to offer than their PAID version. But now, good sense has prevailed, and they’ve not only incorpoated the emojis into the paid SwiftKey, but also given away some cool themes for the paid version. So goodbye the beta, and all’s well that ends well. Cheers.

  34. Weirdo says:

    Is there anyway we can customize the inputs for emoji? Like for a certain emoji i would wanna type “lol” and the laughing emoji could pop up..just an idea if possible.

  35. crogs says:

    No, we don’t need themes. We need better correction.Tired of correcting words in the middle of them and having all the letters after the cursor appear after the corrected word.Tired of being one letter off and have it suggest a non-existent. Tired of needing google+ for perzonalization.Tired of limited height adjustment on the keyboard

    Let’s fix some of the basics before worrying about themes

    • JeniSkunk says:

      The first problem you note, crogs, does not exist in the now long depreciated SwiftKey X keyboards. Maybe the devs should take a look at that old code to learn what to do Right.

      • crogs says:

        SwiftKey “X”? Do no know what you mean there. I know I’ve had this problem for as long as I’ve used SwiftKey, and I don’t have it with the Samsung keyboard.

        • mahirh says:

          Ironically, I’ve heard that samsung licences swiftkey and rebrands it for thir phones

          • HarvesterX says:

            I’ve heard the same regarding the keyboards in quite a few OEMs though I’m not sure what to believe we seeing is believing and all these supposed SwiftKey clones are just as bad or worse lol.

            Hey devs… Fleksy took the world’s record, so why can’t this become my daily driver once again? I just tried the latest daily on my g2 and nothing but for a closes. Win.

    • crogs says:

      And let’s add how they crippled the portrait keyboard in tablets. Ditching the up and down cursor keys and shifting the keyboard left. At least before merging the two one could use the phone version on tablets and have a better editing experience. Now you either have to forgo updating and live without a number row and bug fixes and improvements, or you get the dedicated # row and suffer the poor layout and crap editing. And they say they “completed” the solution.

      But let’s have more themes because it’s easy, requires little effort and appeases the masses who value looks over real functionality.

  36. Rich says:

    I press too high and then the number screws up the prediction. The numbers should be excluded!

  37. ZoolWay says:

    When will be the next stable release?

  38. Alexander Dorokhine says:

    Woohoo! They fixed the issue with the bottom row of emoji being hidden by the button bar. Thanks SwiftKey team!

  39. Fellwalker says:

    What about the up and down arrows? On my nexus 7 I don’t get them on the main keyboard. On my nexus 5 which has a significantly smaller screen, I do have them. I know it is not impossible because before I bought SwiftKey I checked it out and used the phone keyboard perfectly happily on both devices until you merged it with the tablet version and stole my arrows

    • crogs says:

      They don’t think we need proper editing functionality on tablets. They think our right thumb is longer than our left so they shifted the keyboard left to move two arrow keys on a cramped row because tablets have so little space compared to smaller phones. Duh…

      This company is bass ackwards when it comes to real functionality. Unfortunately, people that real work on Android devices are a minority. So our voice is barely a whisper when it comes to this sort of thing.

  40. John M says:

    Please bring back the standard enter button. No more smilies!!!

  41. Evaristo says:

    There is no need to add more themes and add the predictions at the top that there are no more. Then you should add back the fact that you delete the word connects when you press the knock, not letter by letter. If there were all these options would keep forever

  42. Emma says:

    Can someone add show or series emojies? ex. doctor who

  43. Papi Chulo says:

    Can we have the emojis In their original colours instead of in black and white? I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes I find it hard to get the emoji I want to use.

  44. Cesar B says:

    I have been unable to sync to my cloud since the last beta update.

  45. TK says:

    Fix thai language please when swipe it always Auto space all word (not same on playstore version) same setting but can’t fix

  46. Peter Majgaard says:

    I can’t use emoijs on Facebook! Is it only me?

  47. Shari Capraro says:

    Help the new update isnt working, help please

  48. Frorque says:

    Going to the linked page on my Android device always takes me to the update from January 11th or so. Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to download the file manually and then somehow get it on my Android. The same thing happened the last 3 times an update forcibly disabled my keyboard.

    Because I prefer to use my phone to do stuff, not in an effort to waste my time, I will switch to Swype and hope that they won’t feel the need to randomly make me unable to use my phone normally with no warning.

  49. Daunte says:

    better corrections please

  50. Adreanna says:

    I lost my predictive text…

  51. Paola says:

    We need flat themes, Gingerbread is long gone! And emoji is as laggy as the last version. Fleksy is great at choosing emoji, even better than Google keyboard. Swiftkey has to improve a LOT when it comes to emoji. Moto G

  52. César Augusto Ramírez Franco says:

    Y U NO use Play Store beta system? 🙁

  53. Shari Capraro says:

    I finally got the download to install…however…NO prediction . How do i het it back?

  54. Eric Shaw says:

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. This beta was mostly focused around a few key bug fixes and features, but we hear you loud and clear on more themes!

    • Fellwalker says:

      Just let me have all of the arrows on my tablet. UP and down as well as left and right.
      I don’t care about themes – surely that is something you could make available to other developers so they could add them, and your community members could create them and make them available for others on your site?

  55. J Diertay says:

    Where’s the flow? It’s got no flow-Joe!

  56. Vlastimil Bartošák says:

    Nice 🙂

  57. geekischic320 says:

    Why are the letters in the prediction row suddenly so much bigger now? I feel like this is what my mother sees with her comically large iPhone font.

  58. crogs says:

    Why are we forced to use google+ for backup syncing? Why don’t you allow syncing with other clouds like dropbox. Most other apps allow backup and sync this way. Many of us don’t care to use google+. Choice please.

  59. Gfo12ce says:

    I’m new to SwiftKey. Been using it for a month and I like it except for one glaring feature that’s missing. It needs custom keyboard shortcuts like in the standard keyboard/dictionary. For example lmk (let me know) omw (on my way) . Can this be added?

  60. Steve Canyon says:

    My emoji are not in color?

  61. Daniel Traynor says:

    I think the only thing letting SwiftKey down at this point is lack of ***BEAUTIFUL*** themes.
    I’m sorry but it has to be said. The current SwiftKey themes are awful (design wise) and majorly need a UI update!
    If you could create a beautiful looking theme like Fleksy keyboard for example then your laughing!
    Until then I will stick with Google’s keyboard.

    Edit: Also Scrolling through Emoji on keyboard is very laggy.
    Nexus 5 ParanoidAndroid 4.2 Beta

    • Fellwalker says:

      Google keyboard is awful. No delay scrolling between emoji screens here.
      What I don’t really like is being offered emoji as one of the autocorrect options. That is a word lost that I might have wanted!
      Nexus 5 stock android 4.4.2

  62. Velogr1992 says:

    Correction is good. Emojis are good to have. But we need the option to be able to disable the autocorrect.

  63. dmaynard says:

    Anyone having issues with the beta version doing random swipes and populating your screen with pages of gibberish? This happened once yesterday and once again this morning. I though it could have been just me yesterday…but this morning it was possessed. Other than that…killer app 🙂

  64. J Diertay says:

    Flow is back .. I’m happy!

  65. Kathryn Dexter says:

    More themes, and more spacing between the characters (think: Samsung Note 3 keyboard.)

  66. Katie O'Leary says:

    Why am i getting prompted to update this so often?? Love the product, its one of those rare utilities that has seamlessly assumed a place in my everydaybhabits, but I find it has been turned off, having expired all too often for a messaging utility. The beauty of swiftkey is LESS thinking, more multitasking, product updates should be discrete and as infrequent as possible.

  67. disqus_csl5BuIfCE says:

    This a great keyboard app , but please allow custom themes to be made or better built in coloring options. Thank you

  68. Chris says:

    Any idea when it will leave beta-status and will be released?

  69. Luke S says:

    I would say everything is great. It’s just needs some performance optimisations. New themes too!
    Also, the Emoji intergration can be laggy at times!

  70. Yusuf says:

    Perhaps incuding an add on that makes the emoji look like the iOS type so we know what we’re gonna use. Especially useful for people who has frequently used iOS emojis or come from the iPhone community

    And maybe more responsiveness, when I type, sometimes, the keyboard lags a bit then types out whatever I typed before/during the lag.

  71. Kayla M says:

    My beta keyboard has been doing this thing where random numbers get thrown in if I start to misspell a word and then it’s not able to correct it. I had to go back to the other keyboard because it was becoming a hassle and taking too long to type. Any what’s wrong? I miss my emoji 🙂

  72. Melsi Cullen says:

    I love this keyboard. But apparently it doesn’t show any predictions anymore? (see the two attached screenshots, the one with the blue ice design is the emoji keyboard, the white one is the normal swiftkey one)

  73. Blessing C. says:

    You need to add emoji to the full version as soon as possible. And the ability to use them in different apps is now a necessity and not a luxury. I actually purchased the full version because of my experience of the Beta

  74. vodaholic says:

    When do we get autotext and editable dictionaries? Basic functions on most keyboards but after it being requested for such a long time by literally thousands of users it seems we’re being ignored!

  75. Adek Zakk says:

    Can you put option to disable emoji? It’s very slow

  76. FIONNA says:


  77. Hilal Almujaini says:

    Add custom @ cause some, @…. @….

  78. Everett Bailey says:

    Show the emojis in color even on pre-KitKat roms. Kii keyboard does (they’re iOS style though). I realize they may not show in color when displayed, depending on the app, but Hangouts shows them in color no matter what Android version you use so let us see in the keyboard what they’re supposed to look like.

  79. Matthew Lynam says:

    We need to improve flow accuracy to match Swype and add the slide word predictions like TouchPal so we could speed up typing. I don’t understand why the best features of other keyboards aren’t implemented.

  80. Pascal says:

    A way to copy and paste from the keyboard would be nice
    (like Swype with swiping to C and V). Also, in an email field (and perhaps
    others) I can’t flow the email address….I have to tap it manually : why is
    that? Swype can swipe the email address. I also feel the flow accuracy is not
    as great as Swype. Words guessed are not the most accurate. Of course, more
    themes is always nice.

  81. waiting says:

    Please display the emoji in color. On my Samsung S4 (SCH-I545), the stock keyboard shows them in color; this Swiftkey beta does not. Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean).

  82. R Williams says:

    On Galaxy S4, Swiftkey Beta crashes spontaneously, even when I’m not using it.

  83. SweKiwi says:

    Which one seems to be preferred by everyone and why?
    SwiftKey or Skype?

  84. bluesand22 says:

    why my emoticon displays in squares?

  85. Avis Narayan says:

    When will these updates come for the paid version?

  86. Juan Ynsa says:

    Hello, because I can not see emoji’s please help! It would be a shame to change keyboard just for that because I love. Please help and already sorry for my English. thanks

  87. Lucas Oliveira says:

    we need make our own themes pleeease!!!!!!!!

  88. Alejandro says:

    This beta works with tablets?

  89. John A Martinelli says:

    Just added SwiftKey beta on my new tablet, and it says I have a limited version. I paid for this app. How do I get the full version

  90. Mohd Fadzli Mohd Ali says:

    Why it didn’t support on my galaxy mega? Blank on emoji..

  91. Machiii says:

    I’m a Note 3 user.

    I’m back with you from Swype because I hadn’t kept up to date to know about the flow option. Now you’ve got it, I’m trying you again.

    I love the beta choice of having numbers on top of the keyboard. I love having arrows down the bottom.

    I love having the voice typing option as Google not Nuance Dragon, like Swype, who own Dragon.

    What frustrated me with the default Android keyboard was just not having the comma, which I use all the time, with its own key. You get this right! However, I would like ? And ! As long press keys on the main keyboard, not sitting as one of several options for long press on the . Key. Far more use than ~ or ^, which could remain with other symbol.

  92. Clemens Pahl says:

    SwiftKey doesn’t work on Multiwindow apps on my Note 2 running KitKat.
    When I opened an app in Multiwindow, and I try to write, the keyboard disappears when I try to touch a key. That only happens on the app that is above. The Multiwindow app on the bottom works normally.

    Also SwiftKey doesn’t work with apps that was opened in pen window…

  93. Mohammed Alhabib says:


    Quick request… Is it possible to add the ability to customize the “@” button?
    To let’s say change “” to “” so we can put our most used domains?

    Thanks for the continuing fixes and updates.

  94. Saeed Parsa says:

    It looks awesome… The only thing I noticed when I switch the language to Farsi, the numbers are still in English and don’t change to Farsi.

  95. Philip K says:

    I am glad you finally added emojis, like the poor keyboard of IOS devices always had. If i only had kitkat theyd be coloured…. Like anyone else said: more themes or skins. Make them some how customizable so Users can make and share their own Designs if you cant be bothered to do so

  96. Saeed Parsa says:

    The emoji are square ⬜ on Samsung galaxy note 8. Please fix it.

  97. Adrian Suri says:

    Well it seems to get better by each release, I know you have been asked about this, but it would be really cool if you could introduce your own hand righting recognition, since you can’t open the Samsung note 3 own…

  98. Everett Bailey says:

    It’s apparent the emoji feature from this beta will never be implemented in the paid version. I know I can use the beta for now but I just want to buy the paid version WITH emoji suport and be done with it. But I’m not gonna buy until what I’m waiting for is impemented. I’m so sick of checking the updates for MONTHS now and STILL it hasn’t rolled out. So I’m done. You lost a sale. I bought Kii keyboard instead and it’s far more advanced. You snooze you lose.

  99. Mladen Spaic says:

    I’m using beta version, how do I enable 5 row number… Is there a option for that
    I found it…. It’s in the theme and layout and there is option there to enable 5 row members

  100. Dane Lehman says:

    I love how they predict emojis after keywords! (example: “key” or “love”) That’s pretty awesome to me. Hope that stays in the official update.

  101. Alexandre says:

    Excellent update, for me most noticeable was lag fix when keypress and number row is appreciated. However I am noticing a lag when minimizing;the Swiftkey keyboard minimizes slower than the app. Tried Google keyboard and it minimizes as fast as window.

  102. Firenze Luca says:

    Hello, you can get these updates automatically beta, having already installed the final version from google play store?

  103. Miguel Graciano says:

    I♥it but i always get double face emojis

  104. Ahmet Yılmaz says:

    Add copy and paste fonctions pls 😉

  105. Rob Watkins says:

    Yes, more themes. The app. is great.

  106. Andro_Sapiens says:

    Emoji are ugly

  107. Miguel Graciano says:

    Enter key won’t work on emoji pages. Love all the new emojies thoe.

  108. olenolen says:

    My predictive text bar is missing and flow typing feature did not work. Help?

  109. Ralph Hazan says:

    Good update but I lost the row with predictions

  110. Pweawy says:

    Japanese and Chinese language support please! 🙂

  111. Felix says:

    It doesn’t work with the new Verizon galaxy s4 update… :c

  112. rbbartho says:

    Where is Spell Checker. Include that as an option. I’m tired of sending misspelled messages.

  113. Patrick Sagay says:

    The beta app doesn’t work on my moto g

  114. Chirag says:

    Keeps crashing on S5

  115. Mark Green says:

    Seems to crash on my girlfriends htc one m7

  116. vikinghorn says:

    Crashing when trying to enable keyboard in settings on Xperia z2

  117. Patrick Sagay says:

    SwiftKey beta doesn’t work on my Moto G. Always getting a feedback of (SwiftKey has stopped working)

  118. Peter Majgaard says:

    Chrashing on galaxy s4 from today!

  119. Miketyler says:

    When is emoji going to be released in play store

  120. Antonella Campostrini says:

    Doesn’t work with HTC OneM8, the app crashes… Please fix!

  121. Jessi says:

    I would like to see integration of the built in black and white emoji seen in the stock Samsung keyboard as well.

  122. I just downloaded the Beta (also have a paid version of the full app) and the Beta keeps crashing before I have a chance to even look at it. (on an S4 W/ up to date firmware).
    Note: the previous version of the Beta worked fine on my phone. What gives?

  123. Chris Newkirk says:

    I can’t use the beta on my Droid DNA. It keeps crashing. Any idea why?

  124. HarvesterX says:

    It’s amazing here. All anyone is worried about are emojis. Seriously you guys and gals are making it too easy on the developers. Instead of stroking their ego, get them to attempt to raise the bar again and compete. SwiftKey is getting left way behind.

  125. Note II just arrived after smashing my old Note II and beta crashing on and on:
    Android 4.3
    The thing is that I had the beta on my old Note II and I can’t understand why is not working…

    Thanks for your time!

  126. Antone says:

    Try to complete step 3 for better personalization on Moto X and it crashes at that step of setup every time.

  127. Jan says:

    FC on WIKO Highway…

  128. Víctor Mota says:

    The beta is better than the original I’ve purchased it for nothing. . ;s

  129. Adam says:

    Got the new emoji beta but it doesn’t predict words anymore!? Someone please help and I haveswype disabled so no idea why it doesn’t work

  130. RaoulWB says:

    doesn’t work on Alcatel Smart mini

  131. Ekvall says:

    Flow dont work after the update!

  132. Steve Olson says:

    The new update will not install on my GS4 Android 4.2.2

  133. Ropebender says:

    Tried to install yesterday but i got a zip file that wouldnt install. Tried installing today and it downloaded normally, but did not install. Old beta expired , flow not working and neither is prediction. Don’t want to switch back to the full version cause i love the number row. Help!

  134. Doczaky81 says:

    Samsung note 2
    4.4.2 stock, crash 🙁

  135. Erica Akiyama says:

    I came from go keyboard and everything about swift key is better except theme availability. It would even be sweet if you guys could make an app we download and make our own themes and then we could browse through a site where we could download eachothers themes from the community of SwiftKey groupies!! =)

  136. Ger Ry says:

    pls add personalization from whatapp and threema 😀

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