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New SwiftKey Flow Beta

4th January 2013

Update 28th January 2013 – see our latest blog post for the newest Beta


Hi there SwiftKey fans,

Many thanks for all of your feedback regarding SwiftKey Flow beta, it has been really helpful to hear what you love, what you’re not so sure of, and of course your bug reports.

While we’ve been gathering up your feedback our developers have not been resting – they’ve been working hard on a number of performance enhancements to make SwiftKey Flow work faster and more smoothly on your devices.

Please download these APKs and leave us your feedback on our VIP Community – your comments can help shape the future of SwiftKey.

Watch this space for more updates and new features based on feedback from our awesome VIPs.

Cheers, Charlie

SwiftKey Flow Beta changelog

  • Flow-through-space autocommit: if you flow-through space but mess up your last word, all the prior words will be inserted (instead of losing all the words)
  • Flow in landscape on tablets (not on split layout with numpad)
  • Battery usage improved (when flowing and when not in use)
  • Performance of flowing and tapping improved
  • Longpress of bottom-right (smiley/enter) button now works
  • Fixed some force close issues
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Predictions not lost when changing keyboard layout (e.g to symbols)
  • Fixed DOuble CApitalization issue

Things to be aware of:

  • Flowing currently only works in fields where you see the prediction bar: in fields that have their own prediction or completion there is no prediction bar and therefore no Flow (e.g. URL bars, search bars, the “to” field of an email)
  • Flow-through-space only works in languages where smart space works – in some languages this is turned off because words are often made by combining other words together,and so smart space would divide up words that you want to keep as one. Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi), Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukranian, Urdu may not work with Flow-through-space
  • SwiftKey Flow Beta does not currently contain any features that were new in SwiftKey 3.1 (Berry theme, new languages, split layout in landscape for normal-sized devices)
  • Slide-left-to-delete a whole word does not work when Flowing is enabled – instead try holding down the backspace key to delete word-by-word

Known issues:

  • Flow trail is sometimes left on the screen at the end of a word
  • Personalization service continues running when it has finished
  • Memory usage is still higher than we would like
  • Flow trail is very faint on some CyanogenMod ROMs
  • Force closes on Motorola Atrix and LG G2X with custom ROMs >= 4.0
  • If a language pack is downloaded while typing the keyboard is not refreshed
  • Predictions are too large on LDPI devices
  • Predictions occasionally lost when alternately backspacing/spacing at the end of a word
  • Ukrainian spit layout is broken
  • Estonian words containing ö are not predicted
  • Arrow keys do not repeat on longpress


145 responses to “New SwiftKey Flow Beta”

  1. Scott Evans says:

    Awesome! a big thanks to the development team 🙂

  2. Wes Turner says:

    Why can I not flow in certain areas like google search box’s and other form entry areas? Whereas I can with swype?

  3. gbuffs says:

    @ Wes Turner, They are aware of it. As it states above where it says: Things to be aware of. The thing that bothers me is when i go back to fix a word, I have to put the cursor at the end of the word to insert a prediction. Otherwise it will insert the word inside the middle of the word I’m trying to replace and then I have two words all jumbled up. Why can’t I just tap anywhere on the word and have it replace it like it does on Swype?

    • Carl says:

      You nailed it on the head. This is the main reason I’m still on Swype. Fixing corrections became too laborious.

    • hawkhead69 says:

      +1 on this. I like speed swiping and that includes correction time. This “cursor must be at the end or word gets inserted within the existing word” makes correcting way too time consuming. I tried swiftkey beta for two days and this bug drove me back to Swype. This, and not being able to flow in url boxes and the other mentioned places.

    • Lauraquarius says:

      You need to select the word you want in the prediction list. Look at what word your selecting before you hit space.

  4. Nikolaus Wittenstein says:

    I agree with Wes – every time I’m in a field with built-in predictions, like Google Maps Search or any URL bar, it aggravates me that I can’t use SwiftKey predictions (or Flow). Because I can use Swype in these input fields, I had hoped that Flow would work as well. Please make this an option, even if you put it under “advanced” and make me swear I won’t complain if something messes up.

    • gte460z says:

      This request has been stated on the forums so many times with no explanation of why they are so resistant to it other than “it’s Google’s standard for not allowing predictions in those fields.” We aren’t asking for predictions, just give us an option to enable flow in all fields (like Swype)! Until then, it will be Swype for me.

      • Which, it’s worth pointing out, google’s keyboard definitely allows. You can easily swipe in any field using the 4,2 keyboard, as well as any other swipe enabled keyboard.

      • Rubslopes says:

        I think the reason is that flow simply can’t work without predictions.
        When it detects your finger movements, it compares them with a list of possible words and chooses the options with highest probability.

      • Ryan says:

        well, if that’s the only reason (and as stated below, that is a standard that even google’s stock 4.2 gesture keyboard disregards) and swiftkey sticks to this position as this exits beta, I can certainly say I won’t be purchasing.

      • mcored says:

        This is exactly the reason why I had to stop using SwiftKey Flow because in Maps etc. I could not swipe; however, using Swype I could.

        • Dion Chong says:

          I agree. I’ve been swapping back to the default 4.2 keyboard on my Nexus 7 so often its barely worth it to keep using Flow, since the flow option barely ever pops up. At least the default keyboard will insert predictions independent of the bar

    • crimsonablue says:

      I stopped using Swiftkey Flow because of this reason. I use my browser’s address bar a lot. I use Google Maps a lot. I also log into many websites a lot. I also Swype a person’s name to send them an email a lot. Since Flow is disabled for all of these, it’s driven me bananas, to the point I rather stick with the current Swype beta, even with the crippling corrupting dictionary bug! That’s saying a lot.

      • crimsonablue says:

        I’ve also added my email address to my Swype dictionary, which helps with logging into websites. One (long) gesture in Swype, a completely broken experience in Swiftkey Flow

    • John Crouchley says:

      I have switched back to Skype with all its faults because of this.

    • borkbork says:

      SlideIT also works in search bars and such.

      • Agreed. SlideIT performs this just fine as does the JB swipe keyboard. I run the JB swipe keyboard as a download on my 4.1 TAB2 10.1 and want to find the same on my Desire HD 2.3.4 phone. I regularly want to swipe in address bars for search in chrome, or ebay’s search. SlideIT on my desire does this fine but doesn’t have a british dictionary. Swiftkey flow looks good but must have this operation to match google’s standard that they’ve set with the 4.2 swipe keyboard. Sorry but now having to check out swype on the strength of your own blog alone 🙁

    • David Newbury says:

      +one for this. Given how many ppl requested it before I am surprised it isn’t in this update or listed in the “Things to be aware of:” section as coming. Back to swype.

    • Pete Lazic says:

      Yes, so annoying. Using this keyboard feels like driving Lamborghini bumper to bumper… type, then woohooo 🙂 gliiiiideee… (oh wait NO!!!), t y.. t.. y… p e… oh yeah – gliiiideeee… (whats that? NOT again)… t y. p. e (frustration) and changing in settings back to Swype keyboard 🙁

  5. PhilRingsmuth says:

    Huge thank-you to the SwiftKey developers for their work on this. This keyboards is hands-down the best one I’ve ever used and I’m happy to be a beta tester for them.

  6. The flow thru auto commit is hit or miss. The first one it did save the words of messing up. But, for example, when I tried to flow thru messing up, it wouldn’t save either word. Feels much smoother though.

  7. AndroidProfit says:

    Thanks for all your hard work on this. I do hope it improves but flow was so inaccurate that it prompted me to go back to Swype which I hadn’t used for over a year.

  8. wickets says:

    thanks for the update….very much appreciated

  9. DL says:

    I’m with @ Gino Butta… It is way too hard to change words that are not predicted correctly. Thankfully the predictions are way more accurate than Swype’s predictions but still… it’s so hard to change them when they are wrong it makes using Flow a far less enjoyable experience than it could be. And if they do change this feature I hope there will be more than three options.

  10. mkl99 says:

    Meh…let me know when you make it work in ALL fields like Swype

  11. parkerjh says:

    I can’t fnd the setting to show my flow trail. Is that gone? How do I enable it? (Flow itself is working: I just want to see the trail)

  12. Michael Neese says:

    I’m still getting a good deal of lag when using flow within web pages using Chrome. I’m using a Transformer Prime with stock (unrooted) Jelly Bean. The lag is present in many other applications but within Chrome seems to be worse. The lag becomes problematic when entering passwords. An individual character press can take upward of 1-2 seconds to register but I have already moved on to a long-press character (number or string character) which seems to confuse the keyboard and I get an incorrect input. When I switch to the ASUS keyboard, the lag disappears and I’m able to enter passwords at my own pace.

  13. David Mitov says:

    Has anyone else noticed that when you are flowing on certain “tight” areas it doesn’t register the little movements? For instance when i write a word that all it’s characters are in one small area. I forget the word that i keep having this issue happen with but it’s deffinately near the T to the F and all the way to the left (that little pocket of letters)

  14. ranova says:

    PLEASE add an OPTION to add a number row at the top of the keyboard (like Kii keyboard allows). With such high res screens out, this makes entering addresses, phone numbers passwords, etc much easier

  15. r1fo says:

    Just want to say that you guys make the best keyboard on the market – thank you for your hard work! I’m a convert from Swype because of the near mind-reading capabilities of the prediction algorithms you use. Adding in the flow aspect only makes it better.

    • Tommy Peel says:

      +1000(I’ve tried most of them; the Swiftkey X trial got me hooked) I couldn’t stand Swype’s difficulty of “tap typing”; I liked the Swype for texting but found it useless for URLs and such. With the new Flow Beta I get the best of both worlds; Swiftkey’s great “tap typing” and prediction combined with the “flow typing”.

  16. Sherman Doll says:

    I’ve been loving Flow on my HTC 4G LTE and Acer Iconia A700. I’m amazed at how sloppy I can be in my flowing and Flow is able to figure it out. Glad to have Flow in landscape on my tablet. I’m telling everyone about Flow.

  17. ichuck7 says:

    A request I had is an option for the keyboard to automatically switch to the samsung keyboard when you pull out the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I don’t know how that would be feasibly possible. I did vote for it in the forums too.

    Thank you! SwiftKey rocks!

  18. Mizuki Oshiro says:

    It’s unfortunate that you’re still sticking to the principle, as stated in previous forum posts, of disabling Flow in certain text fields. Keep in mind that this is something not even Android’s own 4.2 keyboard follows, and neither does Skype – two of your main competitors. Even Kii doesn’t do it.

    Not enabling Flow in those fields also makes for a jarring experience. One minute I’m flowing happily and a minute later I’m having to stop flowing. It’s a great keyboard, but please enable Flow everywhere.

    • AndroidiMac says:

      Agreed. The only reason I came to comment was to make sure that this issue was brought up and apparently it has- ad nauseum. The experience is so jarring that it is actually driving me back to Android ‘s native gesture typing in 4.2.

  19. drodzand says:

    Loving the new keyboard. My only complaint is that Flow only predicts one word while normal typing gives you three. I have english and spanish dictionaries enabled at the same time and sometimes flow will predict an english word in place of spanish word or vice-versa. This problem would be fixed if it gave me the option of choosing more than one word as Swiftkey usually does (and the stock Android keyboard).

    • dpcucoreinfo says:

      Yes. This is a bit annoying for non-English speakers. In some languages there are words different only by accent (so latin letter sequence is the same, and so the flow is exactly the same). Eg in Polish (Aga vs Agą). Having 3 predictions ready after each flow guesture would help a lot to quickly fix resulting word into the one that we meant.

      • drodzand says:

        Yes! I forgot to mention that. Same thing happens in Spanish and it’s very annoying. What I don’t get is why flow only offers users one option when the normal input method offers more.

        Another annoying thing is that it’ll censor word that it considers profane. I would be fine with this if it gave me the option to turn off that functionality. My main gripe with it
        is that Spanish is spoken in over twenty counties and in some places a word can be considered profane while not in others. For example I can’t never write “coger” in SwiftKey without the system changing it via autocorrect. In Puerto Rico it means “take” the while in other countries it is also used as a vulgar way of referring to sex.

        • andy o says:

          I agree with the accents, it’s the one problem none of these keyboards can solve properly. I have installed right now the latest versions of Kii, Keymonk, Swype, TouchPal, and SK Flow and stock 4.2. The only ones that distinguish accented words from their non-accented counterparts are Swype and SK. The others will just keep offering the same one (non-accented one). So the very common word “tenía” (had) is always input as “tenia” (tapeworm).

          I think SwiftKey is the one with the most potential. I’m still trying but have you tried “flowing through space”? If it works correctly it should choose words depending on which word comes before and after, so it should distinguish words after a while.

          Regarding profane words, I had that problem, but after you type them out first they should come up in the list.

  20. Jon says:

    One feature that is keeping me from using switfkey is the way auto insertion of a word when the space bar is used – specifically after a period is typed to end a sentence. All too often I type a period then hit the space bar which almost always sneaks in an “I” at the beginning of every sentence. Extremely annoying.

  21. Dan says:

    I love Swiftkey. The only thing I’d like to suggest is an option to show an icon of the smiley faces so that is easier to identify.

  22. mwsalazar says:

    I downloaded the new apks and am now unable to use SwiftKey Flow. I have uninstalled and re-installed and am still unable to use it. Anyone else having this issue?

  23. janrif says:

    I am amazed by the speed & accuracy of the 61 beta. There is no question that this app has saved me time. Excellent work developers.

  24. dsalazar15 says:

    Flow isn’t working on my Galaxy S2 running Jelly Bean

  25. p1neapples says:

    Appears not to work on the Nexus 4…cannot install.

  26. Zhono says:

    Still want a button to disable all autofill/autocorrect features. Go ahead and try entering an email somewhere, and type this:

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you become enraged and smash your $600 device.

    It will automatically capitalize every first letter, and put a space after every period. For some input fields these things will be disabled on it’s own, and you can type no problem. But I use numerous sites/apps throughout the day with input fields that these things aren’t disabled, and I have no way to disable them temporarily, and therefore no way to type my info that doesn’t make me want to smash my phone.

  27. Mike K says:

    Love this beta, but gosh darnit–some words like “out” (which require your finger to make an “M” shape across a couple of letters) never come out right! That was one thing I never had an issue with in Swype…hopefully the sensitivity and accuracy continue to be increased.

  28. tekmonkey says:

    Is it possible to edit the dictionary that SwiftKey uses?

  29. Mike Gover says:

    After not being able to use flow to search in my chrome address bar, I reverted to Swype. If using flow is enabled in the address bar (I use it to search), I will update my app and try it again.

  30. Nick Saulino says:

    With “Flow trail is very faint on some CyanogenMod ROMs”

    I have noticed that when I flash the newest nightly build of CM10.1, the Flow trail returs full force, but just for the first use. Then It goes faint. Maybe there’s an odd data saving issue after the first use?

    • andy o says:

      I noticed this at first. But last night I had something else (better). The trail is visible now always. The “problem” is that the color of the trail doesn’t change when you change themes, but it changes when you reload the keyboard (change input methods back and forth). Try doing that. I’m on the latest nightly on a N4. Maybe CM fixed something in the past few days.

  31. Robert M says:

    Can you PLEASE give us an option to get rid of accents in languages that have them before sending a text message? This has been requested many times, and still nothing. Replacing an accented letter with its unaccented equivalent can’t be that difficult. SlideIT implements it perfectly, why can’t SwiftKey?

    • dpcucoreinfo says:

      This is a job of sms application, not keyboard. Just use Go SMS or any other SMS sending application supporting it.

      • Robert M says:

        This is obviously not only the job of an SMS application, otherwise SlideIT (which is a keyboard) wouldn’t be doing it either.

        And what if I need no accents in other applications than just SMS? What if I am typing a document for someone whose system does not support accents? What do I use then? Go SMS won’t help me much, will it?

        FFS, it’s just a simple character substitution, numerous people have been begging for it in the SwiftKey forums for at least a couple of years, and there is no reason for the option not to be offered to those who want/need it.

        • dpcucoreinfo says:

          I am from Poland, I have plenty letters with accents and I have never used application on Android that didn’t support them. The only time I use ąęśćźżł -> aesczzl conversion is when sending sms to save few penies. If an application does not support polish letters it’s broken. It’s XXI century and we have Unicode everywhere now for a decade or more.

          • Robert M says:

            Well I also live in a country where there are lots of accents, and I would still like to have the possibility of turning accents on or off, Unicode or not. Do not assume that your circumstances and solutions apply to everyone, and some people still have to work with “broken” applications.

  32. John says:

    Overall looking good, but so far lacking in symbols and a full spectrum of punctuation. Take a look at the current Kii keyboard beta, long press on the
    [?123] button.

  33. Shill1986 says:

    I dont care what everyone else is saying, im loving every bit of it so far, came out one week after my VZW Note 2 and it’s the only keyboard i use, period. Great work, and i have faith it’ll only get much better.

  34. OZ says:

    Exiting the Swype bandwagon due to their personalization issue. I am liking the simultaneous language feature.

  35. Davide says:

    PLEASE add the possibility to insert double letters in flow mode (in Italian there are a lot of double letters, i.e. Papa=Pope Pappa=Pap). In Swype you make a circle around the key to have it doubled.

  36. Julio Pallares says:

    I like this apk, I can see that it is smooth and the predictions are accurate, one thing I am not able to do (compared to Swype and the Samsung keyboard) is that when I am on internet from my phone and want to search for websites or google information the keyboard does not work, I have to type word by word and letter by letter what I am looking for,

  37. Squeekers says:

    I absolutely love this keyboard. I had tried using Swype several times but every time I did, I ended up switching to something else. For awhile I would call people rather than text because texting was so frustrating with Swype. Flow has a couple minor areas for improvement but it is so much more accurate than Swype that I will never switch back. Even if Flow didn’t exist I would still prefer SwiftKey.

  38. Bernd Urmann says:

    It there a qwertz keyboard available?

  39. Jordan says:

    Flow is great. But I want my red christmas theme back! 🙂

  40. Dion Chong says:

    Huge issue I’m having with flow is that on my phone, I have to basically re download the language pack whenever I restart my phone. I was out of network coverage at the time so I had to swap back to SwiftKey 3 to type.

    Oh, and can we PLEASE get a Canadian English keyboard? I prefer UK spelling for a lot of things, but we don’t use pounds sterling here, which is makes typing dollar amounts on flow tedious

  41. MikeOlson says:

    I need to add to the chorus saying give up on the “no predictions in search fields” thing. I understand the argument… but it’s wrong. If I’m in a search field, I’m still searching for words. If I go into maps and try to type “Chinese Restaurant Seattle, Washington” how much of that do I have to type before the maps app auto-predicts for me? Using a slide keyboard this is basically four hand motions.

    The last few days with Flow have been some of the best mobile keyboard experiences so far, but your stubborn attachment to this arcane design paradigm is ridiculous. The only place when you wouldn’t want Flow (or prediction) is when you’re entering an e-mail address, password, or some other text that won’t be found in the dictionary. I’d recommend you put a button somewhere on the screen to disable prediction (a la SlideIt) for those fields, but in the search fields? Come on.

  42. SwiftKey Flow for tablets (nexus 7 in my case) is an Outstanding app. You have to work hard to get it to make a mistake! A must have keyboard!

  43. Gtl says:

    I really appreciate thatall your job.
    I’m using memorysetswype writing since the beginning.
    Quickly became an adopter of flex t9 keyboard application.
    It was one of the main feature that made me switched from Apple iPhone to Android and Galaxy S.
    I tested others keyboards but flex was the really the best for me.
    I wasn’t using a lot the predictive mode. Swype mode is my priority. Trying the previous swiftkey product but without swype…. So go back to flex t9 .
    When I saw the swiftkey flow with swype I decided to participate to the beta testing.
    But after using it some weeks, my major concern is the memory consumption.
    On my galaxy note 1 swiftkey allocate around

    50Mb compare to flex t9 and default android jb
    keyboard which are around max 10mb.
    So this huge memory consumption is a real limitation to set swiftkey as my default keyboard

    But I’m positive and sure that this issue will be fixed for the final version.

    Regards Gilles

  44. Hopefully there is a way to turn off the auto replacement with predictions which are not as good as Swypes (which I also had turned off). Anyway I see that my old beta was just about to expire and someone must have just realised that, hence the next beta, the late notice combined with the fact that you just can’t even say download beta from within the app is going to make a few people unhappy when the old beta runs out.

  45. Paige says:

    I have a droid razr and the keyboard is simply to small for me even the large size it’s very annoying and the “swipe” feature is a little to slow for me I find other swipe keyboards are much more smoother to use and I really think there should be more word options when swiping because it normally for me guesses the wrong word u am trying to swipe and I also agree that not being able to use swipe and see suggested words when typing in a URL bar very annoying

  46. mscoder610 says:

    I agree with the other users that mentioned that this keyboard is a non-starter as long as you can’t swipe in search bars. Both Swype and Kii Keyboard allow this. Searching in Chrome is super common on my phone, so having to tap each letter in that use case negates the point of supporting swiping in the first place.

  47. Br_d says:

    Swipe right to left starting with the backspace key to delete. Make it so.

  48. dpcucoreinfo says:

    Please give us flow and predictions everywhere! I heard what are reasons to do so and I still think disabling this features in some fields is some great misunderstanding. If I don’t want predictions/flow in some fields I will just not use them and tap every letter instead. Please, be sane about this and hear what users says. At least give it as an option!

  49. Rubslopes says:

    I’ve just installed this new version and have to say it’s awesome. Still a lot to improve (and eating a lot of RAM); but the predictions are better, faster and more precise.
    Thank you!

  50. I cant enabale the flow effect at swiftkey flow beta…i installed it and enable the swiftkey input method with google voice typing and its done! A new keyboard is used but it cant be swype. Anyone…help me

  51. Drakina says:

    I’m an avid swipe to text user and I have been since I bought my very first droid.
    That being said.. It’s fair to say that I have an idea of what I am talking about.
    This beta version of Flow is great so far. I used swype before I changed to TouchPal. I’ve been watching this app carefully waiting for the ability to swipe.
    Here’s what I think so far…
    The prediction is nothing short of impressive so keep that up.
    Not being able to swipe in a field is annoying and jarring at best. Every other swipe app has this feature so it can’t be too terribly complicated to implement. Please address that.
    Holding the back button then sweeping to the left should be the way you delete the last word. This is a must. The last thing that any flow user wants to do it start tapping in the middle of anything.
    Hovering over a letter or circling a letter should indicate to flow that we wish to repeat that letter. As in… Too… Apple… Supply and so on.
    I’m beyond tired of having to stop my fun flow to type “too”
    Also sure and site get confused a lot.
    Props for having the keyboard understand that I and a are their very own words. This was woefully missing in TouchPal.
    Some of the accuracy is way off… But admittedly it’s still rather impressive for a beta.
    I’m looking forward to the updates and the actual release.
    Oh and is and it’s are painful to swipe.
    Good luck and good job so far!

  52. If the keyboard does have modes (swipe allows or not etc) then it should be clear what mode it is in. It is really annoying to start swiping and see the trail but nothing is generated.

    As for special characters etc, it would be nice if long pressing on a key would display a menu (like it does), but adding all “similar” keys, this is done now for pound and dollar signs etc but should go by shape also.

    Long Pressing on “g” should show me “_” and “-” at minimum.

    Long Pressing on “m” should include “%” sign as it is similar to a “/”.

    I’ve spent ages sometimes trying to find the more unusual special characters, it would be nice if they had their own keyboard.

    While I think Swype is in general still much better for swiping, I’m sticking with flow for now as I can see the potential.

  53. franc says:

    I am disappointed.
    Nothing changed. Recognition is not at all better and own dictionary is still the same disaster.
    If Swype has fixed the huge (empty) dictionary bug I am back there. Frank on SGS2

  54. Murat Bozkurt says:

    swype is far better than swiftkey… first of all you should add easy copy, cut, paste options… i am using turkish language and turkish is a suffix end language and it is a problem when you are typing non-root version of a word… and you should add turkish characters like ö,ğ,ü,ı…. and you should increase the prediction options as in swype

  55. mprost says:

    Still doesn’t work with multi user in my Nexus 10, the second user
    doesn’t see SwiftKey as an input method in ‘Settings’/’Language &
    input’, so he can’t get past the second step in the starting wizard.

    Also, I can’t seem to find the arrow keys, could you please tell me how can I enable them?


  56. Julian Sammy says:

    I have been using the keymonk keyboard on my Nexus 7. Being able to swipe with both thumbs is really great – but it can’t hold a candle to the accuracy of SwiftKey for predictions. If this keyboard did multitouch it would rock my world.

  57. Blackhex says:

    This is awesome, after updating to JB I was interested in trying a swipe keyboard. But when I did I missed SK predictions & other intuitive features, then I saw this and was like “wow they read my mind!” there are a few bugs, but for a beta I think it’s pretty good and I’m sure they will fix any problems and make the final edition near perfect like original SK. I like that if you don’t want to/can’t flow you can go straight back to SK.
    I do have one question though, in the SK Flow video it shows that you can type a whole sentence without lifting a finger, but I can’t seem to get this to work – I have to flow each word at a time. Not a big problem, but just wanted to know if I was missing something.

  58. JC Durand says:

    I don’t know why but i can’t seem to be able to install this version instead of the 54 one…. i try to delete the 54 before installing this one but i won’t work…
    I’m stuck at the moment of the installation when i have to tap on “install” i can’t… i already tap on ‘next’ before the install button became available but when i have to tap on install nothing happens…. :/

  59. Rodrigo Rocha says:

    like the last few comments below I agree on the annoying point off flow don’t working on navigator bar, maps and some very very used fields.
    but I got to say that the prediction, learning and the flow is much better than Swype. honestly the only issue for me is on those fields where Flow don’t work.

  60. phillip2025 says:

    I wonder if SwiftKey 3 will have Flow or if it will be a new app.

  61. Bruce B. says:

    I have a Samsung S3 and if i use Flow as my chosen keyboard I’m constantly being asked to choose my keyboard input method. It’s a pain in the butt. While you have made fixes since the first release its still not quite as good as the swipe keyboard on my device and I’m not constantly being asked to setup my keyboard choice and i can swype all the time. It certainly doesn’t justify paying $8.00 for the phone and tablet versions especially when i can’t use Flow in certain fields. I had hoped for much more and hope you get there. I’ve been loyal to Swift Key and as a beta tester for you guys i would say listen to your customers.

  62. Marsec says:

    Shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts!!!

  63. Marcelo says:

    The keyboard is very good but only sometimes is very incomdo if you could put a button you can change the size of the keyboard would be very useful

  64. I want the option to have a numerical row.

  65. Mikell Czermendy says:

    The most recent beta version (.61) has such bad lag in landscape it’s unusable. Had to go back to first beta. And I agree with you guys about not being able to use flow in so many fields. The stock android keyboard can do this. What’s Google going to do if SwiftKey implements this, take the highest selling app in the entire market down. I’m tempted to just stick with the stock keyboard, though it hurts not being able to split it in landscape mode. I don’t know. I just hope the final release address the memory issues and doesn’t lag so hard, I will probably just stick with it. Then again, if Google updates android and splits the stock keyboard I will probably go with that.

  66. Saif Hassan says:

    Swyping from right to left doesn’t delete the last word. It’s a pain!

  67. JoshGroff says:

    Flow doesn’t work on HTC Rezound, stock ROM. Keyboard comes up, and you can type, but no flowing. I have flow enabled in settings.

  68. Love Swiftkey Flow (as a concept). I see a lot of great comments, but not many people are talking about the fact that SF cannot input hunderds of words. Three turns into the. Brew turns into new. God turns into good. Doug turns into dog, just to name a few. I would love to be able to flow as my default keyboard, but at its current incarnation, I am switching between flowing and typing too much. Devs, please help us loyal VIPs. Thanks!

  69. Enoch Ihde says:

    Downloaded new swiftkey,and its telling me my trial has expired. Also,definately make flow work in all text fields. And add support for double characters.

  70. i have just updated my s3 android yo 4.1.2 and can not get swift key flow to predict!?

  71. Pam Lewis says:

    Just installed the latest (61) beta version for my smartphone – and the flow no longer works at all, e.g for the body in a text message. Has anyone else hit this? Is there some setting I am missing?

  72. John Dove says:

    If I go back into a word to make a correction, when I press the prediction it inserts the word, but keeps the rest of the word to the right of the correction and pushes it to the right.
    I put the cursor between the r andi of the word right, then chose the prediction “really” and got :
    really ight

  73. John Dove says:

    Are you planning add select all, copy cut and paste shortcuts?

  74. New beta won’t install ie install button greed out

  75. Pete Lazic says:

    This is exactly why I am NOT using your keyboard- “…every time I’m in a field with built-in predictions,
    like Google Maps Search or any URL bar, it aggravates me that I can’t
    use SwiftKey predictions (or Flow)…”. Please integrate this very important feature ASAP.

  76. リン says:

    Is there a way to swype some double letter words decently? I know many works but I can hardly swype the word ‘three’ as it keeps predicting tree or there…

  77. This keyboard is very strange – at first I was really impressed but then I found it messes up on the simple words like “OK” .. I try to type “OK” and it gives me “on” … complicated words seem to work well but the simple stuff not so good.

  78. andy o says:

    The usage of Google Voice typing is great, but it clashes with your feature of combined languages. I mostly type in Spanish, but voice typing always comes up in English. Other keyboards call the correct language, usually the one which you’re using to type.

  79. amit kumar says:

    swiftkey flow is the reason i would buy a Galaxy S3 instead of going for iPhone 5 ,,keep working nothing is ever perfect n there will always be room for improvement…

  80. Sanjay B. says:

    Swift key flow should learn from SwiftKey original to like Gmail and Sms.

    I have many words, short forms already added to the original SwiftKey predictions and whenever I try the flow, I don’t get them. Unfortunately, even if I want to try the flow experience, I still have to go back to the original SwiftKey.
    Another thing is that the delete-word – by swiping left was a huge help, which unfortunately is not present. It would be a real winner if that’s added.

  81. This second iteration doesn’t address the problems people complained about. The lack of 4-5 alternative flow suggestions, faulty predictions and the inability to flow certain words.

  82. Dean Milord says:

    Doesn’t predict or flow at all. Using Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.2.1

  83. Rob A says:

    I really wish there was a way to do the back slash to delete words

  84. J Gentile says:

    Please…guys all I want is a Floating Keyboard! I love SwiftKey 3 & Flow! I believe they will figure this out… I hope. I just want a floating keyboard like Galaxy Note II’s in Multi Window function the stock keypad gets 1/4of the size and free floats so it’s never in the way… All other keyboards block the whole second Window view so are all rendered useless..
    First keypad that implements this either Swype or SwiftKey Idc who it is and has better prediction them stock will be my everyday driver’s. And I also have bought and paid for SwiftKey 3…but it can sit there and I’ll consider it a donation Lord knows I’ve wasted money on worse

  85. Krzysztof says:

    Swiftkey flow does not work after updating to a newer version rom. Letters do not appear in the text boxes. The previous beta was similarly.
    My rom is a Beast 4.2.1 based on CM10.1
    Thank you for your work and sorry for the poor English.

  86. Eddie Briones says:

    I would definitely buy this app if they added “Pen Detection” for the galaxy note 2! It’s the only thing stopping me from buying it :/

  87. I have two problems with the beta. One is that the keyboard often does not stick, and I have to keep setting it to Swift Key. Another problem that just occurred is that Swift Key no longer appears as an option for keyboards, even though it is installed. I have no idea how to fix this.

  88. Saif Hassan says:

    SwiftKey Flow is great. Although it’s beta, it looks promising. I really want some features in it.
    1. First of all SwiftKey Flow doesn’t give list of predictive words while swyping. It should show at least 4 words while swyping and should choose the highlighted one in the middle or the first from left.

    2. Then I really want to have swipe up gesture to write the alternative words. For example, If I want to write 1 then a quick swype on q should do it.

    3. I really want to delete entire word by swyping left the backspace key.

    4. I also want to have a dedicated edit, copy all, home, end, left, right, up, down buttons in a spats screen. Check Touchpal. You guys will know what I tried to mean.

    5. Custom smiley support should be added. Longer click on smiley button should allow user to input their own smiley.

    6. That’s all for now. 😛

  89. Tim Ritter says:

    Ditto Ditto Ditto.
    I loved SwiftKey in several versions and other beta tests. I had used Swype before and was thrilled to beta test Flow, but not only does it now flow where I would have expected based on Swype (you have to at least match your main competitor on this), but the Flow prediction has been absolutely awful. My wife was still using Swype on her phone and liked my word predictions with SwiftKey, but wouldn’t convert from Swyping. I got her to install the beta to test also, and she hates the limits on it and the poor flow guessing. We have had some miscommunications on texting and a lot of holding down the backspace to delete badly flow-ed words. Some of the words it has put down leave us scratching our heads – not only because of the words having letters in them we didn’t go close to – but sometimes being arcane words or proper nouns that are bizarre (and certainly not terms that were learned from our other data for swiftkey). I am not sure why the flow has such poor prediction of words when the regular swiftkey really excels at this, but I am about ready to abandon the beta – maybe give it one more update before going back to regular swiftkey. My wife will probably go back to Swype. Please do NOT consider this beta even remotely close to being near to going live. I would not want to see the reputation of SwiftKey damaged in that way.

    • The prediction (when flowing anyway, which is all I do), is very bad and shows limited (always 3?) choices. Swype shows many more choices and these can go off screen needing a swipe to see all, but the first few are typically correct. From what I’ve seen flow predictions are almost never correct and typically assume its got the first letter correct and all predictions start with that letter. I don’t think it supports swipe’s “loop” for doubling up on a letter like “oo” in “loop”. No work backswipe is bad. Swipe has quite a few nice “action” gestures when swiping from specific locations.

  90. Tony says:

    I love the Flow, it helps tremendously and a great app but my 30 days has expired and I cannot extend or use at all (just crashes). I am happy to purchase it but cannot and I don’t want to download again as it may effect my library. What can I do?

  91. I found it strange/difficult having two language running simultaneously, not be able switch to or select just one. Having two dictionaries loaded may have been why my poor old galaxy s was running so slowly with this keyboard, only about 12mb ram spare … I enjoyed trying it tho.

    *Update*: After a full reboot the system seemed to sort itself out. Gained about 150mb of RAM back to free. Swiftkey dropped from using 55mb to 25. Maybe this was just ‘a beta issue’ or maybe cyanogen ??

    I also found that it wasn’t too hard to switch languages in the settings dialogue, though still not as easy as with the basic android or hacker’s keyboard where there’s a slide on the space bar.

    It seemed to work better in English, for example, typing ” its” would give the option to select ” it’s “. I would like to see the apostrophe and hyphen available, or at least optional, on the pop-up on the qwerty UI. If an apostrophised variant wasn’t available, it was difficult, such as in Italian ” L’ho ”

    The other thing I noticed was that the ‘long hold for foreign’ function didn’t work well. There was no delay. Also what is “foreign” depends on where you live … Shouldn’t this read “non-english” ?

    Lastly, the spell-checker seemed to be underlining all my Italian text in red even when the English keyboard was disabled.

    Giving it a longer trial now, after the reboot. Thanks.

  92. Paul Behin says:

    I’m the owner of a Note 2 and I have the same problem with Flow that I do with Swiftkey 3. Predictions and now, Flow don’t work in S Note. Both treat the note as if it was a url thus disabling predictions, please address this as it is quite frustrating.

  93. George says:

    Flow the feature not working on play store. Reverts to regular keyboard.

  94. Alex says:

    In Portuguese(pt) is very difficult to write… And if u do it without lifting your fingers is to forget… It just don’t even recognize 2 words… I prefer miles away the SwiftKey 3 normal mode… Is just…. PERFECT!

  95. Tom Hall says:

    The link shows as being v4.0.0.76, but when I click, it downloads v4.0.0.75.apk ?
    [update] After installing, it does show up as v4.0.0.76

  96. “Slide-left-to-delete a whole word does not work when Flowing is enabled”

    That is why I abandoned Swiftkey Flow. This is one of the best feature of Swiftkey and I just hope you guys still keep updating both versions from now on…

  97. Tommy Peel says:

    Great work; fast and smooth on my old Droid X. Long time Swiftkey fan(since Swiftkey X); best one on the market.

  98. It should also be pointed out that the “flow” feature seems to shut off in texting too at times (I use Galaxy s3). I am not sure if this is just an error in the programming or if another one of my apps can block it when open simultaneously or what the problem is -I haven’t been able to get proper troubleshooting on the matter- but it is horribly annoying and makes it difficult to type when I keep having to switch to different slide-type keyboards. I am totally hooked on the slide/swype/flow features so when it is only sporadically available, Its frustrating.

  99. Bloom says:

    does it have the option to replace the smiley face with the enter button ?

    Dragon Ball Z Games

  100. Justice McPherson says:

    Keyboard is eating words that I want to follow with a comma. If I type “I asked, who..”, it requires me to not flow and to pick “asked” or or else I write “I , who..”. Same issue with other punctuation, but comma is the worst offender. It creates a lot of extra space where it does it as it puts spaces in even though it just devoured the text.

  101. billy says:

    Swiftkey NEEDS to ability to delete the entire word that is wrongly predicted by pressing backspace once. This is how HTC does it and it is perfect.

  102. HarvesterX says:

    I tried to flow “The frog wanted to eat Bob” and I swiped too fast and ended up with “The dog wanted an easy job”… Lol OK so I’m not home on this flow deal as it ends up taking just as long if not more than if I tapped the words out.

    If you’re gonna let me swipe at least take a page from Swype and at least let me easily swipe the word “flow” without waiting seconds for the engine is to figure out what it is I’m typing.

    On the positive side of things and I’m not sure this was always the case, flow works by tapping the letters as well and there isn’t a need to ever press the space bar. Well that’s not entirely true as after several words it gets backlogged or too complicated but it sure as hell speeds my typing up and if it’s been like this for ages now then… I must have been sleeping and I’m glad I at least woke up in time to participate lol.

    I haven’t tested the beta too extensively yet as it took me four installs before I stopped getting force closes evertime it attempted to contact the cloud during and after initial setup.

    Edit: Damn, I was hoping that I could have swiped from “Edit” to the spacebar then back up to the letter “b” and long press to bring up a hyphen in one swipe. No go… But

    I am getting used to things and have worked up to three word flows. Very rarely though as some words are next to impossible to swipe. Hey… Strung four words together in the last sentence. Getting there I guess…

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