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New SwiftKey for iPhone update shows you the ‘state’ of your emoji with Emoji Insights

18th August 2015

Just like SwiftKey Keyboard learns the words, names and slang important to you, SwiftKey also learns about the emoji that you love to use. With today’s SwiftKey for iPhone update, we’re bringing some of that learning to you in the form of three new insights about how you personally use emoji.

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A few weeks ago, we announced a new feature in our SwiftKey for iPhone beta that shows you your most distinctive, or ‘signature’ emoji. Today, two new insights have been added to to round out your personal emoji data collection:

  • My Signature Emoji – the emoji you use more than other people. This emoji is generated by the emoji you overuse compared to the average – this is not the emoji you use most often.
  • My Top Emoji – the emoji you use most often. This is a cloud-like visualization of the emoji you use the most – the bigger the emoji in the ‘cloud’, the more you use it.
  • Emoji State – the US state that most reflects your emoji use*

We looked at how people use emoji in each state and compared your emoji use to that data to generate this stat. Do your emoji match up with your home state, or somewhere totally different?

These insights can be easily shared to all of your social channels (or those you’ve set up on iOS). Tell your friends about your emoji use – and answer burning questions about your friends and family; like, which one uses the poop emoji the most? You can find your emoji insights in three easy taps:

  1. Open the SwiftKey app from your homescreen
  2. Click ‘My Profile’
  3. Click ‘Your typing & emoji insights’

Note: you must be a SwiftKey Cloud user to access your emoji insights!

Alongside these three new features, we’re also debuting a report on how people in each US state use emoji, based on an analysis of 1B+ emoji. Learn more about this report – and which state uses the raunchiest emoji – here!

So, we’re dying to know – what are your emoji insights? Update now and share them with us on Twitter!

SwiftKey Team

*Only for US users

5 responses to “New SwiftKey for iPhone update shows you the ‘state’ of your emoji with Emoji Insights”

  1. nekrikstas says:

    funny how android has many more languages and for iOS you keep implementing THE MOST NEEDED FEATURES like these…
    please, let me use Lithuanian language, even smaller countries than ours can use Swiftkey in their native language, but not the Lithuanians.

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