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New SwiftKey Note update as we hit the million mark!

25th February 2014

Hi everyone,

We are hugely excited to announce that, on the day we release our SwiftKey Note bug fix update – accessible by returning to the App Store and clicking ‘Update’ – we have just passed the milestone of over a million downloads!

It’s been about a month since we launched, earning Editors’ Choice in over 50 countries and breaking into the top 10 overall in the United States – so to make a million downloads is the icing on the cake. It’s been a very exciting first foray into iOS, so thank you for your continued support.

So, on to the highlights from SwiftKey Note 1.7. We’ve updated the option to share your notes, adding Facebook and Twitter. We’ve also added the option to share your typing statistics to AirDrop, iMessage, Mail, Twitter, Facebook and copy to clipboard. Keep an eye out for what those numbers mean in a blog post coming soon.

We have also enabled strikethrough formatting, which is an entirely user-driven feature, requested through beta and UX testers. One quick note (no pun intended): this particular feature is only available on iOS 7. And finally, you now have the ability to delete learned predictions. Simply long-press on a prediction to ‘unlearn’ or delete it from your dictionary.

If you’re new to SwiftKey Note, you can find out more about how it can boost your productivity and take time off your typing by checking out our recent blog. It talks you through tagging your notes as you type and how to quickly copy and share entire Notes.

We’re thrilled to see our efforts resonate with so many people, and are more determined than ever to keep innovating and delivering faster, smarter and more personalized technology to our users.

Here is a rundown of the other bug fixes and updates available now in SwiftKey Note:

  • Inconsistent reaction to connectivity issues has been resolved.
  • Fixed issues for some users unable to use ‘Select a language’ from within the tutorial.
  • Resolved language selection/download problems with low connectivity.
  • Resolved issues around downloading language packs with low connectivity.
  • Multiple language downloading issues have been resolved.
  • Improved long note typing lag, as well as improved a general typing lag some users have been experiencing.
  • Resolved an issue with emoji affecting the position of other punctuation.
  • Bullet points can now be applied to multi-line selections.
  • Copy/Paste now works as expected from Evernote to SwiftKey Note.
  • Resolved crashes caused by dictation.
  • Entirely empty notes are now dismissed.
  • Resolved Evernote syncing issues that some users were experiencing.
  • Empty Notebooks now have gray type in the Notebook list.
  • Tutorial horizontal scroll and cursor position fixed.
  • Default font size is now used when sending notes to the Mail app.
  • iPad Note separator is now consistent to the design.
  • Improvements for searching Tags and Notebooks on iPad.
  • Improved cursor positioning for formatting.
  • Version number now included on the ‘About’ screen.
  • SwiftKey Note now learns from newly created Notes, imported Notebooks and imported Tags.
  • Resolved activity limit issues some users were experiencing on first launch, and when trying to personalise from thousands of Evernote notes.

This first update is just the tip of the iceberg for SwiftKey Note, so please don’t worry if your bug hasn’t been fixed yet. Please continue to log bugs and suggest ideas – we are taking in your feedback and really appreciate it all.

If you haven’t already had the chance to check out SwiftKey Note for iPhone and iPad, and want to see what all the fuss is about, you can download it here.

Stay tuned for future updates, and let us know what you think below in the comments. Here’s to the next million!


The SwiftKey Team

2 responses to “New SwiftKey Note update as we hit the million mark!”

  1. Thomas Powers says:

    Why no Android Version?

  2. DriftingAnomaly says:

    This is on IOS and not Android because it is not needed the same way on Android. On Android, we have the full version of SwiftKey; on IOS with SwiftKey Note, they still only have a watered down version of SwiftKey. This is a huge step forward into the walled garden. It is the biggest play by a big keyboard developer at offering a product on IOS despite it only working on one app. It has been done respectfully of Apple’s rules and ideas. Hopefully as more and more Apple users realize what they have been missing, Apple will compromise and allow third party keyboards to fully integrate with IOS.

    Having a million downloads is a big milestone in this process. Having an IOS development kit available for integration into other apps is a nice step as well. SwiftKey is smart to offer this.

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