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New SwiftKey 4.4.2 update in Google Play

16th January 2014


Hot on the heels of our update for the emoji and number row beta on Tuesday we’ve got an update for the market version of SwiftKey too.

This time, the team has mainly focused on bug fixes, force closes and RAM usage issues to improve your overall SwiftKey experience.

This 4.4.2 update will drop in Google Play today so just log in with the credentials you used to purchase the app and hit update. We’ve notified Amazon App Store of this update too so it should be updated there as soon as it’s been approved.

Here’s what’s been improved:

  • Several memory and performance issues resolved
  • Ice theme uses less RAM now
  • Some force closes when loading languages
  • Other force closes affecting different parts of the app
  • Keyboard no longer jumps after unlocking the device with a password
  • The bottom row is no longer hidden by the menu bar on some Motorola and Meizu devices (if you are experiencing this issue on other devices, we would really like to know so please tell us at
  • Fixed some issues with SwiftKey Cloud sync

Thank you to all who’ve given feedback on bugs and features over on the Support forum.

Finally, the work doesn’t stop. We’re committed to new ideas, innovative features and fixing remaining issues within the app and we’ll update you further in due course.


The SwiftKey team

27 responses to “New SwiftKey 4.4.2 update in Google Play”

  1. dcvanderbush says:

    Does this offer the dedicated number row feature as well?

  2. Dario · 753 a.C. . says:

    ok it really uses less RAM. with second-last upgrade ram usage was 30/32 MB, now it’s 23/24MB, nice work!
    hope you’ll improve again in RAM usage aspect 🙂

  3. iEmaaans says:

    thank you for this update guys
    Hope to see a new kitkat theme in the next one

    • Dario · 753 a.C. . says:

      don’t you like holo theme that it is already in the app? i think it’s really nice, it’s holo but it has much more color (it has blue too) than the kitkat stock theme, so in my opinion, it looks like better.

      ps. ti becco anche qui, per correttezza ho scritto in inglese 😉

      • iEmaaans says:

        Not really! it doesn’t fit with kitkat colors and the new android design guidelines. But you know, it’s just a matter of taste. More themes would make everyone happy

        PS eh beh, come si mondo(di internet) è piccolo 😀

      • kamrat says:

        I’m sorry but the holo theme looks not good at all. I can’t use this keyboard because there is no clean theme. Lock at fleksy for inspiration on how a clean and fresh keyboard should look Like. Too bad fleksy doesn’t support swipe feature. Anyway will continue to use stock KitKat keyboard until someone does a refresh of this otherwise wonderful keyboard. Thanks

        • Dario · 753 a.C. . says:

          yes you’re right. 4 months has been passed when i wrote that comment and i thought, anyway, they would have done some other themes as well in 4 months. but…. maybe the all thing they did is the holiday theme that i think it’s really ugly.

  4. vs8 says:

    Nice, after the beta is released, please fix all the annoyances users report on the forum, and please, please, please, make SwiftKey beautiful!

    The keyboard is great, it’s a joy to use, but it’s painful to look at.

    It needs to look cleaner and friendlier. Drop the neon colors, or make a new theme with the new KitKat colors (without the Nokia 7610 shaped keys). You can keep the other themes you made on MS Paint, like those red and purple themes if you want to.

    And hire a designer, please, hire one. The settings app and the setup app could really need some redesign too. You guys have to admit that design is your weakness. Google did it it, and look how good their services, operating systems and apps look nowadays.

  5. Mittaa says:

    !!! EDIT !!! Re-install solved my problem 🙂

    Menu and Back touch buttons doesn’t work anymore after update!
    I’m was able to restore old SwiftKey and got my buttons back.
    In order to confirm this I installed SwiftKey 4.2.2 again and could reproduce this bug! This 4.2.2 version have a problem making Menu and Back touch button unusable !
    Can anybody PLS confirm this finding?
    I’m using SGS4 i9505 with (CM11 jfltexx)

  6. Aniket Patni says:

    Thanks, Looking forward to the update. Now, for the next update, can we PLEASE have 3rd party/downloadable themes, or customizable colour schemes? That’s truly the only thing missing. There’s so much hue and cry about this in the VIP, and yet it just doesn’t come. I hope you guys are truly listening!

    • Aniket Patni says:

      If you guys truly think the current keyboard looks good, please check out Fleksy. That’s a true beautiful keyboard. Please Swiftkey!

    • I couldn’t agree more. The only thing that has me let wanting more with SwiftKey is the somehow outdated themes. A “stock KitKat” look would be a great start for the next round of updates and 3rd party themes could be the ice on the cake if the devs don’t want to make new ones.

  7. Roy Hanks says:

    allow us to add our own themes to swiftkey

  8. IntelCore says:

    The themes suck so bad, but yet it’s the best Keyboard out there. Hope to some new themes…

  9. Michele Aliverti says:

    when will be the update on amazon market??

  10. amber fuller says:

    Please help me my a is ontop of the q why?

  11. Ildefonso Sanz says:

    Where is Emojii for instagram?

  12. marcopolo says:

    Please bring back the number row. Great feature

  13. KKTAF says:

    I downloaded this app and loved how quick it is. But the only thing I could not stand were the themes. Which is why I deleted it again. Looking forward to downloading it in the future again when there are more themes and the keys aren’t that big. I personally looooove the design of the HTC (m8) keyboard and would love to have something similar. Something less childish and/or obtrusive.

  14. James Rustler says:

    If you added some functions from Swype, and made the themes look like they weren’t made by a child, then this really would be the greatest keyboard of all time. But at the moment it need a lot of improvements.

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