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New update for SwiftKey emoji beta

28th April 2014

Hi everyone,

There’s a new update for our SwiftKey Keyboard beta today with emoji support and number row – you can update it now for free.

Thank you to everyone who’s tested the beta so far – your feedback is helping us improve the product and get it ready for the Google Play and Amazon App Store version.

This version brings improvements to the emoji layout and resolves issues reported by our users. It also fixes a problem experienced by users of LG G2 handsets, adding a new permission request relating to the app booting up. For more information about existing permissions, please read our Help article on the subject.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved Enter Key behavior – when the user has opted to have the Smiley at the top above the carriage return, when the user long-presses the key, it now inserts a new line in Hangouts and other IM apps
  • Some mid-sentence capitalization issues fixed
  • Improved personal language model error recovery
  • Fixes to several jumpy cursor behaviors
  • Fixes regarding new personalization sources (Google+ and Evernote)
  • Fixed predictions with physical keyboards
  • Several crashes and minor bugs fixed

Known issues

The team is working hard on many of the features and issues raised during the beta process. Here are some of the bugs we’re currently aware of:

  • Number row mistyping correction not yet complete – ‘h3llo’ will not predict ‘hello’
  • Keyboard wake up lag
  • If SwiftKey is not the active keyboard it may crash
  • In some cases, keyboard overlaps text area
  • Thai language inserts spaces in some instances
  • Samsung multiwindow incompatibilities

Thank you for your on-going feedback. Please report any issues you experience using the beta in our VIP forum. Not yet a SwiftKey VIP? It’s quick and easy to sign up!


Evan and the SwiftKey Team

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107 responses to “New update for SwiftKey emoji beta”

  1. fratoff91 says:

    I hadn’t never seen a emoji page ui more bad than this.

  2. Ully Poumani says:


    • Josh says:

      Minimalist themes 🙂 If that isn’t specified, who knows what hyper-colorized theme we’ll get?! A blaze orange inverse of Pumpkin?! 😛

    • Dakota says:

      Yeah most of the existing ones are unusable, they’re do ugly

    • Jeremy Blabac says:

      I have the paid version and the arrow keys are handy but I am having an issue with trying
      to put a space in between words and it’s picking up the arrow key and moving me from the area I am trying to type in and it can be annoying I’m not sure what can be done other than getting rid of arrows or moving them it’s just kind of annoying

  3. hazolite . says:

    I have a paid version of SwiftKey but you guys don’t provide such options in that, why?!!!
    Are we fools when we pay?!!

    No, number row above neither emoticons.. I need them or else refund our money and we will use this free version.

    • Antarkiri says:

      This free version is beta only. After the beta you won’t be able to use it. And the features will be merged into the paying version. You might want to check up on things before you post.

      • Wes Harrison says:

        This beta has continued since emoji came out for android lol.

        • kyber says:

          What do you mean by that “lol”? Unlike many app companies, SwiftKey is taking the time to properly beta test their products before launching them. There have been several beta versions with emoji support. The process has proved the validity of not going to production sooner. Only significantly more investment could accelerate the process and this surely can not be justified.

          One can take the risk and use a beta version of the fundamental input capability for their device or go with the more stable production version. Their choice.

          My choice was to pay them for a great product, terrific support, and solid testing but I chose to live with the beta product most of the time.

          Some might choose to just use the beta products and not pay. I do not think that is appropriate but no one is stopping them.

  4. Göran says:

    Hello and Thank You for this update! Now my LG G2 starts up without the sad message doesn’t work. During the time I have used Fleksy, but with all repect I find that SwiftKey fits me and my way of writing better. Therefore, I am very satisfied right now.

    • angelycam says:

      It keeps telling me “can’t open file”. How did you get to work? I checked the unknown sources too. Have an LG G2 also. 🙁 What else did I forget?I uninstalled the old version too. Help?!

      • Göran says:

        Hello, angelycam!
        I don’t know if this will help You, but did You update to SwiftKey Beta I also have the old version installed, but this still gets the bad message “unfortunate has stopped” at reeboot. I hope it will work for You. Good luck! Regards Goran

        • angelycam says:

          No I uninstalled the old version. Tried to just install this update when the unable to open file popped up. Ever since the kitkat update, my phone is terrible. I even did a hard reset.

          • Göran says:

            Hello again!
            I think You have to try to do a factory reset of your LG G2. It could maybe help. There also will come an update from LG I have heard… and I am sure SwiftKey also works on this. So far, l have been lucky. My phone works without any messages. I hope it soon will work for You to. Regards Goeran

  5. manuel15 says:

    The emoji selection is very slow

  6. Rob Wilson says:

    for some reason, i can’t press the install button on my SIII

  7. vinothr says:

    The emoji window is laggy! Lag on Nexus 5 running ART? No way! 😛

  8. Guest says:

    Tired of very slow progress of SwiftKey update…..Taking so much time to update the version. I dont know, might be they have invested resources on other project. No Hope.

  9. Joyce O. Pangilinan says:

    What happened to the “undock” mode?

  10. Nick says:

    Just installed this update. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work – every time I enter a text box or something, I get the message “unfortunately, SwiftKey Beta has stopped” (using Australian Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 4.2.2)

    • John M. says:

      I’m having the exact same issue. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.2.2, US English. Have cleared data and cache and uninstalled/reinstalled with no success. This was a completely clean install from a factory reset. Help?

  11. yony says:

    in RTL languages (I’m using hebrew), please fix the spacing error after these: “(” “)”. it’s really uncomfortable! for example, when I open “(“, it’s attaching it to the last letter of the last word, and add a space, as if I actually closed it, and exactly the opposite with when I close it. basically we use the “closing” one for opening and the “opening” one for closing. I hope it was clear enough. thank you!

  12. Beverley Ball says:

    I have found swift key Beta great,dont have any prob at the moment.

  13. Jakob West says:

    Will you guys please address the issue of autocorrecting correctly spelled words? It really drives me nuts. If you backspace after the autocorrect it shows you what you typed and maybe 3/10 of the time my word was spelled correctly. This happens a lot with shorter words like “for” and “got”.

    • encro says:

      Definitely this.

      In addition the frustrating behaviour of the spacebar and trying to type a URL into a standard textfield and swiftkey trying to aggressively disassemble it at every space. The opposite also when trying to insert a space and swiftkey denying every attempt.

      • kyber says:

        I do find entering url and email addresses especially frustrating. I also seem to have major problems entering the word “and” in flow mode, usually ends up as a “abs” – guess this has been added to dictionary somewhere.

        When I flow a word and get it wrong, I have to backspace a character at a time rather than being able to quickly delete and reflow. Maybe I have missed some UI trick?

  14. Mohammed says:

    Hope it to be coloured

  15. Calvin Tsang says:

    Enter doesn’t send the message in any of the apps even when the option is turned on, have to use the old beta.

    Can’t even use the official version since there’s no number row on top and no option to make enter not the stupid emojis

    Been using the beta for like 6 months now, I don’t even use the official version that I purchased

  16. Jeremy Quinones says:

    Please, please… can you guys fix the lag that occurs in the emoji selection. Especially when switching panels! Then the keyboard will be perfect!

  17. Jeremy Quinones says:

    And a couple more themes. That is all

  18. Janus says:

    Why are you not using a colored version of the Emoji smileyes?

  19. Okay, so we have apparently taken a step backwards. The keyboard has gotten slow and lags again. The emotional page is a slow too now. Also, when for the love of God are you going to update the paid version to add these features? I feel I have been using the beta for over almost a year now. I didn’t buy a product to be a lifetime beta user. I love this app even though this update made it a little poor again. My patience is wearing thin. Fix these problems and update the official version.

  20. Roy Hanks says:

    I don’t know if it was stated or not, but now when I press the enter key to send a text message, it no longer works. This was not an issue in the last beta so I’m guessing it’s something you guys did that broke that functionality.

  21. Fellwalker says:

    Why can’t you allow us up and down arrow keys on tablet? You give them on the much smaller phone keyboard. I paid for SwiftKey when I was able to install the phone specific keyboard on my nexus 7 so I got the arrows. Now you remove them and don’t even allow them as an option. Please can I have them back?
    Worse ; I just opened the number section of the keyboard to show the arrows and tried to go to the line above in this posting. The insert cursor stayed put.

  22. John Smith says:

    Where did my number row above my keyboard go?! I had it on my GS3 & my GS4 and now it’s gone on both? It’s not even an option to select in my settings & I have the paid version. Why have you had it on Beta for months, put it on official, and then take it away? Wtf SwiftKey, fix it!

  23. John Christopher Baltazar says:

    How come I have the paid version and I don’t have Emoji? I’ve been using the free emoji version but I want it on my paid app.

  24. Nick Dills says:

    Everything works fast on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Last 2 updates made the opening of the keyboard faster. Faster than the one I bought in the play store.

  25. stan says:

    I Totally Agree with HAZOLITE..
    There are no number row and no emoticons in the paid version. Will be merged? – When? Then`??

  26. oresamawasugoi says:

    Emoji are still black and white…no user customizable emoticons.

  27. Robert J. California says:

    Why is the prediction bar above the keyboard missing with this update?!

  28. Beverley Ball says:

    My SwiftKey beta keeps stopping, I hope it all comes back I really do like it very much much found it fun on my galaxy3 phone.

  29. Dakota says:

    For days, I had no word predictions at all. You’d think there be some update notification. Used Swiftkey for over a year and predictions are so poor and hit and miss despite all the learning from emails & texts

  30. Dominick Ursua says:

    Works perfectly for LG G2 now.

  31. Garrett McPerry says:

    Anyone else having trouble installing the latest swiftkey Beta? I am able to install the .apk but something fails during install. Any suggestions?

  32. Jonas says:

    I wish you will change the animation when you press the keyboard. I like the animation in swype when you press the keys in the swype keyboard. It’s hard to know if you press the keys in your keyboard when you press the keys in holo theme. Please fix!

    Add more minimalist and exciting themes.

  33. João Pedro Santos says:

    I can’t see all emoji on keyboard, why? :/

  34. Ian LindleyWood Terry says:

    Having issues with the new beta, the flow functions and the auto complete disappeared, did I break something? Anyone else experience this?

    Edit: nevermind I fixed it by deleting all the old apks, uninstalling then reinstalling. So if anyone experiences this issue the above resolves it.

    And re whoever was complaining about not having the functionality in the paid version. Most of us here, myself included own the paid version and think it’s awesome that a developer actually listens to its users!

  35. Ganesh Hegde says:

    when will emoji support come for paid version 🙁

  36. Jonas says:

    I like more color variation with the cobalt keyboard or 3d keyboards! Your keyboard themes are very boring and it’s hurting my eyes!! It’s too bright!! 🙁

  37. Marie says:

    My emojis are not coming up in color. Has this happened to anyone? I have a galaxy s3

  38. Roy Hanks says:

    Please change the whole enter key to add a line thing and make it the send key again… This add a line feature is extremely annoying and there’s no option to really disable it

  39. Mister Bora Cambodia says:


  40. Alefe Souza says:

    Please support to all emojis like

  41. Eric Tracey says:

    The beta keeps force closing on my Verizon galaxy s5..tried to reinstall several times..

  42. Isly says:

    Im not able to flow with beta… Is this a normal issue? No prediction, none of the features i love from swiftkey seem to work with beta.

  43. Joel Mahaffey says:

    Will this replace my registered SwiftKey or run as separate keyboard?

  44. Dariush s. says:

    با تشکر از نرم افزار کامل و درجه یکی که رایگان در اختیار دیگران قرار داده اید

  45. Lucas Oliveira says:


  46. Joshua Miller says:

    Had I known that swiftkey betas could just be updated and the license wouldn’t expire, I may not have purchased the full version. I feel like, however, that they purposely slow down the beta version to be slower than the purchased version. Maybe that’s just an observation though…

    • kyber says:

      I’d be fascinated to hear your rational for why they might purposefully slow down a beta as I assume you think the normal practices of not optimising the code and perhaps including instrumentation for reporting purposes do not provide sufficient reason.

      • Joshua Miller says:

        I said “Feel like” and “Maybe it’s just an observation”. Very soft descriptors and not proclaimed to be absolute.

        Oh and by the way I am a huge swiftkey supporter, so stop being a dick.

        • kyber says:

          Wow. Thanks for the considered response to my request to expand on your feelings and observations. I couldn’t see why you might have felt that way. You have not added anything to help anyone understand, so how does your comment help the beta process?

          • Joshua Miller says:

            Ok. You’re right.

            I think that it the software is purposefully unrefined, and that’s a form of being purposely slowed down. There’s no denying that the EMOJIS in SwiftKey beta are EXTREMELY slow and not yet optimized, and that has an effect the RAM usage, and thus the speed (And everyone in SwiftKey forums knows about their notoriously high and poorly managed RAM). So that’s actually my logic behind this thought. That’s why the purchased version, the final release version of the software, is so much cleaner and more efficient, and thus faster than the beta.

            I mean, it makes sense to me. I have some programming experience, and I know in Linux at least, the cleaner the program is and the more efficient the code, the better/faster the program runs. And they havnt gotten around to optimizing the code yet. They’re probably leaving it in its uncompiled form to make it easier to modify before the release. And that means that the beta is purposely slowed down / not optimized as compared to the final release. Sorry for any hard feelings

          • kyber says:

            You’ve encouraged me to do some ad hoc speed comparisons, and I think you are right, performance is unusually poor in the current beta compared to the current production version and more so than one might expect even allowing for beta overheads. I’ve also just been surprised to discover how much improved and faster the latest Google keyboard is (not that it does as much). All is forgiven. Thanks.

          • Joshua Miller says:

            Also, because I have an LG phone, Swiftkey has this really bad bug in the purchased version where the .gapps (google apps I believe) crashes. It actually has a very minimal effect on the phones usage and was fixed in the 3rd or 4th beta build, but since you made that comparison to the Google keyboard, which is smooth like the AOSP keyboard, but still packed with features, like swype, I might take a temporary swiftkey beta leave until the final version which fixes this bug is out. But yes. It’s so surprising the speed and RAM improvements. Maybe swiftkey can make some major performance upgrades based on Google’s success.

  47. hackel says:

    Why don’t you use the established beta testing procedure like every other app? Join your Google+ group, enable beta channel, and have beta updates automatically delivered from the Play store? This method of distribution is rather cumbersome.

  48. Djavan Almeida says:

    Switkey Beta forever!

  49. PeiBing T says:

    It keeps crashing on my s4 for some reason.

  50. Alejandro says:

    The last time you updated the beta it started to freeze, so I had to uninstall it from my MotoX

  51. Luke says:

    When is this comming out of beta? I really liked the latest beta version, but the actual release doesn’t have any of this :/

  52. Michele Haft Hudson says:

    I just had to repace my Galaxy S4 and in setting up the replacement, I found that SwiftKey had a beta, and also found that the newer version of the paid app no longer allowed me to choose the size and layout of my keys in the Themes function. Neither does the Beta. Is there another way to enlarge/adjust the size of my keys?

  53. Davion Davy Andrew Maldonado says:

    When will the payed verison of swiftkey be able to use emojis I just downloaded the beta just to use emojis anyone know the date if not I don’t mind waiting and keep doing what you guys are doing a great job been a fan since you first started

  54. Michael D says:

    Anyone noticing some lagging issues on the latest beta? Loading seems incredibly slow on my samsung s4 android 4.4. Last beta did not give me any problems. I switched back to the non beta and everything seems fine.

  55. Djavan Almeida says:

    Beta Never ends…..

  56. Abdullah ADFpoint says:

    I paid for this keyboard expecting that there would be some astonishing features that can never be found in any other keyboards. However, the paid version of this keyboard doesn’t have emjoi which is disappointing actually. I had to install beta and it says that I’ve got only 10 days before it expires. If you can’t afford adding emjoi to the paid version, then the only thing I want to ask is refund other than that issue, everything is just great.

  57. Yousef Tawfik Khoja says:

    Every time I’m using the beta version, my phone hangs up. Please fix this issue.
    My phone is Galaxy Note 3 4.4.2
    Thank yoy

  58. Nicholas says:

    A suggestion, ability to resize the keyboard by dragging the edges. Right now, the resizing is fixed at certain sizes, but this doesn’t work well. A better option is to let user drag and free resize the keyboard like LG G3, or may be pr app basis

  59. Jonathan says:

    Will these features merge into the paid version? Haven’t seen an update for awhile for the paid version. Really wish they would add a grammar check feature so when posting online i can make sure everything i type can be correct lol.

  60. silvestreaac says:

    I got a horrible slowdown in whatsapp, whenever I send a message the keyboard is locked for about 2 seconds, which gets annoying when you’re writing several messages quickly.

  61. Rui Sousa says:

    When will this Update be available throw Play Store?

  62. Scarlet says:

    The emojis look so strange..

  63. Daniela Okafor says:

    I’m not akin to having 2 similar apps. One browser, one calendar, one sms app and same goes for my keyboard. And I prefer to use paid version merely because i paid for it. I don’t understand why Swiftkey cannot just make use of Google+ beta testing community feature for interested users to opt-in rather than having us install 2 apps.

  64. Duncan Wick says:

    Now the beta is over and the full version still doesn’t have emoji? What am I missing? 🙁

  65. Sarah says:

    I am missing the predictions feature on my beta and my typing is worse than ever now. What happened?

  66. Lory Beth Gorum says:

    My beta expired yesterday so i went and bought the paid version in the app store and realized duhhh we dont have any emojis!! Before I get a refund does anyone have any idea of when the beta version will be released??

  67. Kristy says:

    I still don’t have emojis on HTC Sensation does anyone have the same problem?

  68. Cindy says:

    Why can’t I “Swype” with the SwiftKey beta version?? I paid for the full version of SwiftKey but then realized there was no emoticons and so then I downloaded the beta version and the emoticons are there but I’m not able to swype through the keyboard??? HELP MEEEE!!!

  69. Melissa says:

    I’m thankful that the developers will make sure to test the app many times before releasing it on Play. I purchased SwiftKey for my tablet and phone. I like beta, it has more of what I’m looking for. I wish we create customized themes!

  70. Josh AR says:

    Why do I get question marks in my emoji panel instead of the emoticons?

  71. cangelini says:

    I downloaded the new software. I do not show any emoji (emoticons) in the various categories shown in the top panel. They are all blank except for the 🙂 one. How can I get these to show up?

  72. crogs says:

    What the f*ck? SwiftKey is now free (and I’m not talking beta) and themes cost money? Good, please issue me my refund.

  73. Jace says:

    This is scary because it asks if it can have access to reading my messages and deleting things from my Drive, it’s odd. Has anyone had problems with this or is it just me?

  74. aisha says:

    i love SwiftKey beta,, but i wish there is more themes for it,,

  75. Deanpwr says:

    Fix predicting ‘internet’ to ‘Internet’

  76. vemisis says:

    Why Tamil Language is still in beta? it is one of our ancient language in the globe…

  77. TexasVetgal says:

    Please give the option to disable or move the emoji key for those of us who just want a normal keyborad. The emote key is in a terrible location, give an option to change the key or disable it.

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