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New update on SwiftKey for iPhone brings emoji prediction, new themes, new languages & more!

20th July 2017

Hi everyone,

Today marks another update on SwiftKey for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and with it, a bunch of new features for you to check out! This latest update makes it faster than ever to find the emoji you want (right on the heels of World Emoji Day), includes 8 new themes, 15 new languages and improvements to 3D Touch.

From today, you will find a new emoji prediction panel when you tap on the regular emoji key. Once you’ve typed something and tap the emoji key, you’ll see a selection of 18 emoji that match your sentence, making it faster than ever to find the perfect one to go with any message.

SwiftKey for iPhone emoji prediction

You can’t fully celebrate summer unless your phone looks the part, so check out these 8 new ‘Oxygen‘ themes in a spectrum of vibrant colors. We’ve got Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple and Pink – something for everyone.



These are all available – for free – in the ‘Design’ section of the app. Just open SwiftKey from your phone’s home screen, and tap ‘Design’ in the upper right hand corner.

Thanks to your user feedback about the experience of using 3D Touch to trigger cursor control – the ability to swipe to move the cursor – we’ve now made it more responsive. We’ve also introduced haptic feedback for users on iPhone 7 or above – certain keyboard actions, like opening the emoji panel, will give a small vibration feedback. Try these out and let us know what you think!

In May, we announced that we had hit a big milestone: support for over 100 languages on iOS, more than any other iOS keyboard available. Today’s update added support for 15 more languages and is another step in bringing SwiftKey’s technology to everyone. Check out a full list of the new languages below

Update SwiftKey for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now to check out all the new changes – and as always, let us know what you think on Twitter!

Nicky and the SwiftKey team

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