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Obama v Romney – who do you tweet like?

16th October 2012

With the Presidential election approaching fast, we’ve created a fun game to see which candidate you tweet or write most like.

Perhaps you’ve already picked your guy or you’re not interested or not eligible.  But you might be just a little curious to discover who you – linguistically speaking – have most in common with.

We pulled together around 150,000 words each from speeches by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and analyzed them using some of the advanced language technology we’ve created  at SwiftKey.

Just head to, type in your Twitter username or some text you’ve written and press the button. It looks at the topics you’re talking about but also examines how you use language and compares this to the candidates. You can also type in the Twitter name of one of your friends, or a public figure like a sports star or celebrity. You might be surprised!

Analyzing language is a complex challenge – even for the experts we have here working on it.  The differences between the two candidates aren’t always clear cut, they often talk about the same topics or use similar phrases. The fact they both tend to end speeches by saying: “Thank you. God bless you and God bless the United States of America,” can help explain why even Obama and Romney aren’t ranked “100%” themselves.

We’re not here to nudge you to vote a certain way, it’s your vote. But we do work in a democratic way, for example by trying to open up parts of our decision-making to our users – you can vote for features you want and offer feedback – and by having a pretty non-hierarchical workplace. We believe in having a say and being heard.

So if you do want to exercise your right to vote, you can find neutral information here. Barack Obama’s website is here and Mitt Romney’s is here.

This was created during one of our Innovation Days – a monthly opportunity to test out new skills, work in different ways, try to build something. Big thanks to Jaley, Joe F and Mike for the hard work.

:: What score did you get? What scores do celebrities, sports stars or brands get? Leave your results in the comments!

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