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Support for Māori language goes into beta on SwiftKey for Android

4th January 2017

Kia ora!

Exciting news: a new Māori language model has been added to our beta on SwiftKey Keyboard for Android!

To build out the language model as effectively as possible for our users, we collaborated with Dr. Te Taka Keegan from the University of Waikato and the foremost expert in getting products to work with the Māori language. Te Taka helped us to make the language model very accurate thanks to his previous extensive experience. To learn more about Te Taka and his work, read up here!

As ever, SwiftKey remains devoted to bringing support for multilingual typers all over the world, and introducing the Māori language model into our beta is another step towards this goal.

Do you speak Māori? Grab the beta and let us know what you think of the new language model!

The SwiftKey Team