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Meet SwiftKey 3 – our best keyboard yet

21st June 2012

It’s time. After months of work and refinement by our team of developers, we are proud to officially unveil SwiftKey 3. It learns how you think to type what you mean. It’s the best keyboard we’ve ever made and we’re extremely proud to share it with you.

It goes on sale today on Google Play and Amazon Appstore, where for a week it will be half price at $1.99 / £1.49 / €1.99. For our loyal users who bought SwiftKey X, SwiftKey 3 will be rolled out as a free update.

This version is a major leap forward. SwiftKey 3 was created thanks to the extensive creative and technical work of our team, but was refined and polished by the input of our VIP forum community. They got their hands on our beta releases first and the fact the number of VIPs more than doubled during the beta phase, from 30,000 in April to over 65,000 today, illustrates how much interest there is in what we’ve been building.

The VIPs suggested a range of features they wanted to see – a larger spacebar, for example – and voted on a new theme, the Ice Cream Sandwich-style ‘Holo’. They also kept us informed of bugs and errors and provided invaluable feedback across nearly 10 weeks and three beta releases.

Today the rest of SwiftKey’s users can access SwiftKey 3 for the first time. Here’s what’s new:

  • Smart Space –  adding to SwiftKey’s already cutting edge correction, Smart Space detects mistyped or omitted spaces across strings of sloppily typed words in real-time.
  • Two new themes – a new theme, ‘Cobalt’, to match SwiftKey’s new look and feel, and an Ice Cream Sandwich-styled ‘Holo’ theme, as voted for by SwiftKey’s VIP community.
  • An enhanced UI – a much larger space bar and smart punctuation key help improve accuracy and make it quick and easy to access common punctuation.
  • Additional languages – SwiftKey 3 now offers support for an additional seven languages, bringing the total up to 42. The new languages are Korean, Estonian, Farsi, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian and Serbian.

Since launching the beta, we’ve taken feedback on board to include:

  • A dedicated comma key, and the <123> key in the bottom-left corner.
  • Refined the Smart Punctuation pop-up for better, easier use.
  • Improved Smart Space functionality for easier email addresses and URL entry.
  • Reduced lag on some devices for a more responsive experience.
  • Reintroduced the long-press duration setting by popular request.
  • Further improved prediction algorithms for even more accurate next word suggestions.
  • Updated gestures for easier shortcuts.

SwiftKey Healthcare

This isn’t our only big news today. We’re also launching SwiftKey Healthcare. This is a bespoke product for doctors, nurses and other health professionals to enable them to take faster and more accurate notes on their tablets. We’ve signed deals with four companies already and a further dozen are undertaking trials. Stats from our first customers show clinicians halved the amount of time they spent typing on average.

These new products show SwiftKey is growing bigger and bolder. We’re now more than 50-strong. We have more people using our technology than ever. And our hunger to innovate is as great as ever.

SwiftKey 3 is a leap forward but it isn’t the end. We’re going to get straight back on it, creating even bigger features to change the way you interact with phones and tablets. Watch this space.

…and enjoy!

Chief Marketing Officer

p.s. if you haven’t already, check this out:

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One response to “Meet SwiftKey 3 – our best keyboard yet”

  1. Installed the trial version today and it’s fantastic. Ease of typing is incredible, auto correct is accurate and I’m not stopping to erase mistakes every five seconds. It also seems to be laid out in a way that I’m not hitting the wrong keys as often which is amazing. Sadly though, as a bilingual individual who communicates with a family who has limited English-speaking capability, Chinese is essential to my keyboard. Therefore, for the time being, purchase will not be on the cards until it is integrated.

    I must agree with others in that it is slightly baffling that a language that is spoken by more than a billion people (that billion is China alone … It is spoken by millions more in other Asian countries as well as by the Asian and EURASIAN communities in Europe) is not automatically integrated into a keyboard app that is most certainly the market’s most efficient. It is the most spoken first language.

    I look forward to any developments on Chinese input but in the mean time, great job, SwiftKey!

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