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SwiftKey 4.2.1 released

9th October 2013

Hi everyone,

We have some good news for you today – an update to SwiftKey which fixes a number of issues that you’ve reported in SwiftKey 4.2. Many thanks to all of the users who took the time to report bugs on our feedback forum; your input helps us to track down problems and fix them quickly and efficiently.

The latest version is available as a free update for existing users – just go to the app store where you bought SwiftKey, log in and go to “My Apps” to find it. New users can find SwiftKey on Google Play or on the Amazon Appstore, where it costs just $3.99/£2.99/€3.99.

The changes in this version are:

  • Fixed the issue with your personal language being lost
  • Backup & Sync will not keep your phone awake and use all your battery
  • Reduced network usage when Trending Phrases are turned on
  • Predictions in right-to-left languages should now be displayed the right way round.
  • Fixed Evernote return key problems
  • Restored “^” as m-key secondary in Azerty layout
  • Spanish punctuation now available on Qwerty layout (if Spanish language is enabled)
  • Fixed a number of crashes, including: flowing two words together quickly, repeatedly pressing “update languages” button, and a number of others
  • Fixed some translations within the app

We hope you enjoy the latest version, and remember that for all the latest SwiftKey news and tips you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or add us on Google Plus.

As always, we’re still busy innovating to create new features and improvements for you. We plan to update you on what we’ve next got in store very soon!


17 responses to “SwiftKey 4.2.1 released”

  1. luxandroid says:

    Please support luxembourgish!!!!!!

  2. Scott Garfinkle says:

    When will we finally get to customize the domain names?? I use which is a pain to type

    • BigTimmay says:

      Just curious. Why not switch to Gmail?

      • rcro says:

        Don’t know about him, but why should anyone be forced to switch emails for functionality? I know the only reason I have a gmail is because I have to for the Play store and android in general. I don’t even like the app. Can’t even delete email from the drop down menu. Archive only? Makes no sense.

      • Packy Anderson says:

        Because I have my own domain, and it’s hosted on Gmail. Of the three domains in the dropdown, I only use one ( I’d love to be able to customize the other two to domains I actually NEED TO TYPE.

  3. Andrei Boboc says:

    please add more themes

  4. effApple says:

    please bring back the .com key!

    • rcro says:

      a majority didn’t want it. Was a big feature request to ditch it. The proper thing to do was make it a check box feature if you wanted it or not. But of course that won’t happen. They’re not big on giving you options.

  5. Phil Shobo says:

    how about it being the default keyboard on startup? how was the beta able to be the default but not this?

  6. Cees Bierkens says:

    Please please, can you ad the cursors as in SwiftKey mobile into the SwiftKey tablet to and also button. I’m missing these items in SwiftKey tablet.
    Thanks, and i love you’re app. I recommend it everybody who wants a smart keyboard. Keep up the good work.

    • rcro says:

      They don’t care. This and other major improvements like a dedicated number row have been ignored. They don’t even respond in their forum or on twitter. I don’t know where this innovating they speak of is coming from.

  7. Eion says:

    Still waiting for new keyboard click sounds.

  8. elinho says:

    Integrate Emojii….

  9. Thomas Ellingsen says:

    I want it to complete my email address. Can it do that now?

  10. rcro says:

    Still no dedicated number row. Still no nav keys on the tablet. Still a giant text box in landscape. Still can’t correct words properly when in the middle of them. And the list goes on. Meanwhile people whine about themes and clicks sounds and you appease them more than people that actually want a more functional keyboard. Sad people pay full price for this app.

  11. Assaf Rapoport says:

    when filling the “to” field while writing an email on Gmail app, if the keyboard is set on Herbrew, the whole row of the spacebar and the predictions bar is gone! completely! so you can’t change the language unless you move the cursor to a different field, change the language and then go back to the “to” field. what the??

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