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SwiftKey 4.3.1 – new numpad option and bug fixes!

25th November 2013

Hi everyone!

Hot on the heels of SwiftKey Layouts for Living, we’ve got a new update for you! SwiftKey 4.3.1 introduces some feature changes and fixes bugs to deliver our best experience yet. To update, return to the app store you purchased it from and tap to download the latest version.

SwiftKey 4.3.1 gives you the option to show the number pad on the left or right on the secondary layout. We heard your feedback on this one and wanted to introduce the choice – we understand many users are left-handed or just prefer the numpad on the left. To find this option, press and hold the “123” key and select Themes.

Some users reported losing their personal language insights when they upgraded – we’ve fixed that problem going forward. If you did experience some language loss, re-personalize to improve your bespoke predictions.

SwiftKey 4.3.1 also reinstates the missing dollar sign for those in non-US territories – for example, if your default location is the UK, you can tap the “123” key then the “{&=” key to find the $ sign. To quickly access five currency symbols – pound, dollar, euro, yen and cent – you can press and hold the X key on the primary layout. Last but definitely not least, this release also brings back the distinct spacebar sound.

For a full list of bug fixes, see below.

We hope you enjoy this update and big thanks to all those who’ve shared their feedback with us. As always, we’re hard at work on new products and features and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store next!

Have a great week,
The SwiftKey Team

As well as the switch for the number pad, this update also includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed loss of personal language when you upgrade – if your personal language has previously been lost the best thing to do to restore personalized predictions is to go to Settings – SwiftKey Cloud, sign in and personalize from your SMS and Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Restored missing dollar sign – you can find a range of currency symbols by pressing and holding on the letter X, or by going to the numbers layout (accessed via the 123 key) or the symbols layout – accessed via the 123 key then the {&= key – and looking in the top left.
  • When keypress sounds are turned on, the spacebar sounds different to the other keys – you can turn keypress sounds on and off under Settings – Sound & Vibration
  • Extended layout on tablets now works properly – doesn’t just show predictions with no keyboard underneath
  • Restored missing bottom row in Russian and Thai layouts
  • Restored predictions in right-to-left languages (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic)
  • Backspacing on a flowed word at the beginning of a message now works
  • Pitch theme no longer shows white background when flowing
  • Fixed problems with entering names in Google +
  • Fixed problem with entering money amounts on Google Drive
  • Flowing long words sometimes got “stuck” – now fixed
  • Fixed a bunch of force closes

56 responses to “SwiftKey 4.3.1 – new numpad option and bug fixes!”

  1. MrMLK says:

    Thanks for the option to move the number keys back to the left side.

    In the future, please don’t make any changes like this without an option to go back to the old way. So, if some product manager thinks that Dvorak is the way to go, or that the “Q” key is no longer necessary, please consider your current customer base before you decide to change it.

  2. Chuck Smith says:

    When is the update going to be pushed to the Amazon app store? I bought the app from Amazon and not the Google Play Store. I see the update on the Play Store but not on Amazon.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Chuck – we always upload to Amazon at the same time as to Google Play, but the Amazon Appstore like to check things over manually (and the Play Store just push automatically) so it takes a little more time.

  3. BRossow says:

    Update is not in the Amazon Appstore as of this writing. 🙁

  4. Pete says:

    So when will you give us the options to have number keys displayed below the keyboard on tablets like we can have on phones? This is the one thing I really miss in 4.3, and the extended layout is rubbish in comparison for various reasons (e.g. not all arrow keys appear, plus the comma key is in the wrong place compared to the “normal” keyboard.)

  5. Jeff Lu says:

    still no Chinese?

  6. Sandeep Baliga says:

    Worth investment, just love it from the day one i brought, just brilliant invention. Keep your good work going

    Sandeep baliga
    Bangalore India

  7. vinothr says:

    I’m still having that Google+ name issue. It only happens when “Quick Period” option is checked. If I remove it, the +mentioning works perfectly fine.

  8. George Silberstern says:

    Seeing as so many people are raising the “it’s not on Amazon” business: It’s already been pointed out that Amazon’s review process is a little different than Google’s. However, I’d like to add that in my experience, apps/updates have appeared on Amazon about 12-24 hours after they do so on Google. Therefore, I counsel patience, grasshopper! Good things come to those who wait.

    And on the subject of waiting: Unless I completely missed a response on the subject, I’m still waiting to find out what I (and others like me) will end up doing given that, despite having bought the phone edition of SwiftKey, we had to purchase the tablet version at SwiftKey’s insistence. We’re stuck with a deprecated version which, as it turned out after the fact, we didn’t need in the first place! I find that disingenuous, and the perceived lack of a response more than arrogant.

    • warjan says:

      Tablet version is marked as legacy, but it’s updated with the same bits as Swiftkey. So you have bought 2 apps. I also did it. I don’t regret it, because I’ve spent those money on keyboard for my tablet and that’s what I’ve got.

  9. TheVoiceOfReason says:

    There’s a bug in 4.3 that I was hoping was fixed in 4.3.1, but wasn’t.

    In older apps that haven’t been re-written in the new style, where the 3-dotted menu option hasn’t been moved to the upper right-corner of the app window and remains on the bottom, the bottom of the SwiftKey keyboard is getting cut off, making the space bar very difficult to press.

  10. mobilenick says:

    Why did you get rid of the arrow keys on the secondary numeric keyboard in 4.3?? That was so useful in earlier versions, for those who don’t want arrow keys on all the time but occasionally need to move the cursor around. The feature was already there – can’t understand why it was removed!

  11. Guest says:

    Why were the arrow keys removed from the secondary keyboard in 4.3? Still trying to find that out. Was very useful for just occasional cursor movement.

    EDIT : sorry – double post. First comment didn’t look like it saved.

  12. Matheus Rangel says:

    What about new sounds? Come on, I asking this over a year

  13. Dave Martin says:

    Are you still working on adding a number row, at least with the tablet version?

  14. Manuel says:

    I remember those days when all the good apps were lightweight… my Defy can’t run this keyboard anymore… Innovation became the murderer of performance..

  15. Dale Burke says:

    Love this keyboard, well worth what I paid but how about some new themes? These are getting old………….

  16. Katie says:

    Can’t seem to apply this update. What do you chose after you go to THEME??

  17. row1 says:

    There is still an issue with not being able to set the default currency. I am a New Zealander living in Singapore and in both cases we use UK English (Android system language) but we use dollars and not pounds as our currency. AFAIK ‘£’ is only used in the UK, but many other countries use UK English but ‘$’ for their currency. So it is very annoying when I have to long press ‘x’ and slide across to select ‘$’. ‘$’ should be the default right above ‘x’. The stock keyboard lets me use a US layout and I think an older version of SwiftKey also did. This update seems to fix another issue that I did not have and does not fix the one which you replied to in my review

  18. Roshan says:

    Why do you guys do not update on Amazon app store.
    I purchased this app on Amazon and I kind of regret my decision. Money wasted I think.

    Please update on Amazon too,

    • DriftingAnomaly says:

      They probably uploaded the update to Amazon at the same time that they updated it on the Play Store. Amazon is notorious for taking longer to approve updates.

      • Roshan says:

        That’s sad, because after spending $3.99 on Amazon, I am still forced to use a pirated copy to get latest updated version.

        $3.99 in toilet.

        • warjan says:

          No. Those money went to the developers. They earn it, but those money also make them improve Swiftkey. So, no you didn’t waste any money. You’re welcome.

          • Roshan says:

            wow and what about me (consumer). It seems developer definitely got what he was asking, but I still did not get what I paid for. I am still having trouble keeping my app updated. Each time a new update comes, I have to uninstall old version and install new one (pirated).

            I could have done that without paying swiftkey. But I choose to pay them for ease of my mind and easy updates. Which I certainly did not get.

            So yes, I would say my money wasted and regret paying them every time I update.

          • warjan says:

            I get it that you’re annoyed about Amazon Store updates delay, but those are delayed because of Amazon not because of Swiftkey and you get what you paid – always up to date Swiftkey keyboard. Granted your impatience gives you headaches about uninstalling and installing this keyboard, which is not good, but Swiftkey is not to be blamed, but rather Amazon’s longer review process (which is not a bad thing either). It’s just my point of view. Be patient and you’ll get what you paid for without headaches.

          • Roshan says:

            Did I say anything about delay? Most of the minor updates are not pushed on Amazon. SwiftKey only major updates there.

            If you go here and check reviews, you will know people are complaining about updates. I wish I read those before I trust SwiftKey. Thank you for nothing.

          • warjan says:

            Then I stand corrected. It shouldn’t matter where you bought the app to get all updates, but I still believe you didn’t wasted the money. You didn’t get all the value, but you have the right to press Swiftkey to fix it. I wish you better experience.

  19. Hans-Peter Hofreiter says:

    do you have an estimation for a release including a complete number row above the characters?

  20. DriftingAnomaly says:

    I am glad to see you take a step to accommodate the people who wanted the number pad on the left. The execution of this solution leaves a lot to be desired. Ignoring my personal complaint about the small size of the keys, I would like to point out that the symbols opposite the number pad only shifted over. All arithmetic keys are on the opposite side of the keyboard from the numbers. At a minimum, they should be a mirror image reversal.

  21. James Coleman says:

    Umm forget about new themes. How about actually fixing the one annoyance which existed for the longest time. The number pad.

    Ways to fix.
    1 change to the STANDARD number pad as you see on keyboards and calculators.
    2 make it a number row rather than a number pad.

    This has been the one reason I hardly used SwiftKey even though I paid my hard earned money on it. I love the way it learns from me as I type, but that number pad annoys me big time.

    My favorite keyboard is hackers keyboard, but as you know. Their auto correct sucks In comparison to SwiftKey.

  22. milbi says:

    Please, how to make keyboard switched to numpad when using for example Excel app? Everytime I switch to another cell in the spreadsheet, the keyboard is switched to standard layout 🙁

  23. Michael Young says:

    The English (au) version should have the $ symbol not the £ above the X key! Dollars is the currency in Australia!

  24. LibTech says:

    Not happy with most of the changes, I don’t like the smiley face key. would prefer the enter key be first & long hold to switch to smiley faces. Should have option to switch it around..!

  25. Yeah says:

    Uhm SwiftKey will be Best with the large variation of emoticons like in the Facebook Messenger or in the iPhone keyboard.

    Can’t wait for the next update

  26. Dennis says:

    When are you going to fix the problem with gesture magnification that is all that’s stopping me using swiftkey full time

  27. Tomislav says:

    Very bad. Still issues with lag on S3 galaxy 4.3 android.

  28. eXalos says:

    Please give us an option to disable the new voice typing phrase selection dialog. I prefer the old style that appears to use the vanilla google voice typing style flow used before the update. It is more conducive to long dictations. The new mode cuts all my voice entries prematurely.

    • eXalos says:

      Okay oddly this has stopped being an issue for me. I’d been having the dialog since the Kitkat upgrade on my Nexus 4 2+ weeks ago. I don’t see the dialog any longer so not sure what happened. I know I was getting it in SMS as recently as 24 hours ago. Is it contextual to the application/situation?

      I don’t know what I did to get this to change/toggle. I may have toggled Google Voice Typing under Android input settings but that was 24 hours ago. I did reboot earlier today due to a drained battery but … Any input would be welcome.

  29. Fejnisse says:

    In version the ¤ key is found typing 123/{&= as shown. Where is the ¤ key to be found in 4.3.1???

    If not, is the fact that it’s not to be found, is it a feature or a bug??

  30. Sourabh Potdar says:

    Please add the new Indian Rupee Symbol.

  31. Trish says:

    Love the option to switch between L or R numbers pad. No complaints nor suggestion, just sum boring feedback 🙂 Thank you guys for being so attentive to customer feedback. I don’t know how you guys do it!

  32. Cynde says:

    Just updated and I keep getting the “low phone date” message. I’d like to go back to the precious one, which worked just fine, but can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Help?

  33. Michael Steinbeißer says:

    The updated German Layout only provides a QWERTY-Keyboard. In Germany we mostly use QWERTZ. I don’t find an option to change this. Am I missing something or is there a chance you could change this back?

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