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New SwiftKey beta brings emoji and number row!

12th December 2013

Update! There’s a new version of this beta which includes our new festive “Ice” theme!

Download the latest beta: 

For a full list of bug fixes, please check the VIP forum.


Hi everyone,

Today brings an exciting new SwiftKey keyboard beta which delivers some of your most requested features including emoji support for over 500 fun images and an optional number row for those who want quicker access to number keys.

SwiftKey 4.5 beta is free to download from today and we look forward to receiving your feedback over at the VIP forum as we work on improving them.


Here is more detail on the new features included:

Classic emoji:
Choose from more than 500 emoji across five categories: people, objects, nature, places and symbols. This update introduces a popup panel with tabs for each category so you can manually select the emoji of your choice.

Emoji word match:
As you type one of hundreds of keywords, you can opt to be offered emoji predictions in the candidate bar. For example, typing “Santa” will offer you a Christmas emoji in addition to word predictions, just tap the emoji image to select.

Fun examples include: “sleepy”, “pizza”, “broken”, “cheers” and “kiss”. Also, if you start typing a time of the day, such as 10pm, you may be greeted by the relevant clock symbol.

Let us know which other great examples you find by tweeting us @swiftkey or tagging your Instagram photo #swiftkey!

This setting can also be disabled if you prefer to always have words predicted in the candidate bar – just press and hold the 123 key, select Settings and Advanced to see this option.

Emoji contextual predictions:
SwiftKey 4.5 will learn from your personal use to suggest emoji you regularly use. For example, if you regularly include an emoji after an individual’s name, SwiftKey can learn to predict it, just for you.

Emoji can vary:
The appearance of emoji can differ between different versions of Android and different apps. Emoji are only supported on Android Jellybean and KitKat (4.1 and later). SwiftKey uses the system emoji font which is black and white in Jellybean and colour in KitKat. Some apps (eg WhatsApp) render the emoji within messages with app-specific fonts, often the same as seen on Apple devices. Google Hangouts uses the same colour emoji font as KitKat. This means that although the meaning remains the same, the actual images may vary between apps and between the sending and receiving device.

Optional number row:
SwiftKey 4.5 beta introduces the option of a dedicated number row on top of the keyboard for faster access to numbers, particularly for those with larger phone sizes. To find this setting, press and hold the 123 key, select Settings, then Theme & Layout, you can then tick or untick the Number Row option.

We hope you enjoy testing these latest features, please leave your feedback in the VIP community where it can be logged by the team. Not yet a SwiftKey VIP? It’s quick, easy and free to join!

Kind regards,
Evan and the SwiftKey Team

303 responses to “New SwiftKey beta brings emoji and number row!”

  1. Scott French says:

    I can start using SwiftKey again.

  2. Guest says:


  3. max Clyde says:

    We need a clipboard for copy/pasting, where we can copy multiple pieces of text and be able to choose what to paste from what we have saved in the clipboard. This feature is in the stock keyboard in the Samsung galaxy note 2, which is the only keyboard I’ve seen that has the feature.

  4. JustRandomThoughts says:

    Using handcent as the text client and it doesn’t show the emoji word match, besides that it works fine

  5. BigMixxx says:


  6. Lorenzo Sabelli says:

    With holo theme, the one I use, you can see the numbers on two rows, which is just confusing, if you have a dedicated number row you don’t need the second one. Plus I would like an option to have the number row BELOW regular keyboard, since letters are used more often, this would even bring the keyboard a little closer to the center of the screen, where thumbs can type in a more comfortable way.

  7. JMPesce says:

    Is this keyboard free for a month or for life?

  8. LuisAndrade1988 says:

    can’t install this apk on my device….with kitkat =

    EDIT: done 🙂

  9. catherinelg85 . says:

    Yay!!! Thank you so much swiftkey. Works great so far

  10. joker999 says:

    Why it’s changed to mms from sms after put emoji?

  11. Pete says:

    Still no arrow keys on the tablet keyboard? “Extended layout” or pressing the “123” key aren’t good enough – I want the option for having arrows displayed on my tablet like I can on my phone. No interest in emoji as I’m not a child.

    • rcro says:

      Supposedly they put a whopping two arrow keys on the tablet, left and right, and then shifted the whole keyboard to the left. Maybe enough people complained and they ditched it and will revamp it. Personally, I want the keyboard portrait version on my tablet with numbers at the top and all four arrow keys at the bottom. So much more useful.

      • Pete says:

        I use my tablet for emails and blog posts quite a lot, and the left & right keys aren’t enough, particularly when I’m editing and need to go up and down through the text. The “extended” layout isn’t good as it only has the left & right keys as you say, plus the layout is realigned and some keys are in different places to in the “normal” layout on my phone (muscle memory!) I really don’t understand why SwiftKey are so reluctant to fox this – surely the whole point of a unified UI is that the UI is the same in all clients, rather than having one for phones and another for tablets.

      • johnforamerica says:

        “Personally, I want the keyboard portrait version on my tablet with numbers at the top and all four arrow keys at the bottom. So much more useful.” – THIS!!

  12. Dirk says:

    Download won’t open on Note II with Android 4.1.2

  13. Chris Voyce says:

    Is this true? If I or you add an emoji or smiley face to a text message you will be charged for a mms message which is 35p a time.????

  14. Alexandre L. says:

    « Some apps (e.g. WhatsApp) render the emoji within messages with app-specific fonts, often the same as seen on Apple devices. Google Hangouts uses the same colour emoji font as KitKat. This means that although the meaning remains the same, the actual images may vary between apps and between the sending and receiving device. »
    HTC (4.3) also use their own font which is different than Hangout 😉

  15. danystraus says:

    great job. Question mark is possible in one key?

  16. rcro says:

    One plus. The number row looks nice. Not screwed up like arrow keys on the tablet. You can remove the numbers from the top letter row and throw in some more punctuation in their place. The squared brackets (used in html code) could be thrown in there along with percentage which is even buried as a long press on the separate number key page which is odd.
    A little more adjustability on the keys would still be nice. General overall scaling is ok, but I don’t need all my keys resized that way. I’d like to keep my letter rows normal size and shrink the numbers and arrows a touch. Other keyboards have been doing it that way for a while. Treat the keyboard sizing in sections, number row, letter rows and arrow row..

    And why can’t we have a number row and four arrow keys at the bottom on tablets too? The L/R arrows and left justified keyboard on tablets stink for normal typing in portrait. Might be fine if you’re hunting and pecking. Don’t understand why portrait on a tablet has to be treated differently than a phone when there is more room to work with. I’m stuck using the old keyboard app on my tablet and can’t update to any of this.

    And why do I have to use google’s cloud to sync? Other apps offer syncing and backup via dropbox or have local options as well. Why force us to use google?

    • johnforamerica says:

      “And why can’t we have a number row and four arrow keys at the bottom on tablets too?” – I can’t get all 4 at the bottom on the new “unified” version, which is why I haven’t updated on my phone yet. I don’t want to lose them!

  17. Bobba Marchese says:

    sorry,i’ve a BIG request: can you add some skins? this keyboard is fantastic but its skins are horrible, no animation nothing…for example i like flesky just for the awesome skin

  18. danystraus says:

    Great work. Thanks. Please question mark in one key. Thank a lot

  19. Will says:

    Any chance the Emoji can also offer text based smilies, e.g., =D =) ^_^ <3…etc??

  20. Fernando Soffa says:

    Hi there! Is there an option to scale the size of the keyboard? Please, fix that huge and weird scale when I change from the normal keyboard to the numeric keyboard…the scale difference is way too much.

  21. Dirk says:

    How do I import my saved words from the non beta version for predictions?

  22. John Waclawski says:

    This is GREAT!!! So glad I paid for SwiftKey! The additional numeric key just made it that much better.
    There are a lot of themes to go with it, but I’m getting greedy & wish there were more. 🙂

  23. Dario · 753 a.C. . says:

    can you please add possibility to remove letters’s pop-up when you’re typing?

  24. Jeremias Vera says:

    Don’t work on instagram.

  25. Jakki says:

    How do i download this? I thought there would have been an app update but theres nothing.
    Nothing in app store either

  26. Lee Long says:

    Yea! Thanks for this! Works great on my HTC One…

  27. Godfrina says:

    After years of demanding…finally released.
    And only for newer phones. Yay. Not.
    If I had known I would’ve had never purchased Swift. /disappointed 4.0 android user

    • Karlyy7x says:

      Agreed, only those with the update will down vote you. I think they should make it available because I’m rooted and manually installed the emoji font that 4.1+ users have so I can see all the emoji. Kii keyboard allows for emoji input regardless what version of Android, I just hate their predictions compared to SwiftKey. Such a shame.

      Since I’m rooted I could change ROM to kitkat but I would have rather not. Disappointed as well! SwiftKey could just recommend to install the emoji font if rooted. And make emoji available for all.

  28. Fabricio Ventura says:

    is not working in the comments instagram. my phone is the Galaxy s4, android 4.3

  29. Alan Goldman says:

    No color if not Kitkat? WTF?

    • Charlie says:

      In the keyboard the emojis are displayed using the phone’s system font – if you are running Jellybean that means black and white.

      In the app that you are typing into, the emoji will be displayed using the font that the app uses – this might be the system font or it might be another (e.g. Hangouts uses a font with the colour “kitkat” emoji, WhatsApp uses a different one)

  30. Rashawn31 says:

    Can’t use emojis in Instagram need to fix that.

    • mad876 says:

      It works just fine with the Kii Keyboard, so not sure why it wouldn’t work with SwiftKey. The only difference is Kii Keyboard has a dedicated button for emoji.

      • jennifer says:

        I can’t either. I can access to the emojis (and it’s really not easy to make them appear). But when I select them with my finger it doesnt appear in my comment…

  31. mad876 says:

    Ummm… how do I get the emojis to work in the android instagram app?

  32. I have installed the beta on my S4 but I can’t see the new tick to show numbers row…I have tried even to reboot, but no option to choose that row 🙁

  33. WORM says:

    Idk if it has been mentioned, but long pressing enter for emojis doesn’t work within the Instagram update

    • jennifer says:

      Same for me, it doesnt work with instagram. And that’s where I use emojis the most! Long pressing on the “send” button is not a bright idea. I guess lots of people wont press long enough and that will send the message. AND… when I got the emojis, when I select them with my finger it doesnt appear in my comment. It’s not even blank, it’s like if I wasn’t typing at all. And it’s a pain in the *ss to get to those emojis button when you are on instagram. Like you first need to press the up or down key to make it appear on top of the send button…

  34. Allan Serra says:


    On instagram not giving ta put emojis, is the button to send the comment!

    Of a checked it.


    Great news!

  35. Manoj says:

    I don’t get emoji predictions though i have selected the prediction option in settings. Am i missing anything? Im using xperia Z…

  36. tdpietrini says:

    Using android 4.2 on LG G2. The emojis are stuck needing a long press even though I do not have the “Enter Key” advanced setting checked on.

  37. Ratawit says:

    Can I adjust a height of the keyboard? Because Thai keyboard is too high. (compare to google or another Thai keyboard) If it can be adjusted, Swiftkey will be a “perfect” keyboard all around.


  38. SamuraiSax says:

    Great upgrade, but when are you going to add Japanese???

  39. Joseph Radparvar says:

    I have emoji predictions turned on in the settings, but they are not being predicted or suggested. I thought that by typing “cat” for example, an emoji of a cat would appear, but that’s not happening. Any comments?

  40. Dahdoul says:

    I love the new look specialy add number row to take advantage of big screen in note 3 but it would be better if there is an option to hide the symbols.

  41. Abdullah AL-Rawahi says:

    no emoji for intagram :(( WHY ?

  42. Ivo Barbosa says:

    Very slow in samsung galaxy sIII LTE with android 4.1.2 🙁

  43. johnforamerica says:

    Hooray! Dedicated number row! Now bring back the option to have a permanent arrow row! I don’t want to have to go into a separate screen (numbers, symbols, etc) to use all 4 arrows!

  44. Marcie says:

    On Galaxy Note 2, smileys are in black and white with Android 4.3. Desapointed.

  45. Albin says:

    Number row is interesting, i.e. for my kid’s big S3 not my phone. But if you’re providing an extra numbers row, why not a long press to get the special characters as they are on computer keyboards?

  46. Chris says:

    Awesome to finally see emoji enabled. 2 things to work on however: swiping between emoji sections as well as selecting the other sections will make it easier. And also changing emoji sections is very laggy. Thanks!

  47. DevinDTA says:

    Emojis not available on keyboard in Instagram or contact edit mode. Only way to do it is by copying/pasting. Awesome selection though when you can bring them up!

  48. Mike Fadamiro says:

    Now I’m back

  49. LadisRendon says:

    Emoji are displayed in full color in the text field, but not in the keyboard. Running 4.3 on a Galaxy S4. Why is it that it can be displayed full color but not in the keyboard? Not a huge issue, just a little irritating is all.

    • Charlie says:

      In the keyboard the emojis are displayed using the phone’s system font – if you are running Jellybean that means black and white. In the text field it will use the font that the app uses, which may be the system font or may (e.g. on WhatsApp) be a different font. This means that the pictures you see might not be exactly the same as those on the keyboard, but they will have the same “meaning” (e.g. “dog”)

  50. Alexis B says:

    I can see them, but my iPhone friends can’t…

  51. sicadastra says:

    It seems the apk won’t install on my Nexus 4. 🙁 I keep clicking on the install but nothing is happening.

  52. JL says:

    Hi, I’m spanish, sorry for my english. I’ve Samsung Galaxy S4 and I can’t choose the emojis because the key to choose it, is the same key to send the message. How can change it? Please, help. Thanks.

  53. Mr Day May says:

    Is there a work around the conversion to MMS when using emoji? Galaxy S4 on O2. Paid for SwiftKey a while ago and do miss it after trying others. Liking the number row!

  54. William J. Peper says:

    The one place I really need it to work, it doesn’t…. Instagram. No problems with it on Facebook or anything else, though. The emoji button is just non-existent on IG for some odd reason. Overall, it’s a great improvement though. Bravo, guys. Keep it up.

    Seriously, though. Please fix the IG issue. It’s the main place that many of use emojis. I’d imagine it’s a problem with the SwiftKey application, as all emojis are encoded in Unicode and shouldn’t have cross-platform issues unless the device your accessing from can’t view Unicode.

  55. Guest says:

    I’ve downloaded the link about 3 times and every time it’s done I get a ‘cannot open file’ error. I changed the settings to allow unknown source downloads and I restarted my phone. Any suggestions?

  56. Samuel Sirí says:

    it doesnt work on Instagram thats the place i need it to work please make this possible

  57. Ben says:

    I LIKE IT! The emojis could have some color though… But it’s getting there! Great job!

  58. Hélder Ferreira says:

    SwiftKey, please, bring back the option to reduce the keys size.

  59. Cindy N says:

    Glad that emoji has been added! However, while it works great on Streamzoo, it doesn’t work on Instagram. Not sure why this is. I have a Note 3 with Jellybean 4.3.

  60. Joseph says:

    The Apk doesn’t work on Jelly Bean 4.3 D:

  61. Guest says:

    Just downloaded the beta… but so far no luck in getting any emoji options when I type key words like “pizza” or “kiss” etc. The predictive emoji has been checked in thee settings so don’t understand we whats wrong…

  62. rick says:

    how do i get the emji to appear

  63. Hailea says:

    Everytime I send an emoji it goes straight to a picture message, can anyone help?

  64. MellFriezk_48 says:

    swiftkey is the best keyboard ever but the skin horrible

  65. Alexander Dorokhine says:

    Thanks for an amazing keyboard, Swiftkey!

    I’d resisted upgrading to Layouts for Living because it was no longer easy to make a heart (<3) after the symbol keys were moved around. Now that it's in the emoji screen, I will be pleased to be on the latest version again! 🙂

    In the future, could you consider making previous layouts available in the options somewhere if you change locations of the keys? Keyboard layouts take a long, long time to get used to. 🙂

    Thanks for a great product!

  66. carlos martinez says:

    No emoji for instagram what.? That’s were we need it come on you can do this SwiftKey.

    • Jakki says:

      Try out Kii keyboard. Customizable and works in instagram and all apps. Has emoji

      • Conspiranoid says:

        I wish Swiftkey added some of the stuff Kii offers – like a press-and-hold “change keyb” option to switch to cursor/select/copy/cut/paste, numbers, special characters, etc, instead of having to cycle back and forth thru them (and sometimes, not find what you were looking for). Or custom themes.

  67. Angelo says:

    Missing last important thing! … please change the key tone !!!! 🙂

  68. Phillip says:

    I absolutely love the new beta, only problem is that I use handcent as my messaging app and handcent hasn’t updated for the new Android emojis so if you use any of them, they just appear as ios emojis. I hope handcent updates soon.

  69. Ahsan Shere says:

    Love the beta. Only problem is that language download always fails whenever I select Canada english.

  70. Brian J King says:

    Upon downloading the apk file and opening it I cannot click “Install” — it simply doesn’t register. I’ve installed hundreds of APK’s in the past without an issue. Any idea what the deal is here?


  71. Massimiliano Spiccia says:

    Very, very good update!!!!!

  72. Random McRandomson says:

    Lame question here

  73. Sourabh Karmakar says:

    This is a fantastic update waiting for long time. I have a request:

    Pl include bengali font in your font list.

  74. Sabine Ljungner says:

    it is necessary that the messages sent as MMS to it with emoji?

  75. HUSSAIN HAMADA says:

    Whay it’s showing like this?

  76. Rafael Rosas says:

    One issue: emojis don’t seem to work or be available in Instagram. Also, in the new update, could you guys make the emoji icons bigger. Not a deal breaker but it would be better. Also, could you make it where you can slide through the windows of the emoji instead of having to click on the tab for the different window. Lastly, a recent tab or how I like to call it, a common tab that shows your recent emoji selection would be nice. Thanx for the hard work!

  77. Felix G says:

    Funny how I just searched for this today and the news is from yesterday… when will get the Google Play update?

  78. Carl says:

    Love the dedicated number row but please give us the option to swap the numbers above the top row of letters for extra punctuation symbols like % and brackets. We don’t need 2 rows of numbers. Thanks.

  79. Carl says:

    If you opt for the dedicated number row, then surely the numbers above the letter keys should be swapped with extra punctuation that currently you can only get to on another screen such as percentage.

  80. sproketz says:

    When I turn on the dedicated number row, it still shows the numbers on the alpha keys below. It seems like they should dissappear when the dedicated number row is on. It’s just needlessly redundant at the moment.

  81. danystraus says:

    of course but I prefer one key whit long pression for question mark without any slide. For me is more quickly. Thanks and regards

  82. Jonas says:

    No emoji support for 4.04!
    This update sucks! Can you have iPhone emojis or android emojis for Ice Cream Sandwich Users and below?

    • Karlyy7x says:

      Agreed, only those with the update will down vote you. I think they should make it available because I’m rooted and manually installed the emoji font that 4.1+ users have so I can see all the emoji. Kii keyboard allows for emoji input regardless what version of Android, I just hate their predictions compared to SwiftKey. Such a shame.

      Since I’m rooted I could change ROM to kitkat but I would have rather not. Disappointed as well! SwiftKey could just recommend to install the emoji font if rooted. And make emoji available for all with language download

  83. Jonas says:

    More Themes! Because Your Themes are very boring! Excite us with new themes! 🙂

  84. Kevin Chapple says:

    So, by enabling the ‘number row’ it does do just that, but looks a little ‘lame’ with qwertyuiop keys still hosting numbers, so there are two rows. Looks a little inferior to what we are used to from SK.

  85. Jonas says:

    Make a dedicated number row!

  86. random4ker says:

    Does not work on Instagram. Any fix?

  87. MellFriezk_48 says:

    SwiftKey keyboard is the best keyboard ever…
    Where is the full version of this keyboard….
    Please add the new skin…

  88. J G says:

    I love SwiftKey. I tried out Kii while I waited for SwiftKey to add a number row. If SwiftKey was as customizable as Kii it would be perfect!

  89. Guest says:

    I got the beta version but how do i access emojis? Not the predictions but the emoji keyboard. Is there one i have to download like as a language?

  90. Manny says:

    needs to work on Instagram!

  91. Manny says:

    Missing a few emojis too. Like the one that looks like girl with her hand out flat.

  92. Jared Wilbanks says:

    Almost a replacement for Kii, if it would just work with instagram. You guys are SO close.

  93. MellFriezk_48 says:

    i can’t install it, tested on my galaxy nexus…

  94. hazolite . says:

    Thank you very much SwiftKey team. God bless you all for your efforts.

  95. Jason Hunt says:

    Nice update but one thing i have number row on what is great but still getting numbers on the row below don’t look right
    Thanks for the update

  96. Rohil Shah says:

    The ‘cool (with sunglasses)’ and another few emojis aren’t there

  97. Van Anh Nguyen says:

    The emojis kan only be seen by those who have downloaded the emoji plug-in or thos who uses iphone. Those who does neither only sees a square.
    Can this be fixed?
    and maybe more themes?

    The good thing is that the predictions are better than before!

  98. When the dedicated number row is activated the numbers need to be removed from the lower keyboard. It just looks tacky and blatantly makes the dedicated row look like an after thought.

    It doesn’t work on Instagram at all which is the most important thing. This keyboard needs to work on all social networking sites period. Maybe giving Emoji’s their own button could fix it?

    Other than that the board is still top notch. As a paying customer I expect these things will be fixed and the update will be officially released. Just remove some of the redundancy of the board and all will be perfect. The redundant aspects of the board are getting a little out of hand and need to be addressed. This is me

  99. Doesn’t work on Instagram or what’s app. I think Emoji’s should just be it’s own button on the keyboard . When you try it on what’s app it just acts as a enter key regardless of how long you hold the key.

  100. Adrian Salazar Jr. says:

    I wouldn’t mind a theme similar to the holo theme but in white to match android 4.4 kit kat otherwise awesome you guy gave us a # row and emotions. Thank you!

  101. Tinkerbel says:

    Prediction doesn’t seem as accurate while sliding on this 4.5 beta also before use the emotional are in black and white which makes it more difficult to find the relevant one, once used it appears in the text as it should be in colour

  102. Tinkerbel says:

    See what I mean that should have been emoji not emotional

  103. Tinkerbel says:

    Plus can we have some attractive skins please.

  104. Jepoii says:

    Enter key doesnt always appear. Sometimes its an envelope specially when on Instagram. How do we call the emojis if there’s no enter key?

  105. rob damiani says:

    Noob question here but how do I install it to my Galaxy S4 GPE please? Thx

  106. Keith Thomas says:

    Could yall look into creating a stand alone emoji button? I know some aps can modify the enter button so I can no longer hold it to use emojis.

  107. Chris L says:

    swiftkey beta is working awesome!
    HOWEVER, the emoji on instagram doesn’t work! please fix!!

  108. Mike says:

    I already had SwiftKey flow installed. Then I installed this and there is no difference. How do I activate it?

  109. Jonas says:

    slide up the space bar to open the emoji keyboard.

  110. Omar Aniff says:

    Hello emoji support doesn’t seem to be working on gf’s Verizon Galaxy S3 running 4.1.2. Ther aren’t any emojis in here phone. I downloaded the android keyboard. Downloaded the emoji dictionary too but to no avail.

  111. Hujon D Goulbourne says:

    when i use the emoji’s they dont appear in color is there a way to fix that or is it just how it is in the beta?

  112. Guesttseug123321 says:

    Doesn’t bring it up in Instagram. Other than that, I love it. I’m using back SwiftKey again and recommending it to it to others

  113. MrMLK says:

    Love the number row, but what’s the point of having the number row and the shifted number row on the line below? How about adding some of the missing punctuation from the other screens?

  114. Vlastimil Bartošák says:

    On the Note 3 it’s beautiful 🙂
    Thanks Swiftkey!!!

  115. Norlene Aranda says:

    I love it… Keep up the good work.. Thank you.

  116. MellFriezk_48 says:

    thanks swiftkey,, swiftkey is the best keyboard ever….

  117. Chris Silva says:

    Really like SwiftKey, but until there are more themes to chose from I’ll keep using Smart Keyboard.

  118. ad24 says:

    Guess emojis will be a popular feature, but I keep going back to Swype because of gestures.

  119. Jill Boise says:

    SwiftKey is the best!

  120. angelycam says:

    The emojis work on IG but only if you add a picture to your feed. Doesn’t work when you comment on any pics. Please fix!

  121. Kya Gomes says:

    Another suggestion for the holiday theme could be red green with an accent of silver perhaps gold!

  122. Glenn Eng says:

    Number row works great but emoji doesn’t work on the galaxy s3. Emoji works fine on my asus tf201. On the s3 where the emoji should be, the screen shows blank characters

    • Priscilla says:

      I had that problem too with my s3 but I recently changed my font and they all showed up. Some fonts don’t support the emojis. Not sure why. But try it out. I was just bored one day and changed up everything on my phone then started noticing different emojis showing on Facebook. Checked the emojis on the keyboard and viola, they were all the

  123. Chris Tuffy says:

    So far I have not encountered a glitch in the new Swiftkey Beta. Will continue to test and provide necessary feedback for the improvement of the software. Thanks, SwiftKey Team.

  124. Marty Rose says:

    Omg the animation on the winter theme is adorable. Love SwiftKey!

  125. Shekhar Patil says:

    Just couple of request,,, i have a galaxy nexus “which i feel have good screen estate” but none of your theme or resize option the kind of keyboard which can b useful for big thumbs like me… (resizing the keyboard increases it’s dimension vertically) please add an option to resize the keyboard horizontally wih big font size and ample amount of space between 2 letters.
    2) please add an option to add words to local dictionary from the prediction bar just by tapping it twice or something which was there on original ice cream sandwich run devices

  126. Casey says:

    Thanks for everything you guys do!! The last thing that I thought was lacking has now been solved… Emojis…Idk what u guys will come up with next but this thing is awesome..And so is the text emoji matching!..maybe make it where you can keep the text as well next to the emoji instead of replacing the text with the emoji

  127. Deacon says:

    i’m enjoying it … hopefully the S4 gets KitKat soon so i can get the colored emojis .. love the number row though 🙂

  128. Dick says:

    I can accept valid posts if the program isn’t working properly, but continuous ðemands for more and more silly options is ridiculous! Satisfying everyone’s individual whims would result in a program so bloated that it would be a disaster for everyone. It’s already is the best on the market, be thankful for what these developers have done.

  129. O_Monstro says:

    Please fix the IG issue !

  130. Jason Slapp says:

    My wife is begging to ask you all…. If anyway you could make more of a hot pink type of theme? The one you all have is more purple looking… Thank you

  131. Артур says:

    Хорошая клавиатура…

  132. 「Ayman Maghrabi」 says:

    A very awesome Beta.
    However though, when I’m using Arabic I’m used to open the numbers and punctuation section when I want to add a “?” it’s not oriented correctly with. Arabic like so “؟”. It would be great if you can fix it.

  133. 3axis says:

    The number row is great but why does the prediction row disappear most of the time?

    Also why does the prediction always wipe out what I was typing? I don’t mind if I press space half way through a word or press the word but otherwise I have to delete and start again. I often use words that are not in dictionary. This is made worse by the lack of predict row when number row visible, why not shorten the height of all keys slightly?

  134. Michael M. Atassi says:

    Anyone knows what $1.99 for upgrade. Monthly, annually or life time. Iasked this question and no one bothered tl respond.

  135. Brian Panks says:

    For the love of god, how do I turn off the autocorrect as you type?

    It “corrects” so many of my words to wrong ones, it makes the keyboard almost unusable. I love the prediction, but I don’t need it automatically changing my friend Jen into Jan over and over.

  136. Raafik says:

    But I can’t use the emoji on Instagram. Doesn’t show the arrow that we can put emoji button. Need help!

  137. Shaun Nicholson says:

    Loving the new beta

  138. MellFriezk_48 says:

    Thanks SwiftKey 🙂

  139. Linda says:

    Swift key, I want to change keyboard back, I don’t need to see words while I type….

  140. Debbie says:

    Help the emotions are just squares.

  141. rob damiani says:

    Will emoji’s work in Instagram?

  142. Brayhan De Peña says:

    It don’t work on instagram all the reason I want emojic is to used whit instagram fix it.

  143. snom says:

    Please use a other button for switching to emoticons. I can’t access the emoji with long-press-enter e.g. for Instagram comments (always long-press option is set) and some other Apps. I think the left 123 and option-key is the best choice for switching to emoji. Thanks!

  144. KingJaffieDrew says:

    I like it but the emoji enter key doesn’t work in some apps like instagram

  145. Dakota says:

    How do I un install the beta & get back to what was on my phone. This has created even more problems

  146. Ankit Khandelwal says:

    Can you please replace to in email address suggestions.

  147. Brian Panks says:

    Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off autocorrect as you type?

    Just typed party-pooper to a friend and had it change it to party-porter.

    Offer me the option to choose words, but don’t “fix” what I’ve already typed. 🙁

  148. Kenji Bailly says:

    Is this just me or can I only use black and white emoji?

  149. pablo says:

    fuck you apple hahahaha you dont have this kewboard

  150. Vance Morrison says:

    How can I buy the beta version.? Mine expires on the 14

  151. Javier Hernandez says:

    Really black and white Emoji !!!!???!! When I had to pay $3.99 for this billshit and when there are many crappy keyboards out there for free that have nice and colorful Emotional, please fix it

  152. Javier Hernandez says:

    What does the people think the people think only the ones that have kitcat deserve to have it!???

  153. Gin Indio says:

    Best keyboard ever thnx swiftkey

  154. Antonio says:

    I Hope in new theme with new update And The emoji is very very cool! Waiting It on SwiftKey

  155. Dyon van der Ende says:

    Emoji also for Android 2.3 please

  156. Steven says:

    please add emoji to i can swipe to get emojis instead of the long press enter key

  157. MellFriezk_48 says:

    where’s is the full version of this keyboard…. the keyboard is still have a bug amd little laggy….please fix it .. thanx 🙂

  158. Powerhawk5000 says:

    Great… but emoji don’t really matter.



  159. Mariflor González says:

    Hi, I both the official version of the keyboard, will I lose it if a download the beta version?

  160. Jonas says:

    Create an minimalist keyboard like iOS Keyboard. Make a new keyboard press animation so I can see what key I gave pressed easier.

  161. sole says:

    es el mejor de todos

  162. Connie Morris says:

    I just downloaded swiftkey beta onto my galaxy s3 but the emoji s are not showing up.

  163. Nanananana~ says:

    Awesome! Number row!!

    How about a clipboard and redo/undo button??
    I don’t know why android doesn’t have the undo redo thing.. 🙁 thanks

  164. MellFriezk_48 says:

    The best keyboard ever

  165. Tanmay Pathak says:

    Emojis not working in some apps like instagram whereas its working via the Google Keyboard. Except this SwiftKey has always been the best 🙂

  166. brytay82 says:

    Add more emojis & themes & I’ll be fine. Everyone states the fonts issue. Not all fonts are tested with third party apps

  167. adam says:

    why would you put the “swap line break / smileyface” option in BETA?!?!?! what about us suckers who PAID for the regular version????

  168. Priscilla says:

    Thought ppl might find this useful. I have an s3 so not sure if this applies to everyone but when I first downloaded this, the emojis didn’t appear, only very few did. I was recently changing things up on my phone including font then noticed all these different emojis I’ve never see appear on Facebook. I checked the emojis on my keyboard and viola, they were all there! I tested it out different fonts and some would work and others wouldn’t. Not sure why this is by thought this info might come in handy for some of you.

  169. Felipe Serrano says:

    Hi, please can you add color in the emojis in Jelly Bean like in KitKat!

  170. Sdac123 says:

    Emoji key is available when I enter a bio on instagram… I can post all the pictures I want. But when posting a “comment” on instagram, the key is replaced by a send/post key. What am I doing wrong. Would like to post pictures in my comments

  171. Bill Rodgers says:

    I’m getting the pound symbol for currency with language set to English (Au). I should be getting a $ symbol as default.

  172. Tippy says:

    Will there ever be a fix for the black and white emoji? I can get colored ones when using them from another text app that has them included .

  173. scott says:

    They do need to put the emoji button on Instagram however for now just type the name of the emoji and it will come up in the prediction area.

    Please put the emoji button on Instagram for us Swiftkey!!!

  174. bharath rockz says:

    please make swiftkey to use less ram now it consumes up to 40mb of 512mb and works very slow so i am back to stock keyboard i noticed htc (sense) keybord as a good keys alignment and theme(color)

  175. Afshin S says:

    Can not install it on galaxy s3 🙁

  176. Fruity101079 says:

    15 January is here, so beta has stopped… what’s next??
    Got to reinstall the old full version and have to be patient the next update?

  177. Invincible Tucan says:

    Well yeah the beta version expired today but theres no update to the official one. When can we expect an official update with emoji?

  178. David says:

    This worked great up until an update 1/14/14. Now it is broken. It will not complete words, auto capitalize, auto spell-correct, or insert a period with a double space-bar. I have all those things checked in settings, unchecked, re-booted, checked again. Have to revert to regular version with no emojis until this is fixed. Developers: why “update” from a version that worked fine, to one that doesn’t work?

  179. Ruel Smith says:

    Okay, I tried it but had problems. Right after installing it, I got a message that said my beta period had expired and my spellcheck quit working. On top of that, I like the dedicated number row, but why are the numbers still long clickable on the top row of letters? Seems redundant. Lastly, I really wish I could combine my Samsung keyboard with Swiftkey’s. Neither is a slam dunk on its own but combined I think they would be. I prefer Swiftkey’s preemptive spellcheck, but the layout and the quick access the Samsung provides is more optimal.

  180. Joana Madeira says:

    Where is the predition?
    This new version don’t have 🙁

    Please bring back.

    Or if someone know how to active.

    The Flow don’t work as well.

  181. Iann Hernandez says:

    I really like the keyboard but is there any chance to the numbers/symbols layout returns to the one on v4.2 or less? I kinda like it as it was

  182. Twenty says:

    Color back in the Emoji section like seeing what I’m sending

  183. Twenty says:

    Just read into jellybean boo

  184. Paul says:

    Installed on my Moto G running KitKat 4.42 but for reasons I cannot explain the SwiftKey Beta keyboard in EvolveSMS does not show any predictions as I type whereas the non-beta SwiftKey keyboard works fine in EvolveSMS!!

  185. Juan says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the issue of the messages with emojis being converted from sms to mms

  186. Alvinpck says:

    Can we get an emoji option instead of the envelope send button on apps like instagram?

  187. Tyler Cohn says:

    Please read!

    I love this keyboard, although with the black and white emojis it’s kinda difficult for my eyes to see what exactly those emojis are, so If you could please consider making the emojis color such as hangouts or the kikkat emoji keyboard available free in the play store. In my opinion it would make the emojis and the whole keyboard not on be easier to read and see but as well look cleaner and nicer. in addition could you consider adding a recently used tray in the emojis so that I don’t have to spend so much time searching for an emoji or scrolling through to the emoji that I want. Thank you

  188. jw says:

    Um …. Why does swiftkey need to read my texts, modify USB storage, access the internet and a bunch or other crap?

  189. Federico Morgan says:

    You can not use emojis on instagram, because pressing the button emoji, the message is sent!!!1 🙁

  190. WORM says:

    Anyone else have the problem where emojis take forever to swipe through? It just randomly stared to happen the other day and it’s wicked annoying. It takes 90 sec or more to swipe from top to bottom in emoji screen =(

  191. Moataz Farouk says:

    I’ve already purchased the app using a licensed version , but after downloading the beta recent version to get the emojis I found out it has an expiry date.. Does this mean that I have to purchase the app again to keep enjoying the emojis?!

  192. Ben Mould says:

    Got this on my xperia z… Great however all the emoji’s are black… Why are they not the smiley faces I’m used too…

  193. Martin Schøn says:

    Why do i not get suggestions ?

  194. Sara says:

    This beta keyboard is really great ! When will you end the beta? I want it as official release!I love the numbers row!

  195. kcgreg77 says:

    Everytime I tap an emoji it adds it twice to my text box

  196. Đậu says:

    SwiftKey keyboard not good:The distance between the keys very small, causing typing errors constantly

  197. Victoria says:

    already expired. NO numbers row option or new emoji in my swiftkey (paid & actually acts like a downgrade)

  198. Victoria says:

    Where’s the number row option? I have the ice theme, but NOT the numbers or new emoji 🙁

  199. Vania says:

    Please enable mandarin.. SwiftKey would really be perfect by doing it.

  200. Lilia says:

    the predictions have disappeared! 🙁

  201. Adek Zakk says:

    Can you place somewhere option to disable emoji? It’s very slow.

  202. I have a question,

    should I de-install the previous version if I want to use this one?

  203. Kennedy says:

    Problems I’m having…

    1. Every time I add in an emoji, it duplicates it. I have to backspace to remove one each time. Minor annoyance.

    2. Doesn’t work in Skype (which has its own emoji so no biggie)

    Haven’t tried it in emails yet.

  204. George McArdle says:

    Emoji don’t work on instagram

  205. Charles says:

    When will the top number row release out of beta?

  206. ▲King Tutankhamun▲ says:

    Does not have the prediction bar and it doesn’t correct words whatsoever, also does not work on instagram, pleas provide an update fixing those things or add the emojis onto the paid version (which I have as well)

  207. Sylvia Czuppon says:

    why doesn’t the paid version have these features??

  208. Myron says:

    I have been using the paid version of Swiftkey and love it. If I start to use the 4.5 beta will I have to “teach” it my typing style and word usage all over again? And eventually will it prompt me to pay for some kind of paid version just like the regular free version does? As I already paid for this I don’t want to have to pay again.

  209. Myron says:

    I have been using the paid version of Swiftkey and love it. If I start to use the 4.5 beta will I have to “teach” it my typing style and word usage all over again? And eventually will it prompt me to pay for some kind of paid version just like the regular free version does? As I already paid for this I don’t want to have to pay again.

  210. Prabhjot Bajwa says:

    How can i download emojis

  211. Saratara says:

    Aww man!

    In regular Swiftkey, I keep having this issue:

    And in Swiftkey Beta, my predictions aren’t coming up. Is there a setting I am missing??

  212. Akassh says:

    when i get final version of 4.5 beta version?

  213. Rakesh jain says:

    Their is no prediction option

  214. Will says:

    Please remove the emoji from the enter button, they should exist separately. the enter button doesn’t detect various apps, so i cant send anything. Please just remove the emoji from the enter, and but it somewhere else…

  215. Georgina Bloomfield says:

    Whenever I use the emojis my phone converts them into an MMS message (Galaxy S4) is there a way to stop this?

  216. Gregg T Jenkins says:

    Got a problem. None of my Emojis are showing up at all. (only the basic keyboard turn-your-head-sideways smiles work) And anyone who sends me one, it shows up as a blank box. I am using the Roboto font (Read that it was the default font for Android.)

    Any ideas?

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