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SwiftKey’s Android keyboard update brings performance improvements & new languages

20th November 2014

Hi everyone,

Today, we’re excited to announce a brand new update to SwiftKey Keyboard for Android! This release brings a host of improvements to our Android keyboard, including performance enhancements and the addition of a dozen new languages.

The dev team has been hard at work on a number of speed and performance updates which we’re happy to include in this release. Here’s what you can expect to see while you’re using SwiftKey Keyboard from today’s update:

  • Time it takes for keyboard to appear has been reduced
  • Keyboard quit time reduced
  • Faster switching between fields
  • More responsive typing

You can read a full rundown of these performance improvements here.

Speakers of languages for the Indian sub-continent will now have access to a more accurate and localized SwiftKey experience through 12 newly supported languages. These add to our existing support for Hindi, Hinglish and Urdu, and bring our total number of supported languages to 81. The new languages include: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Sinhala.


To download this latest update, please visit the Google Play Store.

Thank you again for all the feedback you’ve submitted through our ideas and suggestions forum and through Facebook and Twitter. We value your input and appreciate your support – please keep it coming! Stay tuned for more.

The SwiftKey Team

29 responses to “SwiftKey’s Android keyboard update brings performance improvements & new languages”

  1. diego orellana says:

    And that keyboard where I can download or purchase

  2. Giuseppe Attanasio says:

    Ohhh.. finally, it back faster to load as before 🙂

  3. Pixel says:

    yup it definitely faster than before, but Emoji Scrolling still very laggy

  4. Thiago Aires says:

    The new themes based on material design are not as good as the google ones, especially the white theme. Also, the new-line icon is pretty ugly, as like the emoji icon on the same button :/

  5. dylandersen says:

    How can Google get scrolling in the emoji field so right and you guys get it so wrong? What’s going on here?

    Yeah, thanks for the performance improvements, but now the Flow “gesture trail” looks awful. Again, Google has it looking dead simple but so much better than what it currently looks like in SK. I know you guys read these comments, what’s the problem here? There are brilliant engineers at SK yet you guys aren’t hitting the mark. It’s severely disappointing.

  6. Sam says:

    Thanks for adding Tamil language to the most beautiful keyboard app for Android.

    But Swiftkey has got the least used tamil layout which is also very difficult to use.

    “Tamil99” is the official layout (declared by Government of Tamilnadu and been promoted by Tamil IT Institutions in Srilanka, Singapore and Malaysia ) for tamil input in the computing devices. Its the most intuitive and widely accepted layout among the tamil mobile users. Please refer to the tamil keyboard input layout in Mac/iOs devices for reference.

    Until Tamil99 layout is supported, I don’t find a reason to switch back to swiftkey from “Indic Prime Keyboard” app.


  7. brix daniel says:

    Please add emoji support for Android ICS 4.0.4. I know that older devices doesn’t support emoji and is black and white when installed using a 3rd party program, but I know you can add this feature like other keyboard does. (touchpal, minuum, kii keyboard)

  8. GrKTcB says:

    The lag has been terrible the past few months, it would lag 2-3 seconds at times to catch up to my typing, and this is on fairly high end hardware like the Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 which are snapdragon quad core devices with 2GB of RAM, this is un-excusable in my opinion and does not occur with other third party keyboards.

    Hopefully this update fixes those issues. I’ve loved SwiftKey since day one but the experience lately has made me start to look elsewhere.

    Hopefully it’ll be all good from now on and we wont see any lag.

    Folks over at SwiftKey, please remember that speed should be your number one priority before anything else!

    EDIT: As others have mentioned, emoji scrolling is still very laggy on the above devices listed 🙁


    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team says:

      @GrKTcB:disqus Thank you for your feedback here. We have seen significant improvements on the Nexus devices. The emoji lag is a known issue that our team is aware of. This is something we hope to address in a future version. Thanks for your support and apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

  9. anjana_j says:

    Sinhala 😀 සිංහල
    Hats off for guys who worked for bringing Sinhala Language for Swift Key. Thank you.

  10. Cn Se says:

    hi, i am from iran, and since i can’t use any in app purchases, play store doesn’t allow me to update the app
    is there any other trusted place which i can get the apk file ?

  11. Alex Chu says:

    It had been nearly unusable for me for a few months now and I ended up switching to flesky, which is lightning fast and instantly responsive. However, I did miss the predictions.
    This update does seem faster, perhaps not fast enough but I appreciate the progress. Switching back for a week before deciding.

  12. Greg Gashton says:

    how do i disable that triangle w/ 3 bars that moves the
    keyboard to the right or left side? OMG SO ANNOYING. M8 android

  13. Peter says:

    Still, the suggestion bar won’t disappear when a physical keyboard is connected. This bar is completely useless then. Even the default keyboard knows that it should disappear completely when a bluetooth keyboard is connected.

  14. Alex Lee says:

    I wish there was an option to disable the text predictions…

  15. KF Lum says:

    Pls pls pls I’m begging you pls add Chinese support…

  16. Aykut Kucuksahin says:

    Pls add Turkish language asap for ios

  17. Hoang Huynh says:

    Please fix this critical bug in your Vietnamese keyboard. Sorry for spaming but there is no way else to reach you

  18. Hoang Huynh says:

    Please fix this critical bug in your Vietnamese keyboard. Sorry for spaming but this bug has been reported for months and no one cared.

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