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SwiftKey, now fluent in Aussie mate!

29th November 2012

G’day SwiftKey fans,

SwiftKey users in Australia can now type more easily, with the launch of our Australian English language model. No more choosing between UK and US English – this model was made by crunching over 14 billion words worth of Australian English text.

To celebrate, we’re having a special Aussie-only sale. SwiftKey 3 is 50% off on Google Play Australia, so you can get SwiftKey for just $1.99 (that’s AU dollars of course!).

Did you know that Australians are twice as likely to use the word “mate” as Brits? And 30% more likely to use the word “barbecue”? Well, they do have better weather for it. As always, SwiftKey will learn the words and phrases that you use to build up your personal language profile. To get a head start on this learning you can also personalise from your Gmail emails, Facebook posts, and your tweets on Twitter.

You can change the language of your SwiftKey predictions (or add more – you can have up to three enabled at once) by longpressing on the bottom-left key of your keyboard, going to Settings, and choosing “Languages & layouts”. We currently support 45 languages, and more are on their way.

Find out more in the full press release, or go get SwiftKey 3 from Google Play now.


PS – There’s still time to nominate SwiftKey in the TechCrunch 2012 Crunchies.

One response to “SwiftKey, now fluent in Aussie mate!”

  1. bloobeard says:

    Hi, You need to change the pound sign to a dollar sign for the Australian keyboard.

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