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Get SwiftKey Cloud with our latest beta

23rd July 2013

Updated 12th August 2013 – get the new Beta here

Hi everyone,

We’re really excited to launch our latest beta today and it features a new set of innovative services called SwiftKey Cloud!

A lot of you have told us you love SwiftKey, but you want a way for your personalized language insights – all the words, phrases and habits SwiftKey has learnt from you – to be backed up safely, so the moment you get a great new phone or tablet, or if it’s stolen or lost, your language data is already there waiting for you. Well that’s exactly what we’re rolling out today – plus a whole lot more.

To try out SwiftKey Cloud for free, just tap on the links below from your phone or tablet to install the beta version of SwiftKey 4.2:

SwiftKey Cloud Beta (for phones) 7.6Mb
SwiftKey Cloud Tablet Beta 9.2Mb

Here’s a rundown of the three main features included in SwiftKey Cloud:

1) Backup & Sync
The words and phrases that matter to you will now be securely backed up and seamlessly synced across your devices. If your phone or tablet gets an upgrade, or gets lost or stolen, there is no longer any need to teach SwiftKey the people, places and things you mention most as you type.

2) Trending Phrases
Our technology will now analyze Twitter and other news sources to sift out the most relevant daily discussions and trending topics. Sports fixtures, news events or celebrity gossip – the things getting everyone near you talking will be captured and your predictions updated each day to ensure you have the words and phrases you need at your fingertips. It’ll launch first for US English, UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Indonesian and Arabic with support for more languages on the way.

3) Enhanced Personalization
We’re making it easier than ever for SwiftKey to learn from your writing style so you get next-word predictions and auto-corrections that are completely tailored to you. Gmail and Facebook personalization can be authorized in just one click and we’ve also added Yahoo! Mail, with more sources on the way.

All this is available as a free beta right now. Don’t forget to come to our VIP Community to leave us your feedback, so that together we can make it even better!

When beta testing is complete, these features will be part of a free update, called SwiftKey 4.2, for all our existing paid users and will be available for new users to purchase from Google Play, Amazon Appstore or Android PIT.

We think SwiftKey Cloud represents the next step in personalized technology. We hope you enjoy testing it out and look forward to seeing your feedback on our VIP Community.

The SwiftKey Team

75 responses to “Get SwiftKey Cloud with our latest beta”

  1. 79stanger says:

    Downloaded on my Note 2 and Nexus 7. Both devices say that I can’t open file. Is there an authorization process to go through?

  2. Alain Breton says:

    When will the Japanese language keyboard be available?

  3. Romius T. says:

    I can’t get the apk to open either.

  4. $63844781 says:

    I hope in future releases come out there is an option to turn OFF the cloud feature. I do not write as I am using twitter or like a 12 year old girl. Please do not ruin an already good product.

    • B4sti4n says:

      even in this beta, you can turn off all cloud features and delete the cloud-account, so don’t panic 😉

    • BforBENDETTA says:

      Do you know anything about how SwiftKey works? How does SwiftKey’s potential for learning from your Twitter typing style have ANYTHING to do with the new cloud syncing capabilities? SwiftKey has always been able to learn from Twitter and if you don’t want it to, don’t tell it to. And even if you do tell SwiftKey to learn from Twitter, it’s only going learn from YOUR sent tweets, so if you don’t want SwiftKey’s predictions to be based on a twelve year old girl’s speech, don’t speak like a twelve year old girl on Twitter.

      I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  5. Charlie Strange says:

    I can’t get the download to open on my note 2.

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      Some users have found that opening the downloaded APK from a FIle Manager app, or simply accessing the link via a browser other than Chrome, has fixed this for them.

  6. jaycclee says:

    Don’t know if the files are already corrupted or what, it doesn’t look like it can be opened by a lot of people

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      Some users have found that opening the downloaded APK from a FIle Manager app, or accessing the link via a browser other than Chrome, has fixed this for them.

  7. Phil Shobo says:

    ok i thought it was just me. not installing for me either

  8. Tito says:

    You save all in the cloud, that’s great, but **how safe is my data** ?

  9. B4sti4n says:

    It also did’t work on my S2 and Note2 when I tried to open the .apk from the Notification or from the Downloads-App. But if I open it from the File Explorer it works fine.
    (may be a Samsung bug, or a problem with all those dots in the Filename…)

  10. As a beta user, let’s give this a try.

  11. Laszlo Demeter says:

    Finally ! However, Helium is a great alternative to move from a phone to another or backup the languages too.

  12. Eric Garcia says:

    it would be much better if you took advantage of the google beta program, so we could just download from the play store…that would be much better!!

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      It’s just a “tap to download” – it’s not that complicated! 🙂
      We’re very pleased that the Play Store has implemented a Beta program, but G+ Communities doesn’t yet have the level of functionality that we want, compared to our own VIP Community (which has over 100,000 members already signed up).

      • tookieboy says:

        But that means we have to start afresh, since it’s a new APK? Also, from your statement, you’re basing “level of functionality” on number of members. In which case, progressive migration of members would solve that 🙂

        “To provide seamless beta experience and allow users to maintain their current settings, we have opted to use the Google Play beta program. To try the beta, join the Swiftkey VIP community on Google+!” or something like that

        • John Hilker says:

          I’d rather keep this as a separate beta from my paid version, so that if there are problems, I can just uninstall the beta, and still have my old files ready to use. My understanding is that once the version in the Play Store gets updated, it should pull everything I had synched from the beta, right?

          • Jean-Philippe Baril says:

            Yeah, as John asked, will the data be merged (what was learnt in Play version but not yet synched and what was lastly learnt in beta version and already synched) or will the data from one of the versions overwrite the other?

          • Charlie Edmunds says:

            When your paid SwiftKey updates to 4.2 and you sign up to SwiftKey Cloud with that version, the language model that currently belongs to your SwiftKey and the language model in your SwiftKey Cloud account (generated while using SwiftKey Cloud Beta) will seamlessly merge.

          • Charlie Edmunds says:

            Similarly if you have been using SwiftKey on your phone and on your tablet, and you sign up to the same SwiftKey Cloud account with both, the data from your phone and your tablet will combine.

      • disqus_Q8CnHrCIII says:

        When are we getting Japanese on SwiftKey!?

  13. Tommy Flankert says:

    If I download and install this will all my existing words, phrases and other data stay as it is now?

    /Happy paying customer for 3+ yrs

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      Hi Tommy – The Beta will exist alongside your current SwiftKey – it won’t immediately learn from your current version because seeing how well it learns is part of the Beta testing process. When the Beta is over, SwiftKey Cloud will be an update to your current paid SwiftKey (and so at that point it will have all of your learned words and stats).

      • disqus_Q8CnHrCIII says:

        When are we getting Japanese on SwiftKey!?!?!?!?!??!?!

        5 months of waiting already, your customers expect a *really* good Japanese language addition to your software. We already paid for it.

  14. JayYo281 says:

    Personalization option causes swiftkey cloud tablet to force close on Nexus 7.

  15. Phil Harkins says:

    Where is the .com key that usually shows up in the browser keyboard?

  16. Mike says:

    Are you guys ever going to add Emoji to the keyboard? With all these updates rolling out, you’d think such a simple request from all your users would be fulfilled

  17. Does the beta support all the same languages as the non beta one? Don’t want to install it and be missing something. Thanks in advance. And +1 to use the Beta Program of the play Store, especially now with all the apk modifications vulnerabilities floating around.

    • Charlie Edmunds says:

      The Beta supports all the same languages as the Play Store version.

      We are not using the Beta program in the Play Store because G+ Communities is lacking some functionality that we have on our own VIP Community, and we already have over 100,000 VIPs signed up there.

  18. lovelycute00 says:

    After this , Please make swiftkey can use for Thai bluetooth Keyboard.
    I love swiftkey but I don’t always type on touchscreen only. Sometimes, I use bluetooth keyboard,too.

  19. Jodå says:

    Where is the data stored and what encryption is it encrypted with?

  20. Margena says:

    I guess we will see. Hopefully the keys will stop sticking while trying to text.

  21. AllardDisqus says:

    Downloading language pack crashes and reboots HTC one X 🙁

    Great to see this feature being implemented though, would love sync/backup between devices!

  22. Michele Haft Hudson says:

    Will the tablet version work on iPad4 ?

  23. ex-28 says:

    this keyboard would rule them all if there were more themes , android is all about customizaTION and with swiftkey the themes are verry verry limited.

  24. solucky63 says:

    Ok I have downloaded this about 10 different times using 4 different browsers as well as my PC and then manually transferred the download to my phone. It brings up the window to Install (and explains everything) but it will not let me click the Install button. Ive touched everywhere on my screen and it will not click install. The only way to do anything is to click the cancel button and back out without installing 🙁 Somebody PLEASE HELP!!! I am on the Galaxy Note 2 and if the question comes up no I am not rooted.

  25. Lamarrotems says:

    Having trouble installing or downloading the Swift Key Cloud Beta App?

    -Try to download/install without a different browser from Chrome
    -Try installing from a file manager application
    -Try installing in safe mode (this worked for me).

    Safe Mode:

    -For many phones safe mode is an option in the power menu.

    -For other phones holding volume up/down while turning on.
    -For CM10 you press and hold the Reboot option in the power menu to access the safe mode dialogue box?

    When in doubt ask Mr. Google.

  26. joshjames16 says:

    Anybody else find that, for example, on Whatsapp, when you’ve sent a message, it takes a little while for the keyboard to start functioning again? Very irritating for me as a quick typist! [Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100] [I would post this on VIP but I don’t seem to be receiving the verification email 🙁 ]

  27. Babylonbwoy says:

    It force close on my xperia tablet z randomly when in setting!
    And nothing to import datas from current version into the beta, so again we lost everything again like in every beta!

    (edit : ok, datas will be merged with final version).

  28. Phil Shobo says:

    My S3 has been shutting off inexplicably lately since I’ve installed the apk. Just wondering if it’s just my phone or it’s happening to others…

  29. Phil Harkins says:

    Will SwiftKey be removing the keyboard that includes the .com key when accessing a browser in future updates?

  30. disqus_Q8CnHrCIII says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE on SwiftKey!?!??!?!?!?!?!

  31. disqus_Q8CnHrCIII says:

    When are we getting Japanese on SwiftKey.?.

  32. disqus_Q8CnHrCIII says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE on SwiftKey?

  33. Camilo Alves says:

    I love SwiftKey, but last updates of keyboard become in bad keyboard, this beta and that Google play version are not learning new words, I think have a limit, if remove this limit, the keyboard will be awesome again.

  34. Mr_Best says:

    Great start guys. One problem though. When I’m using the emoticons in Hangouts and I use three or more of a particular emoticon at a time, I get question marks in between them and they become messed up. This issue only occurs with SwiftKey Cloud. Something to consider improving in your next update…keep up the great work.

  35. theraf90 says:

    Hi there, I have android 4.3 and I can’t download the language packs (they worked flawlessly on 4.2.2)… What should I do?

  36. Chete says:

    Glad Htc One email writting problem is fixed now. Thanks

  37. housry23 says:

    How do I unregister devices on my Swiftkey Cloud account. I do a lot of Rom flashing and because of this I have 12 registered devices.

  38. Rob says:

    I had to do a factory reset, and now my swiftkey says I have 3 cloud devices. They are all named the same, and were all on the same device. How do I combine them to get all my stuff back?

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