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SwiftKey Cloud Beta updated

1st August 2013

Updated 12th August 2013 – new Beta available here

Hi everyone,

Many thanks for all of your comments, suggestions, and bug reports regarding SwiftKey Cloud Beta. Our developers have been working hard on some improvements based on your feedback and we have a new updated version for you to test.

To get the new Beta, just tap on the links below from your phone or tablet and it will immediately start to download.*

SwiftKey Cloud Beta (for phones) (8.7 Mb) 
SwiftKey Cloud Tablet Beta (10.3 Mb) 

Please download these APKs and leave us your feedback on our VIP Community – your comments can help shape the future of SwiftKey.

Watch this space for more updates based on feedback from our awesome VIPs.

Cheers, Charlie

* Some users have reported that Chrome’s bandwidth management setting interferes with the download process. You can disable this by going to Bandwidth Management within Chrome’s settings, or simply tap on the link using another browser.

Full changelog and known issues for


  • Improved behaviour of different keyboard layouts when multiple languages are enabled
  • Improvement to Flow prediction quality
  • Minor performance improvements aimed at reducing likelihood of lag
  • Fixes for a variety of crashes in the settings
  • Improvements in hyphen handling
  • Keyboard should no longer refuse to accept input for a short while after pressing send in messaging apps
  • Kingsoft Office should no longer cause a crash
  • Fixed crashes when personalizing with Gmail
  • Enter key should now move cursor to new line in Firefox
  • Predictions disabled in Vaulty app’s password field

Known issues:

  • When words are removed from predictions on device, they may need to be re-added on all devices individually
  • Two emojis typed next to each other in Handcent or Hangouts may combine into a weird new emoji
  • Occasional crashes in cloud setup

35 responses to “SwiftKey Cloud Beta updated”

  1. mesmorino says:

    All these fancy improvements and whatnot, but the stupid redundant comma button in the punctuation slider lives on to interfere with exclamation marks another day.

  2. Pietari Heino says:

    Could you answer these questions concerning the security of your app?

  3. dpkg says:

    I want to try the cloud version, but i don’t want to lose my existing stats. So will they remain if i install this beta?

  4. Kenny Charles says:

    How come no emojis???

  5. Jsilvermist says:

    All this, and STILL NO JAPANESE SUPPORT!!!

  6. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support?

  7. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support??

  8. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support???

  9. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support?!?!??!?!

  10. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support?!??!?!?!

  11. ejdeleon says:

    When will this release & be off beta?

  12. Jan Kurella says:

    I know this is special: I would like to have neo2 as an option for German layout and neo for other QWERTY layouts.
    Why not enable custom keyboard definitions?
    Also a fifth row with the numbers would be cool

  13. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support?.

  14. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support?.,.

  15. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support?!!!!!

  16. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support?!

  17. Guest says:

    When are we getting JAPANESE support

  18. Guilherme Aguiar says:

    Its missing personalization using whatapp

  19. Mike says:

    Is EVERNOTE ever going to be compatible again??

    • Nicola Cammisa says:

      Evernote and SwiftKey work just fine together on my Galaxy S3. Could you elaborate what’s the problem you are having with it?

      • Mike says:

        It’s hard to describe. Basically, when you go to edit, the text will get selected only partly so it will autocorrect strangely (or even just type the letters in the wrong spot) and you aren’t able to fix it easily, because you’ll try to move the cursor & it keeps selecting only part of the word. Sometimes you won’t even be able to move the cursor to the end of the note. Using the arrows on SwiftKey won’t do anything because it doesn’t change where text is selected although the actual cursor moves. Does that make sense?
        It was the same thing on both my Verizon S3 & now Verizon S4.

        • Nicola Cammisa says:

          Sorry for late reply.
          I don’t use arrows to move the cursors … I just point the finger where I want to point the cursor at.
          Not sure if it’s because of that, but I have never experienced the issued you described and I too have moved from different phone models ….

    • ameykelkar says:

      Evernote and SwiftKey work flawless for me too!

  20. Nicola Cammisa says:

    The new version works just fine, though I have not tested it extensively.
    When will it have support for Traditional Chinese with pin yin input?

  21. Bill Lee says:

    Got the new beta installed on new Nexus 7.I”m constantly hitting the “expand keyboard” when I mean to hit “c”. Actually, hitting one row down and to the left frequently. Almost like digitizer is off by just a bit. If I concentrate on hitting upper third of key it’s better. But hadn’t noticed this before….

  22. KOLIO says:

    The SWIFT KEY CLOUD BETA update will not download to my T-MOBILE G2X,the update d/l w/no problems on my HTC ONE & HISENSE SERO 7 PRO.

  23. KOLIO says:

    I found a solution for those having d/l issues w/the update APK:

    Get DOWNLOAD BLAZER from the GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Both the free & PRO versions will work. I forgot I had purchased this long ago & remembered when I was looking in the VIP forum for a solution.

  24. markgant says:

    I’ve been having trouble with SwiftKey not staying as the default keyboard. I paid for SwiftKey. A fix is to download and install the cloud beta, but I see this is a time limited version. Not a happy customer about now.

  25. ameykelkar says:

    Just what I was looking for.
    I seriously needed all my data to be backed up and synced to multiple devices.
    Thanks a lot! Looking forward for more enhancements.

  26. Ander Aguado says:

    Compré la aplicación y cuando Vodafone hizo una actualización del sistema operativo se me borró y ahora no puedo volver a instalarla a pesar de que ya he pagado por tenerla. Por favor solucionen mi problema porque si no me es imposible volver a adquirir su aplicación, la cual me parece la mejor de los teclados que existen en el mercado.

  27. I.S. says:

    I am a user of the paid version for about a year now. Updated my phone to android 4.3 a few days ago and faced the problem of Swiftey forgetting the setting for keyboard layout and falling back to qwerty every few minutes. This makes the keyboard nearly unusable for me.
    On your support page I read the hint of installing beta until the bug would be fixed in the full version.

    Unfortunately the beta says its already expired on august 13 and leaves me with qwertz layout, but limited functions, especially without flow.

    Any suggestions?

    Regards, I.S.

  28. Barbara Trollman says:

    Since the last couple of forced updates, my predictive text function is not working. When I text, no suggested words/phrases appear anymore. This makes this app unusable for me. I will have to switch keyboard apps until this is fixed. This feature has been nonfunctional for the since a couple of updates ago and there is nothing in the settings that would indicate it being disabled.

    Please advise.

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