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SwiftKey is coming to iOS 8

2nd June 2014

Hi everyone,

As you may have heard, Apple announced this morning at WWDC that with the launch of iOS 8, they are supporting the use of third-party keyboards. Big news! We wanted to make sure to let you all know what our thoughts are, directly from Ben Medlock and Jon Reynolds, SwiftKey’s co-founders:

“We’re delighted Apple has decided to embrace the importance of opening its platform to third party keyboards. For more than four years, SwiftKey and our millions of users have pioneered faster, easier typing on touchscreens, leading the industry with next-word prediction and smarter autocorrection. Our technology features on more than 200 million devices to date and we can’t wait to reach more. We first brought a taste of our technology to iOS in January this year with the launch of the free note-taking app SwiftKey Note. Are we going to build SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS 8? Of course we are. We’ve already started.”

If you’d like to stay up to date on our progress, please visit our iOS signup page. This will ensure that you’ll be the first to know about early beta access to the iOS 8 app.

We are excited about this new opportunity and what lies ahead – however, we want to assure you that we, as a company, remain 100% dedicated to supporting all of our users, iOS or Android.

The SwiftKey Team

PS. For those of you who can’t wait, you can always download SwiftKey Note for iOS, which showcases our technology in the note-taking context, here!

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