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SwiftKey featured on AT&T’s Pantech Flex

5th September 2012

AT&T revealed this week that SwiftKey will come embedded on their new Pantech Flex handset, a device designed to be powerful while still being accessible for new smartphone owners.

The Flex launches in the US on September 16 and will use SwiftKey as its default keyboard. AT&T proudly declared: “The intelligent SwiftKey keyboard technology makes typing a breeze – it minimizes key strokes by learning a user’s natural language for more accurate word predictions and corrections.”

We think this is pretty awesome, as it opens up a whole new audience of first-time smartphone owners to the power of SwiftKey, right out of the box. Find out more about the Flex over at AT&T’s news site, or see their quick video about the device below.


UPDATE: We are pleased to confirm SwiftKey will feature on further Pantech devices and can already be found on the Verizon Marauder handset. 

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